Gwynnology: Practical Approach To Spiritual and Higher Consciousness

Art by Sam Irizarry

All parts of the ‘self’ dialogue — Through the last forty-five years, I have merged my study of Gestalt/Perls, CG Jung, GI Gurdjieff and Blavatsky into a compilation of the individuation/observation process. How we get through the ‘ here and now’ is important to our process, how we observe our functions, thinking, feeling, sensing and intuition. I will continue to add to this as time goes by so stay tuned!

The process of understanding our inner dialogue, inner awareness, inner evolution —- evolution of DEVELOPMENT OF CONSCIOUSNESS.

Place 1

Perls (our place in the here and now, feeling/sensing the Now in dialogue – being aware of the presence of where the persona is stationed in the NOW)

Jung (our persona as experienced in the now dialogue, the role/mask we are aware of in the NOW)…this is also the place of Ascendant or Rising sign in Astrology.

Gurdjieff (the ability to be here in sensory, inner considering, beginning the ‘I’ dialogue) from a place of personality and observing that part of the persona.

Blavatsky (not recognized without the whole, a set up for initiation into duality). In her own life she would reign in her personality before writing, by fasting and getting her physical body ready to receive channeled information.

Place 2

Perls (the opposite or duality of ‘I’ is the perception that you are speaking to the ‘YOU’, the opposite). It is what you project on to others as if it is not ‘you’ when, in fact it is your own projection of ‘energy’ in yourself.

Jung   (The ‘you’ is a projection of what you see/sense/feel)

Gurdjieff (The “I” as identified with the external considering, the ‘other’)

Blavatsky (the external world of illusion as real, a form of maya duality)

Place 3

Perls (the watcher, the judge, the discerner of the opposites dialogue)

Jung  (the analyst within the inner world, the evaluator the self-regulator)

Gurdjieff (the observer ‘I’ as the gate keeper to the transcendent state)

Blavatsky (the journal keeper, the voice that presents itself in VOICE OF THE SILENCE)

Place 4: Transcendent State

Perls (pure objectivity and realization of self-responsibility)

Jung  (the numinous higher Self understanding)

Gurdjieff ( the Higher Witness ‘I’ making contact with the Higher Being Body)

Blavatsky ( the level of BEING in the higher cosmological sense)

Enneagram with numbers from one to nine, the names of the nine types of personality, the unity circle, the law of three, the law of seven and the centers of intelligence. Vector on white background.

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