Importance of the Dream — The World Within

Importance of the Dream —- The World Within

“In Persian tradition, there is a knightly order of spiritual warriors known as the Fravartis.  They choose to enter this world to fight the good fight.  They move in this world with the knowledge of a higher world.  They are attuned to a secret order of events beyond the facts recorded in the media and our day planners.  Active dreamers engage with this world in a similar way. We are choosers.  We know who we are, where we come from, and that our lives have meaning and purpose.  And that part of this purpose is to generate meaning and help others to find meaning in their lives at every opportunity.” Robert Moss



Things to remember about dreaming:

….Your dreams are one of the only real gateways into the unconscious, revealing your intentions, your past, present, future, your state of being.  Your soul retrieval is done through your dream world, connecting with all that you are and have ever been.

…. Your dreams will follow you in our waking moments and need to be researched and considered as guideposts for future development.

…. Your dreams are enacted at many levels and reveal personal, relational and historical information that your unconscious deems important enough for you to remember.

…. Ways of working with your dreams are through guided imagination, meditation, gestalt techniques, drawing, sculpting, psychodrama and many more creative functions.

Intentional  dreaming:

…. Meditate before you go to sleep on ‘affirming’ what you want in your life, examples:

     “I want to find my soul mate.”

     “I want to manifest my destination.”

     “I want an answer to resolving a specific situation.”


…. Clean up and protect your energetic body

  1. 1.        Learn to ground yourself
  2. 2.       Invoke blessing and protection
  3. 3.       Check boundaries
  4. 4.       Choose focus  — notice where you put your energy and with whom.
  5. 5.       Lighten up and develop a sense of humor



Your energy body goes through the chakras:Image result for chakra pic

  1.  First Chakra — Root Center — base of spine to bottom of your feet. (How well are you grounded and rooted to the earth)
  2. Second Chakra — Sacral Center — above the pelvis and mid tummy (involves your sexuality and how you birth new ideas and new situations)
  3. Third Chakra — Solar Plexus — diaphragm  v-shape under the breasts (involves power center, exerting your personal authority and ideas)
  4.  Fourth Chakra —Heart Center — the heart and all feeling of love and acceptance  (involves unconditional love and acceptance, the Christing principle)
  5.  Fifth Chakra  —- Throat Center — the throat and voice box (saying what you mean, coming from telling the truth as you see it.)
  6. Sixth Chakra  —- Third Eye — the middle of the forehead between the eyes

(this is directly related to insight, intuition and wisdom of any situation)

  1. Seventh Chakra — Crown Center —- (located at the crown for purposes of taking in spiritual and connective energy from higher source)



A word of advice:  Always find one or two people who are supportive of you and with whom you can share your dreams. This helps in affirming the positive and going forward with the messages that come of the dreams.

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