June and July Forecast in Astrology

Plan Ahead — Conserve Energies

June and July
Reconsider Your Energy Expenditures

Keeping up with our astrological signature helps us maneuver through the different months, the changes the planets go through, and how this affects our energy levels. Along with this keeping up with the changes, it is also necessary to understand how solar flares and solar storms affect us in our own electromagnetic fields. We are undergoing a constant bombardment of energy and have always had this phenomenon going on. It is ‘how’ we address the changes in our daily lives that are most important. As I write this June/July forecast, I am reminded of the ‘lessons learned’ by both the forward motion of the retrograde motion of the karmic-directed outer planets, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, and Chiron (a major asteroid). These transits hover over important points in our natal charts for a considerable length of time and it is wise for us to keep up with the lessons to be learned during their visitations, especially to our Sun, Moon, or Ascendant.

During these two months, we will be focused on the motions of the above-mentioned planets and the signs they are transiting. How we approach this in our daily lives is of most importance and the forecast for each of the signs will include this as it affects the houses and signs.

Planetary Phenomena for June and July —

Saturn — June 17th turns Retrograde at 7 degrees of Pisces: affecting all of those born in late February and the first part of March.

Uranus — Stays direct until late August in the sign of Taurus — 20-22 degrees: affecting all of those born between May 13 — May 20.

Neptune — June 30th turns Retrograde at 27 degrees of Pisces: affecting all of those born in late March.

Pluto — May 1 turned Retrograde at 0 degrees of Aquarius into the sign of late Capricorn: affecting all of those born between January 18th and January 25th.

Chiron — July 23 turns Retrograde at 19 degrees of Aries: affecting all of those born between April 10th and April 15th.

(The above is only for the Sun signs. Equally important are Moon and Ascendant Signs. Please refer to your natal chart for those signs.)

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Remember to read your Ascendant/Rising sign first, Moon second, and Sun sign last to get a full picture of your forecast. If you need help or a consultation with this, please send me an e-mail and request. gwynne.mayer@gmail.com.

Aries — Aries will feel the Saturn effects in the way of involving the solar 12th house which will cause some reconsideration of planned activities and introspection will be greatly needed in this regard. Uranus, in the solar 2nd house, is causing some major changes in the way you value your time and energy, and a reevaluation of resources as to how you manifest that energy. Neptune, in the solar 12th house, is affecting the Aries with the need to quieten the sacred space and spend time alone or in retreat for more introspection. Pluto, in the solar 10th house, has been helping reorganize one’s perception of career and has brought about a crisis of consideration in that field of endeavor. Chiron, in the solar 1st house, is working on the areas of healing both inner and external healing. Aries is used to more action and not as much introspection but now is the time for pulling in and evolving one’s consciousness. Your future will manifest in a different way to further your evolution.

Taurus — Taurus will start focusing on Saturn transiting the solar 10th house in ways of reconsidering career and administrative/authoritarian issues. While this is going on there are changes caused by Uranus in the 1st house which are creating dynamic energetic changes in personality and partnerships. Neptune is adding to the confusion in the solar 11th house, demanding time and energy in group dynamics and teaching/facilitating groups. Pluto in the 9th house is causing a time when higher spiritual truths are coming through changing the way you have believed life to be!! Chiron in the 12th house will create a sacred space in which you can heal. Be sure to spend time alone so that you can meditate on this healing fully and compassionately. Changes that are occurring are very unsettling to the fixed Taurus sign and can be quite frustrating to Taurus’ who is not open to change.

Gemini — Gemini is undergoing many responsibilities around career and the management of career-oriented situations because Saturn is in the solar 10th house. Changes are occurring in the intimate and inner life of Gemini due to Uranus transiting the 12th solar house. Healing in groups and group activities will help greatly during this time due to Chiron transiting the 11th solar house. Bringing creativity into the life of the career helps by spiritual connections to the psyche, shown by Neptune’s transit of the 9th house. Pluto in the solar 8th house is causing some concern with an investment of time and money and needs to be looked at closely with partners both with significant others and business relationships. Time management and guarding of sacred space is necessary during this time.

Cancer — Cancer is going through some financial changes due to investments, retirement planning, and consideration of partnership agreements. This is all due to Saturn transiting the solar 8th house. Uranus in the 11th house is creating new and exciting groups of people and activities for the often conservative Cancer. Neptune in the solar 9th house is also offering new perspectives in more spiritual concerns and higher consciousness is more available to work with these new perspectives. Chiron is offering new healing energies to the career house as it transits the 10th solar house. Pluto is causing some reevaluation in the area of partnerships and investments of time and energy into those partnerships in all areas of concern, both in businesses and personal commitments. This can create a whole new world for the Cancerian.

