Blending Karma, Esoteric Astrology, and Basic Principles

Paracelsus Man in Heaven

Samsara — The Wheel of Life

Astrological Signature — Our Personal Wheel

Karma does not necessarily mean past actions. It embraces both past and present deeds. Hence in one sense, we are the result of what we were; we will be the result of what we are. In another sense, it should be added, we are not totally the result of what we were; we will not absolutely be the result of what we are. The present is no doubt the offspring of the past and is the present of the future, but the present is not always a true index of either the past or the future; so complex is the working of Karma.

It is this doctrine of Karma that the mother teaches her child when she says “Be good and you will be happy and we will love you; but if you are bad, you will be unhappy and we will not love you.” In short, Karma is the law of cause and effect.

As we sow, we reap somewhere and sometimes, in this life or in a future birth. What we reap today is what we have sown either in the present or in the past. One must study the levels and dimensions, most of which are timeless to truly understand this concept.

Blavatsky Secret Doctrine Seven Planes


Our ‘action’ represents the idea that dharma is the basis of our ordinary existence-of the multitude of thoughts, perceptions, and occurrences that make up our experience as human beings.

We study our ‘Soul Groups’ in our individual lives based on the connections we make and have made in the past.  Understanding the difference between a ‘supportive soul group’ and ‘soul karmic connections’ can be quite different and at the same time, connected in many ways.  We see that through the indicators comparing on chart to the other with the specifics really centering around the ‘Moons Nodes’ and the ‘outer planets’ connected to the personal planets.  This involves both the undestandings of Soul  based Esoteric Astrology and Personality Based Exoteric Astrology.  We are forming a bridge which is very important in our Personality speaking and being guided by our Soul.

Art by Sam Irizarry


 Forming that bridge demands an increase in awareness and consciousness in your ‘higher centers’.  The brain is an antenna for those higher centers.  Actually when you dream or in a state of hypnosis or regression or all three, you will experience that messenger coming through that antenna.  Your higher consciousness and awareness are what goes on with you into the Akasha and into your Soul Life and the Life after Death.

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 The more I teach this the more my ‘rainbow bridge’ understands but not in a LINEAR FASHON.  Intellect is different from the ‘Mind’….it is part of it but only a part!  This is why it is so important to keep a journal of your ‘dreams’ your meditational thoughts, your quiet moments of contemplation.  It is also necessary for you not get hung up in the ‘linear world of thought and analysis’.

When we are looking into a regression, we often enter into the world of the Akasha….where all thought forms are registered…but these are of an esoteric understanding, not ‘exoteric in registering just our everyday awareness.’

We will be dealing with the traumas that often get in the way of our developing higher consciousness…but know this! All of you have and are on the road to reaching guidance and being guided….all you have to learn to do is to be more conscious and deliberate about meditation, prayer, contemplation and listening to vibrational feelings…We will go over this and always correlating with astrological symbols for those of you who study your charts.

I had the same training as Dr. Woolger who wrote OTHER LIVES, OTHER SELVES, so I will use my own background in these issues of how karma/dharma is specifically dealt with in our phobias and post traumatic stress, showing conditions that may appear in regression through those I have regressed as related to their particular ‘condition’.   These conditions become traumatic and are not just neurotic adaptations. We all go through similar situations but not consistently unless there are indicators of such in the chart…you have to have 3-5 major indicators to show a consistency of traumatic reaction.

These are just some indicators of problems that occur throughout the life:

Sun or Moon or both afflicted by Saturn, Pluto, Neptune and/or Uranus.

Mercury, Venus, Mars also afflicted by above.

Nodes on angles and afflicted

12th and 6th house configuration.

In any chart, the conflicting  aspects in relative importance, as to how other planets are transiting as well as other persons placed on your chart, are the following:

Squares — show tension that has to be resolved through an inner balancing of intense stressors.

Quincunx or Inconjunct — in exact aspect of 1 degree or 0 degrees is an acute happening to look for and in a natal inconjunct, constant balancing point.

Opposition — Stressor has to be resolved through reflection and the partnership with anyone in close proximity to the opposition.


Everything that happens to us or which we initiate creates impressions within the mental stuff (citta) of the experiencer or doer in such a way that a disposition or tendency to repeat or reexperience the action is laid down.

Karmic Residues (karmaskaya), literally the residues of past actions ((karma = action).

Quoting Dr. Karl H. Potter.

“This karmic residue has or is accompanied by dispositional tendencies (samskara) of more than one sort, including at least two kinds of traces (vasana), one kind of which if and when it is activated, produces a memory of the originating act, the other which, if and when it is activated, produces certain afflicitons (klesa).  These klesas are erroneous conceptions which characterize the thinking of those engaged in purposive activity and it is they which are responsible for the person being in bondage, that is, continually creating karmic residues.”

Vasanas — Sanskrit usage are analygous to the traces or fragrances left behind by perfume on a cloth or smoke from a fire, but in context of past life memories this trace is conceived as psychic rather than physical.

Klesas – wounds or afflictions

Samskara – psychic scar tissue.

ARCHETYPE                               SAMSKARA                                 COMPLEX

                                             (Karmic complexes)


Mythological images,       Past life memory traces             Current life

Symbols                              (vasanas,klesas)                         memory traces

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