Exerpts from Great Psychologists

On Dreaming

On DreamingSo when I counsel my patient to pay attention to his dreams, I mean: “Turn back to the most subjective part of yourself to the source of your being, to that point where you are making world history without being aware of it.  Your apparently insoluble difficulty must, it is obvious, remain insoluble, for otherwise you would wear yourself out seeking for remedies of whose ineptitude you are convinced from the start.  Your dreams are an expression of your inner life, and they can show you through what false attitude you have landed yourself in this blind alley.” ~ CG Jung: CW10 paragraph 316

On Projections

On Projections“The existence of projections was gradually recognized when it was found that the process of psychological adaptation was marked by disturbances and defects whose cause appeared to lie in the object. Closer investigation revealed that the ‘cause’ was an unconscious content of the subject, which, because not recognized by him, apparently transferred itself to the object, and there magnified one of its peculiarities to such proportions that it seemed a sufficient cause of the disturbance.”  ~ CG Jung: CW10 paragraph 41

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