August Brings on New Energy, New Ideas and Challenges for All 
We have all been thinking and deciding which side of the fence we are on with this upcoming election and are going to learn even more about how our government is being run. Now is not the time to put on blinders and hope that all will progress without our input or our vote, but the time is NOW to make those changes that come with intelligent voting and possibly many ‘split tickets’.  The candidates are posturing in polarized positions and it is bringing our our own personal paradoxes in our thinking and our actions. NOW is the birth of a nation and the birth of new paradigms that  create changes in our personal worlds.  This is a very PERSONAL time to grow and focus on what YOU want for yourself and your family. What kind of environment will express your innate character and also challenge you to grow?
Events for this month:
New Moon  — Leo New Moon, August 2.  This will start a whole new cycle for many of the fire signs, including Aries and Sagittarius.
Full Moon  —- Aquarius Full Moon August 18.  Time to cash in the chips and make ready for an exciting humanitarian year.  Your position on the world stage is going to be more important than finding intimacy in personal situations.
Saturn turns Direct — August 13th which allows for all of us to get off of our butts and start feeling the forward movement in our emotional,physical and mental lives!
(These are only highlights of the month, but there are always many important events taking place for this month that affect each sign differently and I will go over those things in detail below.)
Remember to read your Ascendant (ego/physical body), Sun (Spiritual/mind) and Moon (emotional/feeling/nurturing)
signs in that order when reading these monthly updates.
  (If you have questions about those, please contact me at You can also find Gwynne on Skype: gwynne.mayer)
Aries — You don’t have to keep carrying the full load on all that you are trying to balance at this time in your life.  It is time to get your security settled and if that means money and living conditions, then let that be!  You are under a great amount of pressure to make needed changes and what you might be walking away from could be just the thing that is ‘draining your energies’….so look toward walking toward something that will bring your energy alive and you will feel in your gut that it is the right thing!
Taurus — Your home life needs a boost and your feelings about home and hearth need to be in your ‘moving centers’, mainly around your belly and your heart.  Those areas of your life need adjusting because you have put up with so much stress in your life and now you can make changes, giving you the joy and companionship you need.  You procrastinate on permanent changes and now those issues are ‘in your face’.  By September 1, you need to make a firm decision and stick with it.  We have a Solar Eclipse at that time which could really give you a push!
Gemini —  Well I hate to write this but now you have company with both Mike Pence and Donald Trump being Geminis and up against their establishments.  Have you been up against your establishments and finding yourself being ‘passive aggressive’ because you are not being understood?  Join the Gemini club this month and in the next six months, there is going to be a need to retract many promises you made to yourself to start focusing on the disciplines that will make your future solid and not like you are walking a tightrope like the two I mentioned!

Cancer —  Life is for the ‘living’ and not the ‘worrying’ that you have been doing thus far.  You will add years to your life if you make more arrangements to enjoy what you have worked so hard to attain.  Stop trying to live with so many challenges in work, home and family life; just start taking it easy and rely on that great mind of yours to follow your heart and your physical clues.  Peace and quiet are the themes for this upcoming year and investing money in real estate is a big one, instead of stocks.  Cancer rules the real estate market and will always provide a great return on your investments!
Leo — Leo is being pushed forward to make needed changes and no one person is doing the ‘pushing’, in fact, the planets, including the Moon are giving you all the hints that they can without causing you to upset the ‘apple cart’.  Follow your gut and realize that the time for making changes in your home, family and finances is upon you and these will be major decisions that will pay off next year if you make and prepare for them this year and at this time.  You are being called to do some major work on this planet! Get with it!
Virgo — Virgo must take care of health and nutrition right now as all eyes are on you for being a role model of good health disciplines. This goes for all ages and it seems tiring but after the September 1 Solar Eclipse you will see the payoff.  Hang in there for now so that you will be able to remember the ‘close calls’ you have had in the last few months.  If you are in the health professions, take some time for yourself and realize it is time for ‘Healer, heal thyself’….never forgetting the capacity you have to create miracles in this endeavor.
Libra — You are learning who to associate with and who not to at this point. You cannot satisfy all the people all the time and very few some of the time, so now it is time to satisfy yourself and be ‘at peace’ with yourself. Quit calling yourself to task and making mountains out of mole hills.  If you have no intention of doing anything about your ‘criticism of yourself’ then get off of your own back. You are at a crucial juncture in your life to make new decisions about how to spend the ‘rest of your life’.  You and you alone need to make that decision and so many of the Librans cannot make the decision without a partner!  C’mon now!!
Scorpio —  Scorpios don’t seem to know how to live without ‘constant pressure’, especially inner pressure that they thrust upon themselves, not to mention self-criticism.  There are challenges in the way you want to be perceived and how you want your career and authority to look to others.  If you question your purposes and your own authority what do you expect from others?  It just doesn’t make sense and now that Saturn is getting off your case, you are free to look at the depth of your life rather than the superficial parts of it that don’t serve you! You are an intense being and have much to offer, so quit with the self-doubt!
Sagittarius — You are putting together a lifestyle that suits you in every way, so give yourself time to do that and understand that it will be different for others and you don’t have to live ‘their lives’ but you have to live your own.  Don’t waver when you know something is ‘right at the inner level’.  Just realize that as long as you pay attention to your heart and your ‘chi’ energies and what they tell you that you are doing the right thing.  Many Sagittarians find themselves up against conflict because of their unique genius and then back off and don’t complete the plan! Go for it! And STOP with the picking oneself apart!
Capricorn —  Writing a horoscope for Capricorn is very difficult, especially when the Cappy does not even get the message that is clear to them in their environment.  Something that will get your attention is when your health breaks down and forces you to take a rest or when your family has had just about all they can take of your restlessness and push/pull attitude.  You mean well and have the greatest of intentions so let people see what is in your heart and not whether or not everyone has picked up their underwear!  You guys crack me up.
Aquarius —  You might want to look at your plans for the next six months until your birthday and make the needed ‘tweaking changes’ that should come about so that life moves speedily ahead instead of dragging you through to the ‘goal line’ with all of your resistance.  You are known to be forward moving and thinking so let’s look at how you have manifested that in the last few months and get this all in order before the Full Moon on August 18.  It is time to develop relationships that move faster than the ones you have been depending on!
Pisces — You are the ‘dream sign’ so now is the time to pay close attention to your dreams, especially the ones you are meant to remember and feel the guidance that is coming your way.  The volume in your spiritual life will be turned up in a big way, all the way to the Solar Eclipse on September 1.  You will need to meditate more and feel the inner guidance coming from your ‘soul energies’….you are in a great place to be intuitive aligned and follow your alignment with decisions that are needing to be made!