October and November Astrocast

All Systems Go!!

October and November Astrocast

All Systems Go!!!!

We are moving ahead and all things that were planned and seemingly put on a shelf in August will now find a way to move us to a new state of being and awareness. This is largely due to Mercury going direct on the 15th of September and moving forward away from its post shadow. Pluto will make its final end to the last degrees of Capricorn and move on to Aquarius this whole next year of 2024…leaving a trail of negative habits all of which need to be broken and healthy ones put in its place. Mid-October we will feel this energy move forward. We are always operating at a many levels, some are of a lower vibration just to survive, but we also have our higher spiritual gifts that we need to be aware of.

Planetary Phenomena for October and November —

29th of September Full Moon Aries


October 10 Venus leaves Leo


October 11th Pluto turns direct 11th 27 Capricorn


14 October — Solar eclipse Saturday the 14th of October 21 degrees of Libra


October 28th Lunar Eclipse Full Moon at 5 degrees of Taurus Saturday October 28th


November 4 — Saturn turns Direct November 4 in  Pisces 0 degrees


November 13 — New Moon Nov 13 20 degrees Scorpio


November 27 — Full moon 27 November 4 degrees of Gemini

I will start dividing the forecast into the negative and positive of each sign, one representing the lower vibrations when we are stressed on unable to be restful and at peace, the positive is active when we have nurtured ourselves and are balanced in our activities.

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Remember to read your Ascendant/Rising sign first, Moon second, and Sun sign last to get a full picture of your forecast. If you need help or a consultation with this, please send me an e-mail and request. gwynne.mayer@gmail.com.

Aries — The duality of the negative and positive in Aries these two months have to do with a lack of clear thinking and over reacting. The negative is definitely around being confused and trying to figure out the automatic reactions we have instead of being positive and responding with awareness and confrontation of ‘reality’ that exists naturally. Aries is a positive warrior when they employ their strategy and clear thinking. Being aware of each of your Moon placements might help bridge the emotional reactions and create positive results. Learning to work with the healing capacity of the Aries is important in the next few months.

Taurus — Too many worries and things to do are on the agenda for the Taurus. There are simple matters that need to be attended to and the Taurus seems to procrastinate in getting these matters handled. Many changes have come about the last year and the way that Taurus deals with these changes has everything to do with daily activities and productivity. Opportunities are hidden in plain sight for the Taurus and learning to develop these opportunities will be the most important accomplishment in the near future. One can be overwhelmed with this but Taurus has learned many lifetimes to stay grounded and practical in the approach to these challenges.

Gemini — Because Geminis are multi taskers, it is important to note that this talent has often become a source of confusion and lack of focus. Learning to stay focused and complete projects before starting other projects is a great feat for the Gemini these days. Confusion as to the purpose of one’s life has to be meditated on and considered before delving into new situations. There is a strong need to heal some issues that are now available to the Gemini. The healing capacity and the ability to see the ‘light’ is going to present itself the next few months in ways that are almost unbelievable. It will help to keep this ‘light’ in front of you rather than in an afterthought.

Cancer — Cancers are being stretched in areas of home and family. Much activity in those areas are causing stress and the Cancer wants to alleviate the stress by ‘self-calming’ and moving toward hiding one’s head under the covers. This is not possible these next few months and relatives and close family members need your constant attention. You are the stabilizer in the family and now you can see how much you have built on this foundation so others can rest peacefully. You need to nurture yourself in the same manner as you do others so that you can thrive as the strong individual you are. Do only what you can do and don’t promise to make amends to family members that are then swept under the rug!

Leo — Leo is having to wake up to impulsive behaviors that cause more problems in health matters, such as overthinking, overeating, overworking, and especially over deluding. It is important for the future of our Leo health to take notice of these factors and start reigning in those impulsive areas so that we can live longer and more happily in all that we do. Leo is a magnetic force of personality and encouragement with whomever one is engaged. Be a role model that you are and listen to your inner guidance and more importantly the spiritual guidance you are getting from your masters at a higher plane of development. Make use of this in your daily activities and get off the ‘over roller coaster’. 

