Karmic and Evolutionary Astrology: Evolved Cause and Effect

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II.  Levels of Understanding in Each Category (Planet, Sign, Aspect and House Placement)

Working with the planets in our natal charts we must consider them at three basic levels of awareness:  Shadow (personal unconscious and reactive behavior), Mechanical self (conditioned behavior) Self Aware level of consciousness (Individuated and self actualized state) and SoulAware consciousness which includes past life memories and evolutionary changes to adapt.  These will be categorized as the following:

PS – Personal Shadow
Ms – Mechanical-self (conditioned behavior through family and culture)
sA – Self Awareness (Individuated consciousness – self-actualized)
SA – Soul Aware (Understanding the continuum of lifetimes and consciousness)
SPIRIT – Only accessible in meditation (essence from ONE)

Astrology as a Language

Planets are the Subjects – the ‘what
Houses are the Verbs – the ‘doing/being
Signs and Aspects represent the ‘how‘ and ‘why

Categories Representing Karma in the Natal Chart

The Moons Nodes – North and South
The Ascendant – Persona in this life
The 12th House
The Outer Planets – SATURN, URANUS, NEPTUNE and  PLUTO

Activation of Multi-dimensions

The importance of clockwise, counter clockwise motion.
The importance progressions, transits and solar returns – Timing Timing Timing.

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