The Work


It has been my pleasure to work with the Theosophical Society of America of Wheaton, Illinois. I have been a student of Theosophy and the study of world religions for many years and now I feel I have found my niche with the ‘work’ as proposed by G.I. Gurdjieff. 

 ‘The Work’ or as it is called Fourth Way, is a very personal journey into one’s inner work and is rested on the command to ‘Know thyself’.

Self-observation and Self-Remembering are the cornerstone elements of this ‘work’. You can also find us on FACEBOOK under our group, ‘the work combination of Gurdjieff and Jung’.

 I will add to this as we go along, and in the mean time you can go to the links I have provided in order to see ‘the work’ and how those of us who are involved maintain our disciplines.