2021 Forecast – Saturn Square Uranus: Universal and Personal

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We will look at the following for this upcoming year: 

  • Transiting Saturn in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus during the times listed. Power structure and power plays all year, all amongst the establishment. These will be highlighted on February 17, June 14, and December 24.

    EU will be drastically affected during this time, having a ripple down effect on the USA. Technology will be part of the pioneering spirit, not to be owned by rules and regulations. The Techno war is ON. Aquarius is a focus on technology and global usage to inform globally.
  • Moon in Aquarius and the transits coming from Saturn demand the reconstruction into solidity as the year moves on.
  • January: New ideas, new positive mental energy start the year off. Toward the January 21 Inauguration, we have rebellion with Mars/Uranus conjunction and causing disturbances. Looking out for cult leadership as opposed to authentic leadership is a key to what is going on. This is the year for collective individualism…we have to raise our consciousness to the level of unification both nationally and globally.
  • Aquarius: Fighting for the freedom of the little guy…Jupiter exalts idolatry. A confrontation of leadership across the planet.
  • February: A reset is possible- regaining emotional balance, standing up to bullies and emotional abuses. Venus is demanding harmony and peace universally. Power-hungry zealots will be rising to the occasion on every field of endeavor. Staying with the facts will be very difficult since so much misinformation is shared nowadays on TV.
  • March – April: Idealism reigns, deceptions go underground. Idealism vs. humanitarianism, realism vs. facts.
  • May: Jupiter entry into Pisces. (Jupiter, the ruling planet of USA.) May have a chance at peace and harmony. Emphasis on major religions of the world coming together.
  • May 24 – 30: Lunar eclipse in Sagittarius on May 26. Watching out for false prophets and more divisive actions set up in political power struggles, going against collective values.
  • August – December: major power plays between the three branches of government – legislative, executive and judicial systems – and challenges to old laws written in the Constitution as well as challenges to the laws of this nation.

Battle of Saturn, Jupiter and Uranus in Aquarius 2021
(Masculine Confrontation)

We have a conjunction that started December 21 connecting us to the Saturn and Jupiter conjunction in the 1st degree of Aquarius. Three times during 2021 we will witness the Saturn in Aquarius exact square Uranus in Taurus. What does this mean universally and what does it mean personally?

Universal meaning: As Above, So Below

Saturn is the father of Jupiter; Saturn being the disciplinarian king and Jupiter representing the benefactor of Olympus, who by the way, duped his father, Saturn, into being born and becoming the king, helped by his mother Rhea. Saturn is also known as ‘Cronos’ which relegates Saturn to the discipline of ‘time and consequence.’ Jupiter/Zeus has been, in my opinion, the ‘Puer king of Olympus’.

Saturn represents the time-honored older masculine, while Jupiter represents the more immediate young king (puer) of Olympus getting by with all sorts of shenanigans. These two represent the incredible battle of the masculine between discipline/paternal responsibility, the older patriarch, and the young earthy, benefic masculine, playboy.

The fact that these were in conjunction in December and represent the coming of Aquarian age also indicates that the ruler of Aquarius (Uranus) is called forth to create a total resurgence of individualism fighting the ‘establishment’ (Saturn). This happens throughout the year at three different times in exact square.

So we can read the ‘writing on the wall’ as to how we move forward with this Saturn square Uranus battle upending projects, constitutional law, and all branches of bureaucracy.

 These three planets are drawn together and Jupiter will move forward to get out of the way. Our country is Jupiter ruled with a Sagittarius ascendant so we have some idealism that goes along with our benefic view of the world. Oh well!

Personal meaning: External Meets Internal

What does this mean personally? One must know one’s natal chart and the natal positions of the planets, in which houses, in which signs and more importantly, how these are situated and aspected in the natal charts. It can bring about the battle within, confronting our own individualism vs. our participation in time and space discipline. The rewards are great if Saturn in our charts teaches us discipline, planning, patience, and sustainability. Many of us like to act on issues before all of these lessons take place. We will meet with the consequences of our impulsiveness, individual freedom issues, intuitive understanding at a fundamental level and our spiritual growth as disciples of the new age. We cannot have it both ways, but must learn the harder lessons in this relentless struggle between the three planets.

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