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December 9th Workshop on Transits for 2024

As we move forward to 2024, many of us are noticing different issues arising in our lives and are looking for ways to navigate them. This intensive will feature a deep discussion based on our personal charts, the year’s transits, and questions we want to ask ourselves based on our inner search. Each person will receive their 2024 chart and transits, and a guide to working with the Tarot in relation to the chart.

During this exciting time in our history, it is important that we stay positive and emotionally present to spiritual vibrations. This experience will give us the tools to receive the New Year with hope and joy.

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Beginners Astrology with Kelly and Susanne will be a personalized small group class online, that will cover the basics of Astrology while studying your own natal chart. The purpose of the class is for the participants to understand how to read a natal chart, learning the characteristics of the elements, the planets, the signs, the houses, and the aspects to identify the patterns that make up their personality and environment. If you are interested in knowing more about this class, please send us an email to: 

 uastrologyforall before December 11, 2023.


Advanced Astrology/Tarot with Gwynne meets bi-monthly and is for those who have studied astrology and wish to learn to both do charts for others and do consultations for others. Notify Gwynne to be interviewed for this class. gwynne.mayer.


Personal Consultations with Gwynne by appointment on Zoom:

Transits and Progressions for 2024 – 1 ½ hour — 125.00

Relationship Consultations — 1 hour— 85.00

Personal ongoing consultation — 1 hour biweekly – 75.00

Astrological reports sent by e-mail — 35.00

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