Recording Your Dreams — How To Prepare for Interpretation

Dreams are difficult to capture and even more challenging to remember, so if you can only remember a symbol or character when you awaken, scribble a note to yourself because after you open your eyes, you will lose the image. I keep sticky notes by my bed with a pen that I can write a note to myself which will enable me to remember the dream. Often I have several dreams each night so I have large sticky notes or writing pads by my bedside to scribble a few messages to myself.  Very few dreams are intense enough to remember upon awakening, so it is important to set up a discipline that will help you do so. Only after you have written your dream in the first person, present tense, should you try to work with the template below.

Write the first things you remember after awakening. The following guide for recording dreams does not have to be done in order but should be addressed.  You might have four good dreams each month that can be written and remembered.  Those are the ones you want to work with for continuing enlightenment.  If a dream is to be remembered it is MEANT to be remembered.

PLEASE WRITE YOUR DREAM IN 1ST PERSON, PRESENT TENSE:  (Try to take time with each remembered symbol.)


First impressions of a dream upon awakening:

Theme (give your dream a title):

Feeling and sensing of the dream:

The dream as I remember it:

Images/symbols in the dream:

Characters in the dream:


Download template: Recording Your Dreams

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