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Intuitive Karmic Astrology: Individual and Relational
by Gwynne Mayer
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This is an advanced-level course about Karmic Astrology, covering Personal Karma, Soul Karma, and how Karma is lived out with our direct experiences in relationships. Our charts interact with other charts and planets which brings about a synchronistic experience with others, often involving the Personal Karma and the outcome of our fulfillment of our Karmic duties to others. A more advanced course on Relationship Synastry will be available next year.  

 Because I have studied ancient wisdom, I have sought out teachers who focused on the works of those who follow the ancient teachings, bringing them into the 20th century. I utilize the ancient wisdom even in my practical teachings bringing them forward. My studies in astrology have continued over the last 50 years.

I have found that understanding the Theosophical and Rosicrucian methods of working with astrology has been beneficial. I have combined my understanding of this ancient spiritual science with modern-day methods and focus on utilizing intuition and practical experiences to work with astrology. My careers as a psychotherapist and educator have been integral parts of my work.
Learning outcomes:
In this course, students will learn and understand: 
1)      How the natal chart ties into karmic principles in the present body.
2)   How the natal chart and the transits reflect the timeless karma as the soul evolves in consciousness.
3)      How the connection of certain important elements between two people connect to further the karmic purpose of the relationship.

For further questions, please contact me personally at gwynne.mayer@gmail.com.


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