Leo — Leos are continually faced with issues around partnerships and time-honored within the partnership as seen by Saturn in the 7th/8th house sector of the solar chart. Uranus is bringing about change and higher consciousness to the activities in teaching, writing, and career opportunities as seen by Uranus in the 9th/10th sector of the solar chart. Chiron is bringing about a healing of higher consciousness as it is transiting the 9th house, while Neptune is adding the necessity of investment of time and energy to the creativity of personal energies as it transits the 8th solar house. Pluto is demanding constant vigilance and discipline to health and diet and reforming old habits that are no longer useful. This is a severe warning to all Leo activities to be disciplined in this regard or pay the consequences.

Virgo — Virgos are undergoing many changes and separations in the area of partnerships and the reevaluation of those partnerships due to Saturn beginning the transit of the 7th solar house. A change of perspective and objective observation is greatly needed in the area of belief systems and higher spiritual consciousness. This is noticed with Uranus moving through the 9th/10th solar houses. Money issues and investments need to be watched very closely and budgets handled wisely while Neptune is in the 8th solar house. Chiron in the 6th house will help heal issues around time and routine that has been distracting. Pluto is causing a vigilant look at how you spend your creative time and energies and may also have to be looked at from the eyes of your children while it transits your 5th house. Virgo cannot be distracted by overthinking everything during this time or there will be intense frustration.

Libra — Librans are running into boundary problems due to their inability to set a schedule/routine while their Saturn is in the solar 6th house. Uranus is causing some problems in organizing finances as many changes are coming about with Uranus in the solar 8th house. Neptune is calling for more creativity while it is bordering between the solar 5th and 6th house and may be a good outlet for some creative drama and love life. Pluto is calling for some transformation on the homefront and there may be problems that can no longer be swept under the carpet of consciousness. These things need to be addressed. It might be helpful to look at Chiron in the 7th for healing with essential relationships. Librans are excellent mediators so it might be wise to start mediating oneself in all of this.

Scorpio — Scorpios are having some issues that need resolving with offspring and the degree of love given and received in these matters, especially with Saturn in their solar 5th house. Uranus is causing some changes in conscious awareness regarding committed relationships. Understanding the need for self-understanding as to the level of commitment is in question while Uranus traverses the solar 7th house. Neptune can cause some misunderstandings around schedules and organization of routine matters while it is moving between the 5th and 6th house and focus will be essential to this understanding. Pluto moving between the 3rd and 4th house is causing some major hurdles to overcome in family matters and communications with those close to you. Chiron might be helpful in healing some of the past wounds in this regard as it moves in the 6th house.

Sagittarius — Sagittarians are changing home structures or working with making themselves comfortable in several places while Saturn is transiting the 4th solar house. Uranus is also creating some disturbance in routine so it is time to be very flexible while Uranus transits the 5th. Neptune is calling for creativity and new ways of expression in creative functions and with one’s children. This has to be looked at in a realistic manner and respectful of others’ creativity in the process. Pluto is causing some major communication snafus in relationship to family sibling matters and Chiron is here to heal these matters in ways that might not be expected. Could you take it easy Sag? Also listen before you leap!

Capricorn — Capricorn needs to keep its eyes on the monetary budgets and the value of its own works while Saturn maneuvers through the 2nd house. Uranus in the 5th house is showing the many changes that children are going through and giving the Capricorn a unique view of how they can be of help through these changes. Neptune in the 3rd solar house is helping Capricorn be compassionate and playful with siblings and close family friends. Developing a sense of humor and lightening up communication are needed during this time. Intense feelings are abounding for the Capricorn with Pluto in the solar 1st house so it is necessary to set strict boundaries and not overstress so that things run smoothly. Chiron in the 4th house brings healing to one’s own space if boundaries are honored.

Aquarius — Aquarians are becoming more acquainted with a disciplined side of the ‘self’ due to Saturn in the solar 1st house. Changes and upsets in the area of the home are being handled in a unique and different manner than usual because of Uranus in the solar 4th house. New ways of looking at earnings and communications around self-value and material value are more creative these days. Having more creative communication with siblings and close friends is necessary for better understanding and compassion. Chiron is also helping with this as it maneuvers through the 3rd solar house. Pluto is causing some intense introspection on a life well-lived or one which is needing major adjustments. Intensity is often not noticed in Aquarius, but they are one of the most intense of signs in the zodiac.

Pisces — Pisces is going through a major evaluation of life as it Saturn traverses the 12th and 1st solar houses. Necessary boundaries with those close to them are necessary so that the focus can be on contemplation and reorganization. Uranus is causing some necessary readjustment to communications with friends and family as it traverses the 3rd solar house. Neptune is taking care of more creativity in the individual Pisces and enjoying life at a deeper level of activities. Pluto is in the 11th solar house and is causing one to set realistic and intense goals to be accomplished so some things that were important in the past might not be so enjoyable anymore…this goes for people as well. Chiron will bring much healing to the area of self-value and the manifestation of more external and inner wealth as Chiron is in the 2nd solar house.

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