Intuitive Astrology –Astrological Elements and Types

The Elements play an important part in studying the type a person one is in the planets, signs and disposition of the 4 elements, equally important are the  fixed, cardinal and mutable in each signI have tried to prioritize and simplify the categories below and also look to the basic parts of the body/mind that it covers:

Note: Remember that in your chart you are a blend of many of these energies depending on where the signs and planets are placed. The signs usually take on the type of symbol/animal they represent as well.

Fire – Intuitive nature
Air  – Intellectual nature
Earth – Physical/sensory nature
Water – Feeling nature.
Fixed – Strong, sense of purpose, unable to bend to others view points, somewhat stubborn (needs time to adjust)
Cardinal  – Active, change oriented, wants action from others, impatient, impulsive.
Mutable – Changeable, able to see all points of view, worries about details, unsure of oneself due to too much flexibility.

Fire stands for the energy and intuitive nature of an individual and covers the amount of energy circulating in the body and also above the head.

Leo is a fixed fire sign – Often very noticeable, has a very fixed regal look and usually masters the material they were born with. (spine, heart, circulatory system feeding the heart)

Aries is a cardinal fire sign – Often very independent, active and full of impulses. (head, balance)

Sagittarius is a mutable sign — loves challenges, can be changeable and able to take on a great amount of learning and teaching, changes mind often in goals and ambitions. (upper legs and movement of hips and legs)

Air element stands for the intellectual and movement of intellectual throughout the body through the nervous system.

Aquarius is a fixed air sign — highly intelligent, creative and understands a more cosmic reality which leads others to think they are disorganized and lacking in reality. (circulation, ankles and mobility regarding those areas.)

Libra is a cardinal air sign — wants to balance understanding and the intellect and values relationships as equal partnerships in order to do this. Sometime very co-dependent.  Very active in pursuing that balance and adjustment.  (endocrine system and kidneys)

Gemini is mutable air— wants to talk through their understanding and intellect and understand through their communication.  Has a tendency to talk incessantly, especially on the phone. (hands, shoulders and nerve centers that control those areas)

Earth Elements Signs are noted for their grounded sense of reality and earthy sensory qualities. Reality based in the ‘here and now’. Is largely devoted to the senses and the actual body movements, touch and feel.

Taurus is a fixed earth sign – sensual and sense oriented grounded and stubborn about judgements and opinions, but able to make those qualities work for them in material wealth and in the everyday world. (rules the throat, voice quality as it comes out of the lungs.)

Capricorn is a cardinal earth sign – persevering and active in getting things done both at home and at work place.  Very realistic understanding of the issues at hand, rather than using imagination to solve problems, they use ‘reality’. (teeth, bones, knees).

Virgo is a mutable earth sign – very analytic about reality based perceptions and will often times worry incessantly until they can digest the impressions they receive.  (digestive system, and upper intestines)

Water element is of the feeling nature and is ruled by the Moon so the feeling/emotional conditions of any sign, depending on the relationship to Water is important to notice.  This has largely to do with the ‘receptive’ nature of the individual.

Scorpio is the fixed water sign — Intense feeling nature and able to perceive underlying feelings of others even if they are not expressed. (rules the genitals and reproductive organs and sits in the Kundalini energy at the base of the spine.)

Cancer is the cardinal water sign – actively engaged in feeling and nurturing, oftentimes giving more than receiving which creates and dependency on needs for self and others. (rules the containers of the organs, stomach, breasts, etc.)

Pisces is the mutable water sign – picks up on all feeling nature and is often an ‘empath’ so the need to be conscious of the way the individual feels and check out the imagined feelings around them are very important. Highly imaginative and dream oriented.  (rules the feet and the can be best helped through reflexology.)

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