Intentional Coaching Worksheet

Following your Intention, Inspiration and Intuition:
Manifesting daily, weekly, monthly, yearly all that you are meant to be and more.

Are you serious about your growth spiritually, physically and mentally?  It will happen and IS happening. You are being guided at all times by your inner guides and your relationship to God. Your intuition and wisdom is your best guide in all things. Spend some quality time filling this out so we can speak to it in our next session.  This is for you to understand YOU.  This is not something that you have to turn in, or will be judged. Affirm for yourself:

“Meditation allows me to make conscious contact with my Source and regain my power of intention.”

This guide will allow you to explore the immediate condition of your life and how you have manifested what you want and don’t want.  Do you know the difference?

  • Your existing relationship to Self:
  • Your existing relationship to a partner:
  • Your existing relationship with your children and/or siblings:
  • Your existing relationship to your career:
  • Your existing practice in your Spiritual connection (meditation, crafting, exercise, massage, music, creative arts:
  • What changes do you want to make in all of the above areas? Be specific.

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