August and September 2023 Astrocast

Retrograde Planets for August and September?

August and September Retrograde Planets

When planets turn retrograde in motion, it simply means that it is ‘back to the drawing board’, learning to look within for answers to our many dilemmas and not try to push against the flow of energy by trying to solve external problems that demand more pondering and forethought. It is a good time to objectively observe your inner processes and see where you get stuck and where you can use your talents to move forward. The forecast you will read for your Sun, Moon, and Ascendant will give you an idea of how to keep up with the movements of these planets and how they affect your daily activities. Again, focus within, in order to get the best results. KNOW THYSELF!

Planetary Phenomena for August and September—

Mercury Rx — August 23, Mercury turns retrograde in the sign of Virgo at 23 degrees of Virgo and turns direct at 8 degrees of Virgo. This will cause some major flaws in the ‘communication of understanding’, especially with the earth signs, Taurus, Capricorn, and Virgo.

Venus Rx — Remains retrograde in the sign of Leo and turns direct on September 3rd at 12 degrees if Leo. Pondering the Venus by the Fires signs would be advisable; Leo, Sagittarius, and Aries.

Saturn Rx — Remains retrograde in early signs of Pisces, affecting mostly those born between February 18 and March 10. Learning to discipline your life in areas of understanding and spiritual growth are needed.

Uranus Rx — Uranus will turn retrograde in the sign of Taurus at 23 degrees of Taurus and will revisit the Taureans until the end of the year, ending at the 19th degree of Taurus so it is causing some major changes in this sun sign.

Neptune Rx — Neptune remains retrograde in the latter degrees of Pisces until December 6. It will turn direct at 24 Pisces, mostly affecting Pisces born between March 15 and March 22nd.

Pluto Rx— Pluto remains retrograde in the 28 degrees of Capricorn and turns direct on October 11th, affecting Capricorns born between January 17-20th. After it moves forward, Aquarius will be its next visitation.

Chiron Rx — Chiron remains retrograde in the sign of Aries until the 27th of December when it turns direct at 15 degrees of Aries. This has been affecting the healing of Aries born between April 10th-April 15.

(The above is only for the Sun signs. Equally important are Moon and Ascendant Signs. Please refer to your natal chart for those signs.)

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Remember to read your Ascendant/Rising sign first, Moon second, and Sun sign last to get a full picture of your forecast. If you need help or a consultation with this, please send me an e-mail and request.

Aries — Aries will feel the Chiron and North Node as it traverses through the sign of Aries and as Chiron goes retrograde, it will be time to manifest your energy in a positive manner rather than letting stressful situations get a hold of you and cause you to react rather than respond. Learn to sit in the shoes of the other person for a minute or so before lashing out into your projection of them. This is a great time for healing the inner self and furthering your consciousness to better goals and aspirations. You want dysfunction to change, so be a change agent by empathic means rather than forcefulness.

Taurus — Taurus is undergoing immense change. Be sure you only change the issues that you can feel/sense as the right ones. Taurus has a major balancing talent when they can feel, by instinct that something needs change. Use that! Uranus is causing us to have second thoughts especially as Mercury goes retrograde in Virgo. Try not to overthink something without first checking with the ‘feel’ of a situation. Trust your instinct now and allow Jupiter in Taurus to reward you for your efforts. You know your purpose in life, now go for it, but pay attention to the stress signs along the way and REST!

Gemini — Gemini will need to control distractions during this time, especially as Mercury goes retrograde in its other Mercury-ruled sign of Virgo. Making a list and checking it twice, setting boundaries, and keeping the body and mind in the present tense are all efforts that can help relieve anxiety and worrisome thoughts. Gemini tends to use up all of their energies planning and struggling; now is not the time! Stay focused, purposeful, and follow your routine. Now is not the time to defer to an earlier time in your life where you made things happen. Allow yourself to go with the flow and keep the boundaries so you do not fritter away your energies. You must learn to just ‘play’ through this stressful time.

Cancer — Cancer may benefit from all the retrograde motion, especially financially. There is some benefit as Pluto moves away from its opposition in the sign of Capricorn. Cancers have learned to be quite conservative and use their better common sense to adjust to the changes. There may be issues that need attending around motherhood, nurturing, and taking care of family, but this all comes quite naturally to the Cancerian. When there are problems in the family with any close relative, the Cancer feels the problem greatly even though they aren’t very conscious of the mood changes within! You have the ability to calm the family in ways you do not know, but you always have been able to do just that!