Virgo — Virgo is as busy as ever trying to figure everything out. Remember that when you are delving into your continuous mind works, that you must remember to live in the ‘here and now’ and not jump into your ever-present anxiety about the future and ‘what if?’ Many of the stresses of Virgos are caused by constant anticipation and delving into the unknown realities of worrisome concerns. You have a great healing capacity and would benefit greatly if you stayed within your remarkable and realistic healing journey. This might demand more discipline along those lines. You are seeing the value in what you are doing so keep it up, just don’t get overwrought with worry about it.

Libra — Libra is continuously evaluating self in relationship to others instead of looking at the self as an individual. It might be time for the individuated approach to situations where you find yourself more valued and less open to constant feedback from partnerships. Learning to mediate situations in an objective sense is very important and that means you cannot project your values onto another person when, in fact, they are yours and yours alone. You have an ability to gather information and use it to find solutions rather than sit back and wait for someone else to do this. The South Node of the Moon is now in Libra and so many Librans are having to use their remarkable senses of justice and fairness to solve problems and at the same time honor their ever-present individuality. You can do this!

Scorpio — This is a good time to evaluate where you stand in relationships and intimate connections. There is a blind spot in that direction which needs to be evaluated as to whether you are being honest with yourself and especially with others in your intimate circle. You easily fool yourself in this regard as there are so very few who can be trusted by you. You have a gift of intensity that needs to be seen in the external world as well as the inner world. Bringing that awareness into a trusted relationship might be what is called for, especially now. Investigate into your blind spots as you are so very capable of doing and find the source of trust that can lead you to very fulfilling relationships.


Sagittarius — Learning to sense and feel into one’s own being rather than projecting thoughts and judgments onto others will be a real stretch for the Sag. The innate talents you trust to overthink, analyze, and evaluate might have landed you in a pile of confusion if you aren’t sensing your inner world and, instead, are always being guided by outer circumstances. You have a strong intuitive nature and even though your intuition may be right on, you still must realize you cannot change other people. Learning to heal from within is your talent and that is where the focus should be in these next couple of months. Stress will abound if this is not honored.

Capricorn — Karmic patterns are presenting themselves in full force these days, so it is important to pay attention especially to areas of family matters and how they intersect with professional goals and concerns. Learning your own value in monetary form is especially important, not to give away your services with, at least, 50% remuneration. You will get very scattered in your completion of tasks if you let these factors overwhelm you. You have a very fundamental talent to see things as they really are, so don’t try to make excuses for yourself and others when you know exactly what is going on. You create more karma for yourself when you shut your eyes to family needs if they don’t suit your schedule. Try to keep your focus on your talent for being practical and ‘in the moment’.


Aquarius — In your effort to work with the group of friends and to keep your boundaries in place, you may have worked your way into a level of anxiety. Watch as this anxiety wilts away when you set firm boundaries and have time to yourself to go into a deeper level of meditation. You are a world server and have tremendous value in keeping pace in the ‘Aquarian Age’ but if you don’t keep sight of your own boundaries then your energies are frittered away to no avail. Take care of your higher spiritual messages in this day of chaos and confusion. You can see the light if you do this, rather than join others in the darkness. You are a healer of mind and heart so remember that as your precious gift.

Pisces —  Procrastination is over for the Pisces as the light of awareness and responsibility can be seen in the next few months. It is time to view the world ‘right side up’ rather than the Tarot Hanged Man, upside down. Facing the reality of your day-to-day situations will bring you to your knees as to what comes next and what you can do about it rather than wait for someone else to do it for you. You are distracted with all the illusions you live with and now you can see your way clearly so no more procrastination. You will find doors open to you in ways that have never happened before once the ‘gods and goddesses’ know you mean business. This is a big time for activity and to live your dreams to the fullest so enjoy this progression and keep the fire lit under you so you can maintain equilibrium.

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