Intuitive Astrology Background

I perceive astrology through Jung, Paracelsus, Mesmer and philosophical strand that connects all. It will be looked at through psychological function and through magnetic energy as received from

Sun, Moon, Ascendant and Planets.

The psychological functions are always layered in my understanding of the connections between Sun, Moon, Ascendant, the house placements, and related aspects represented in the natal chart.

The body incarnates into the earth the moment of the first breath which is also the moment of birth. At that exact time of birth, the body sets up a blueprint which will follow the individual in this incarnation. The blueprint is the baseline for evolving in other dimensions, all of which help in the evolution if consciousness. So each individual evolves in cycles with the blueprint of the natal chart being the baseline. The natal chart is then accentuated by progression, transit, solar return,  and various other calculations from the natal chart, on any given date studied.  We are continually evolving and challenging the consequences our soul has set forth for this lifetime.

For our purposes, what we will be discussing is the natal chart and the importance of the blueprint at your special birth. It is going to be necessary for you to be able to follow your own chart and a computerized translation in order to answer some of the questions in your workbook. We will work with the practical application of your chart so that you can bring your knowledge into the present study.

When I am working with a chart, I am looking at the physical body, the emotional body and the spiritual body.

These different levels can be applied, specifically, to the planets, the signs, houses, elements and aspects of the natal chart.  The planet caries the ‘subject addressed’, the sign tells how that planet operates in the native, and the house tells the environment, in which it connects.  The elements represented by the signs are determining whether there are earth (sensing), water (feeling), air (thinking) and fire (energy) balances in the chart. The way this all plays out in the areas of, challenges, karma, dharma is seen by the aspects: such as conjunctions, squares, oppositions, trines, and sextiles. 

When I’m looking at the physical body, we will be looking at all of the above as it is represented from the starting point of the ascendant. Moment of birth, rising sign. When we are looking at the earth body we are moving in signs and are reading counterclockwise beginning with the rising sign, Ascendant.

When I am looking of the emotional body, I am looking at the ego and how it is set up as a existent self. How development occurs from the moment of birth through each of the houses beginning with house number one. We are conditioned to be in our emotional body just as we are conditioned to be in our physical body however we pick up the conditioning in the developmental psychological way.

We began developing from the ascendant the first house each house has in this developmental process, about a two year period so it takes 30 years to go around the charge 360° therefore each house has a little more than two years. Time is very important and astrology as time moves forward. The personal planets, the sun, the moon, Mercury, Mars, Venus, and Jupiter represents very time oriented connections to our natal charts. 

On the other hand, Saturn sits alone as a gatekeeper, discipline, and boundary between linear physical time on the earth and the outer planets represent all time and our spiritual journey. Saturn is very important as it moves through each house every two to two 2 ½ years. Saturn is also the main function that alchemical wises the vibrations between the lower planets and the higher planets as well as asteroids and fixed stars.

Our purpose is not to deal with anything other than the higher planets that are visible in the 21st-century. Most esoteric literature only goes up to Saturn as that is what was seen in ancient times. New planets are often felt before they become visible.

The outer planets are: Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and for our purposes we will include the asteroid, Chiron. The ancients and esotericism often use Vulcan which is invisible and hidden but felt deeply in the esoteric world.  These outer planets are interacting at different levels with the physical body and directing inner planets at all times. One must always remember that consciousness revolves around the ability to receive vibrations from a higher order and from these higher planetary configurations both in the natal chart and eventually by progression and transit. 90 percent of the people do not feel these higher vibrations and therefore have no spiritual need to understand them, so they receive them at a very disruptive level of consiousnees.

There are 12 houses in the everyone’s chart. These houses as you can see move counterclockwise and their order. Each house has associated with it a field of experience. That field of its will define what is going on at different levels we will spend time with each house from the first house to the 12 house in our lessons. Each house has definitions of fields of experience often times representing more than 20 major aspects. Two advanced astrologers it is easy to see the important what is acting on the native at the time of a session.

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