How Thought Transference Occurred between Helena Blavatsky and the Mahatmas.

I have been interested in the subject of thought transference and what our ability is to receive impressions and thoughts accurately.  This connection to the ‘Mahatma Letters and H.P.B.’s ability to channel the thoughts accurately in her own writings has been a constant source of investigation for me.

From Vol.V. preface of Blavatsky: Collected Writings, pp. xiii-xiv

(Sinnett (The Occult World)is asking for an explanation of the process regarding the dissemination of the Master’s letters.) This is the following reply from Master K.H.:

“…Besides, bear in mind that these my letters are not written, but impressed, or precipitated, and then all mistakes corrected….

…..I have to think I over, to photograph every word and sentence carefully in my brain, before it can be repeated by precipitation.  As the fixing on chemically prepared surfaces of the images formed by the camera requires a previous arrangement within the focus of the object to be represented, for otherwise—as often found in bad photographs—the legs of the sitter might appear out of all proportion with the head, and so on—so we have to first arrange our sentences and impress every letter to appear on paper in our minds before it becomes fit to be read.  For the present it is all I can tell you.  When science will have learned more about the mystery of the lithophyl (or litho-biblion), and how the impress or leaves comes originally to take place on stones,  then I will be able to make you better understand the process.  But  you must know and remember one thing—we but follow and servilely copy Nature in her works.”

In an article entitled ‘Precipitation’, H.P. B., referring directly to the passage quoted above, writes as follows:

“Since the above was written, the Masters have been pleased to permit the veil to be drawn aside a little more, and the modus operandi can thus be explained now more fully to the outsider….

….The work of writing the letters in question is carried on by a sort of psychological telegraphy; the Mahatmas very rarely write their letters in the ordinary way. An electro-magnetic connection, so to say, exists on the psychological plane between a Mahatma and his chelas, one of whom acts as his amanuensis.  When the Master wants a letter to be written in this way, he draws the attention of the chela, whom he selects for the task, by causing an astral bell (heard by so many of our Fellows and others) to be rung near him just as the dispatching telegraph signals the receiving office before wiring the message. The thoughts arising in the mind of the Mahatma are then clothed in word, pronounced mentally, and forced along the astral currents he sends towards the pupil to impinge on the brain of the latter. Thence they are borne of the nerve-currents to the palms of his hand and the tips of his finger, which rest on a piece of magnetically prepared paper.  As the thought-waves are thus impressed on the tissue, materials are drawn to it from the ocean of akas (permeating every atom of the sensuous universe), by an occult process, out of place here to describe, and permanent marks are left…..

“From this it is abundantly clear that the success of such writing as above described depends chiefly upon these things:—(1) The force and the clearness with which the thoughts are propelled, and (2) the freedom of the receiving brain from disturbance of every description.  The case with the ordinary electric telegraph is exactly the same.  If, for some reason or other the battery supplying the electric power falls below the requisite strength on any telegraph line or there is some derangement in the receiving apparatus, the message transmitted becomes either mutilated or imperfectly legible…Such inaccuracies, in fact do very often arise as may be gathered from what the Mahatma says in the above extract.  ‘Bear in mind,’ says He, ‘that these my letters are not written, but impressed, or precipitated and then all mistakes corrected.’ To turn to the sources of error in the precipitation.  Remembering the circumstances under which blunders arise in telegrams, we see that if a Mahatma somehow becomes exhausted or allows his thoughts to wander off during the process or fails to command the requisite intensity in the astral currents along which his thoughts are projected, or the distracted attention of the pupil produces disturbances in his brain and nerve-centers, the success of the process is very much interfered with.”

To this excerpt may be added H.P.B.’ words which occur in her unique article entitled ‘My Books,” published in Lucifer the very month of her passing.

“….Space and distance do not exist for thought; and if two persons are in perfect mutual psycho-magnetic rapport, and of these two, one is a great Adept in Occult Sciences, then thought-transference and dictation of whole pages become as easy and as comprehensible at the distance of ten thousand miles as the transference of two words across a room.”

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