The Spiritual Path of Consciousness Raising — The Esoteric Psychology of the Ancients

“Our work is devoted to the holistic healing of mind, body and spirit. We are all connected to each other in many ways and it is for each of us to find our spiritual and psychological path of individuation. We pay attention to the Shamans and Myths of the past as we are on a major journey into the 21st century and learning to adapt to our environments as our forefathers and archetypal guides did thousands of years ago. These are important factors to consider as we move from  2012 to beyond.  We are all in the ‘soup’ as Carl Jung said.” ~ Gwynne Mayer


Intentional Coaching — Focus of Soul Work

Following your Intention, Inspiration and Intuition – Manifesting daily, weekly, monthly, all that you are meant to be and more.
Solar Storms Abound 1After forty years of counseling, therapizing, educating and consulting with clients, friends and loved ones, I have realized that we, as individuals, do not meet our intentions and ultimate purposes in life. This causes a myriad of problems; depression, mood disorders, neurosis and general problems with well being.

In order to counter these issues with positive outcomes and affirmative actions, I have begun coaching on a weekly, bi-weekly and monthly basis at a minimum cost to those who are committed to their own successes and aspirations.  Read more



The Importance of the Dream – The world within
On Dreaming“In Persian tradition, there is a knightly order of spiritual warriors known as the Fravartis.  They choose to enter this world to fight the good fight.  They move in this world with the knowledge of a higher world.  They are attuned to a secret order of events beyond the facts recorded in the media and our day planners.  Active dreamers engage with this world in a similar way. We are choosers.  We know who we are, where we come from, and that our lives have meaning and purpose.  And that part of this purpose is to generate meaning and help others to find meaning in their lives at every opportunity.” ~ Robert Moss

Your intuitive and spiritual life comes alive through your unconscious and your connection to your dreams.  Do you spend time daily in meditation and/or dreaming? Do you make note of the messages that come to you through your dream world?   Are you aware of the multi universes that you visit in the ‘no time, all time’ connection to the dream world, your spiritual connection to higher sources, guides, God and all that is; your connection to humanity? Read more

Depth Counseling

Jung, Gestalt and the Application of Depth Work in the 21st Century
carl_jung_videoThe coming of 2012 has long been discussed regarding the Mayan cultures, scientists, psychologists, philosophers and metaphysicians and there are many thoughts and ideas floating around out in the cosmos ready to land on willing ears to hear and willing brains to understand. The point of this series is to try to explain in layman terms what some of the theories are regarding 2012 and intersperse those ideas with some of my own, coming from a background in Jungian and Gestalt studies, metaphysics and spiritual work, as well as many years in the field of education. For over forty years, I have been privileged to see over 3000 people, all of whom are open-minded, thinking out of the box, many of whom have shared their personal experiences of expansion and evolvement at this important time in space, adjusting to the energies that infuse this planet from an unknown source to many or from a GOD source, depending on one’s belief systems. To be able to read this series will mean that you must open your mind to some other thinking and maybe consider other realities. If this will conflict with your current faith and your beliefs, then please go no further as this series is a layman’s study meant to connect us to the meanings assigned to December 21, 2012. Read more



Gnostic studies, Ancient Astrology, Inspiration, Esoteric Christianity, Meditation, and the study of Theosophy

Embracing world religions and the disciplines from the ‘ancients’ has helped us understand the meaning of prophecies in the Bible, Koran and multiple other texts that have surfaced in the last one hundred years.  Studying ancient astrology has also helped me understand and love humanity from an unconditionally supportive space.  The study or shamanic healing, the Akashic  Records and Gnostic works has also provided a depth that goes beyond this world into the multi dimensional levels of our ancient existence.  Read more



Consultations and Online Classes

Consultations are available by appointment for 30 or 60 minute confidential sessions regarding your health, career, relationships or other specific areas in your life. Every consultation is personally designed around your needs and where you are in the ‘present moment’ in your life.  To be of more help to you, please call and inquire how I can best help you in your road to success.  Read more

30 minute consultation = $65
55 minute consultation = 125.00

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