Leo — Leos are feeling the heat! The summer months are always a joy for most Leos, however, this summer will ring about some needed changes in disciplines; health, diet, and social events. Boundaries need to be set strongly so that rest, relaxation, creativity, and playfulness are honored in all ways. Venus is retrograde in the sign of Leo so relationships, especially partnerships will cause some issues to be resolved. Watching temperament and impatience are two key issues while the planets are retrograde. Thoughtfulness and planning are essential to conserving energy. Watching spontaneity is the key to Leos…when they lose spontaneity, something is UP!

Virgo — Virgos are going to feel perplexed with the Mercury retrograde in the sign of Virgo. There will be some major concerns around routine, interruption in connection to what the body needs and feels, and all matters of planning. These issues may throw Virgo into a ‘tizzy’ but rest assured it will all end peacefully as long as you stay centered, purposeful, and restful. You tend to be a ‘worry wart’ anyway, but now is not the time to exaggerate that tendency. Now is a good time to discipline your body with natural foods, cleansing diets, and plenty of fluids. Planning your day before starting the day might help! Finishing projects will give you a major boost.

Libra — Librans are trying to balance their mental needs for peace and security with the drive for more assertive interaction. Watch your tendency to agree with someone, especially partners, when it doesn’t serve your best interest. You can only be a good partner if you take care of your own needs first and then and only then will you be available as an equal partner in a relationship. Many Librans will find that these two months make you reconsider your commitments in all areas of concern. It will be dependent on the boundaries you have set with others and whether or not you have been ‘conscious’ and ‘aware’ of yourself first and foremost. It’s time for you to stop projecting what you need onto others and take care of your own needs.

Scorpio — Scorpios are trying to make sense of what is happening in all of their commitments whether personal or in the workplace. There are major changes in store for Scorpios, especially in the area of relationships. This would include short-term and long-term relationships which need to change. Only from your perspective can this happen! No one knows your depths because you keep these out of sight and do not express them. Don’t expect others to play the guessing game of trying to please or satisfy your multiple needs. It is time for you to clarify what you need in your above commitments and not wait until the other person(s) are at their wit’s end because of a lack of feedback. You are a deep and profound thinker and you need to share some of this with the rest of the world instead of playing guessing games!

Sagittarius — Sagittarians are feeling the intense need for adventure and new territories to discover. Be sure you have partnerships in both career and in your personal life that reflect that same need. You can also be on the edge of creating something of value in your life that could pay off in big rewards, physically, emotionally, and mentally. These could even be innovative ideas that come to you in the areas of publishing, performing, editing, creative writing, etc. Try not to overthink all the things you could be doing but learn to put one foot in front of the other and start walking through your adventures carefully and profoundly. Be cautious of energy drains and take care to spend time in meditation and solitude so you can hear your own thoughts and turn them into action.

Capricorn — Capricorn is undergoing profound changes in their inner life, and some of this is not able to be expressed to the external world. More organization of thoughts and feelings is needed in order to come to a level of consciousness. I suggest daily yoga and breathing techniques to help settle one into your inner world and start feeling the depth of your own needs. Sometimes quietude and organizing your environment is the only solution to not being carried away by distractions. When it is time to get situations handled and completed, you are the one who can do them, however, don’t be a martyr in our attempts to get things done right!

Aquarius — Aquarians are seeing the result of boundaries either kept or ignored. The body will tell the tale as the Aquarian cannot endure the pain in the body if stress because of poorly set boundaries is the issue. Creating a budget and a clean diet, preferably vegetarian, might be the needed solution for better health. Also, be careful of the people you bring into your atmosphere and surroundings as they might be more toxic to your intense sensitivities at this time. You are always there to help others and are a true altruist, however, this is a time to focus on just you and your immediate surroundings. Enjoy meditative walks and possibly swim in the ocean to calm the intense mental activity that takes place in your being.

Pisces — Pisces will be having the Virgo/Mercury retrograde in its opposite sign this month and it is time to really analyze what is going on in your inner world, so as to avoid confusion as you conflate the inner and outer world and forget the one you are in! It is also a reality test around the things you say and do. Do others understand you and are you getting to the point of our conversations? You have an incredible and imaginative mind, but often are speaking in terms that others may not understand. You may understand everything that is going on with you, however, others might find it very confusing and need better clarification from you. Do not take offense as your level of consciousness may be at a much higher degree than most!
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