Sexuality: Moving Forward

How do we move beyond in our ‘sexuality’ and ‘Eros’ issues?

Originally Written Anticipating 2012


Our sexuality is so much a part of us in every way; it is entangled in our spiritual, mental and physical growth and our approach to this says everything about the way we enter the advancing energies of 2012.  We have deliberated how to approach this subject of sexuality for many years; we can hardly advance forward if we are to be caught up in technical discussions revolving around our sexuality and the changes that are moving us toward a more androgynous level of understanding.  This is not a technical endeavor we are bringing forth here, and it is not to exclude this matter, so we will leave this up to you and your intimate connections to self to discern where you stand with an intense study of sexuality as we move toward oneness and the affects advancement in consciousness has on one’s sexual nature. 

We are on a spiritual journey and much of our spiritual connection is propelled by our sexuality and its intensity as a true kundalini force in nature. Changes are happening in a intense whirlwind of energies invading our ‘here and now’ reality even more so the multi dimensional world in which we live. As we move into our androgynous nature, owning the anima and animus within, excluding the struggle toward gender identification, at least in the spiritual connection to our higher source, we have to understand that we are transforming our energies in every sense of the word, and only in becoming more conscious can we really attain the true meaning of our own sexual natures.

Androgyny, as we apply this term here,  is a true integration of our femininity/masculinity and is not concerned as to role playing within relationships so please understand that if one is still hung up on who, what and why about their sexual nature, that is okay, but not the focus here.   To get to a level of transformation and transcendence, one must come to terms with one’s own feminine/masculine body within.

Professor Sandra Bems’ work on androgyny preceded the current widespread use of the term as a gender identity, and uses the term more in terms of character traits than core gender identity. She considers an androgynous balance of traits to be desirable, stating that those who are able to draw on both traditionally masculine and feminine emotions and behaviors are best able to cope with life’s challenges in a well-rounded way.

“Human sexuality is not simply imposed by instinct or stereotypical conducts, as it happens in animals, but it is influenced both by superior mental activity and by social, cultural, educational and normative characteristics of those places where the subjects grow up and their personality develops. Consequently, the analysis of sexual sphere must be based on the convergence of several lines of development such as affectivity, emotions and relations”.

From Wikipedia, regarding human sexuality

And now as we have some background of where we might go with this information, let’s give ourselves permission to really go into depth into our own sexual nature and clear out the cob webs shall we? Cob webs meaning: value judgments blocked sexual energies, past psychological factors, relationship baggage.  We aren’t going there, and maybe you can understand that we need to transform that energy privately and thoroughly on our own time.  We all have problems, blocks, negatives, so how about coming out of that space and seeing our future and multidimensional selves as pure sexual beings in a continuous movement toward becoming ONE with self/Self and others, helping to heal the planet and others around us in a way that is lasting and transformative.

We have been discussing the energetic of 2012 and how the planet is speeding up its own energies aligning itself with the galaxies and we are focusing on how this is affecting us as our lives seem to be folding in on themselves.  Our dreams are becoming more intensive, our interactions with others are intensified and it seem we are all being bombarded from the personal to the political arena…it is all part of the soup we are in, as Carl Jung use to say. We in the psychological field are definitely skewed in our frame of reference as we see person after person struggle in this area, not to mention those peers of ours in the healing professions try to gain balance and not get tipped over in this topsy-turvy world.

There is a general mandate out in the cosmos to take care of our own bodies, minds and spirits as we move toward our transcendent lives on this planet which is also making its transitions; global warming, planetary changes, zero-point realities, a la Gregg Braden and even more so a global economy that is moving the USA away from isolationism and empiricism at the same time.

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