Independence Day Brings Independent Action

Esoterica & AstrologyThe New Moon in Cancer falls on July 4, to combine our birthdays of Independence to re-birthing new ideas in our personal and social lives.  We will have to affirm for ourselves the parts of our lives we need to change and begin anew, as many of you are going through those pangs of rebirth as we speak!  New ideas are being discussed in the ‘national interest’ now and we are going to have to adapt to some major changes as the USA begins a new cycle, a major paradigm shift as we can see in the election process now.  It will be interesting to see how this New Moon phenomena on July 4th affects each of the candidates for presidency. Don’t think the ‘big shocks’ have ended as they have only just begun.  We will have to adapt our lives to these prevalent changes about to take place.  We can hardly sleep through this so this is a GREAT AWAKENING!

Events for this month:
New Moon  —  Cancer New Moon, Monday, July 4 — Giving birth to some endeavor of independence.
Full Moon  —- Capricorn Full Moon also squaring Uranus, making it more of a difficult situation for all cardinal signs, Aries, Libra and Capricorn.
Uranus, the planet of independence, turns Retrograde July 29….it is now in Aries and will continue to create ‘forced confrontations around dependency/independency.
Remember to read your Ascendant (ego/physical body), Sun (Spiritual/mind) and Moon Zodiac(emotional/feeling/nurturing) signs in that order when reading these monthly updates.
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AriesAries — You are faced with having to be dependent on those from whom you want to free yourself.  This is a time to not shoot off your mouth, but instead weather this storm you have created with your own outspoken nature, realizing that you have created your own reality and now must live with the consequences.  You will finally get your comeuppance toward the end of this year but not before you have run off some people who may have assisted you if you weren’t so damn independent!  There are times when you have to mediate and negotiate, not your favorite things to do!
Taurus — It will be beneficial for you to look back at the decisions you made last month and see how they are going to play out and help you progress during this month.  It seemed that you were putting yourself under unnecessary strain and pressure and then the ‘light came on’ and got you to move in a direction that might benefit you greatly in the long run.  Taurus is always second guessing themselves and procrastinating way beyond the ‘time to act’, so now you are seeing more clearly and by the end of the month all should be well and the ‘coast is clear’.  Enjoy your life and the things and people you value the most!  You are on the right path, so believe in yourself.
Gemini —  This is your month and your time to shine making the most of ‘focus at all costs’.  Do not get distracted by your ever present justifications.  Just go for it!  Communication is in your favor this month and those things you have told others that you want to do and are doing are being lauded as positive and helpful.  Do not waver in your desire to get ahead and tell the truth as you see it.  Don’t let others get you off course.  It goes without saying that you have to be responsible for everything that you have promised to do and have the integrity of your promises so that others don’t doubt you.  Geminis can say things with double meanings and be very misunderstood.

Cancer —  Family and relationships that involved family are the ‘all and everything’ to a Cancer so much so that if someone in the family is ‘out of sorts’ it throws all plans and opportunities to the wind.  Cancers will find opportunities to create more and more material wealth this month and next, however, the health and nurturing habits are of primary importance this month so that distractions do not cause you to neglect little things that might be building up to a crescendo of digestion problems or all around the heart and digestion.  Please rest, relax and pay attention to what your instincts are telling you about your body.
Leo —Leo’s are still budgeting and paying attention to things that have not been taken care of in a way that is accountable.  Issues around home and the care and maintenance of your private space are very important this month.  You will feel that you have ‘so much to do’ and yet, once you organize you will see that you have time to travel and play as well. This might not dawn on you until the middle of the month but you will see the forest for the trees and enjoy yourself whether planned or unplanned.  There has been a weight taken off of your shoulders at an abstract level and I am sure you know what I mean by that!
Virgo — You seem to be the energy behind a ‘train of energy’ that doesn’t want to move forward, however by the middle of this month you will see the light at the end of the tunnel and the train will move in ways that you could never have imagined.  Sometimes a Virgo wants something so intensely that they start being counterproductive and seemingly controlling.  The Virgo energy is very exacting and analytical which, at times, can cause the reverse effect. Please don’t give up your lofty goals and timelines as all will happen in good time and this will be a very productive summer after you look back on it with some distance and objectivity.
Libra — Your mind seems overworked right now, but it is because you have so much on your plate to design,  contemplate and move toward completion and it seems that you don’t have the time nor energy to complete all the tasks ahead of you. Remember that much of Libra’s energy goes toward partnership and being along side of someone with ‘like mindedness’, whether it be intimate, business or friendships, you demand a ‘listening ear’.  Changes are coming that will allow you the freedom to move forward with your plans, but alongside that freedom comes the necessity to set boundaries and reserve your energy for yourself in ways that will leave you productive rather than ‘spinning your wheels’.
Scorpio —  Scorpios are really learning to set boundaries around money and conditions that allow them to move into a more stable future, with finances, business partnerships and conditions that will provide future solidity.  It is no longer a time for you to wait on someone else to provide guidance in this direction nor help, but for you to provide your own structure and utilize that Saturnian part of you to guide you into a more planned operation. That means that you cannot have someone around you who is always distracting you, much more to the point, you don’t want to keep distracting yourself with unnecessary contemplation that only leads you down a road you have traveled over and over again.
Sagittarius — It seems that you do not have time for yourself and all of your projects. The fact of the matter is that you have allowed distractions to keep you from completing tasks you set up a few months back.  Now is the time for you to structure yourself in ways that will help you reach your goals.  You have creative spirit and the capacity to take on many tasks. A point you might want to consider is learning to delegate these tasks to others who are working toward your ideas in partnership and leaving alone those who are distracting you to some extent. This can include family members and close friends on either side of the fence so it is always hard for a Sag to determine what to let go of and what to keep in place.  Your stress levels will guide you so meditate and take heed of what you are up against so that you can accomplish these things by the 1st of July. This is your month to complete tasks.
Capricorn —  You are moving along quite smoothly these days ‘if’ you have paid attention to the physical/sensory realm of your life and start taking care of the health issues that have plagued you in the past few months, mainly health issues around dietary concerns.  You must learn the difference between ‘feeding your stress’ and ‘nurturing your being’ and find ways to set boundaries in your family and with friends regarding the needs you have to nourish your intense soul work.  Sometimes being alone and meditating are not distracting you from purpose but allowing you to be more purposeful in your life and find the ‘gold at the end of your rainbow.’  Good luck with slowing down the ‘driven activity’ into a ‘slow dance’ that will allow you to be more conscious.
Aquarius — Areas around health and routine are very prominent in your life right now.  You have taken the time to notice how daily disciplines in diet and exercise have improved your outlook on life and now it is time to serve others in the same ways you have learned to serve yourself.  You have some brilliant insights coming your way this month and you must get them down to a ‘reality base’ so that you can put the things you come up with to work, practicing, teaching and moving towards ‘soul completion.’  Your talents don’t go unnoticed and will need to be honed in on in order to make the rest of this year a more blissful and helpful year for you and those whom you love!
Pisces — You have had one snafu after another this month, but it seems that now you can take a breather and know that all is calming down so that you can accomplish some major tasks ahead.  You are farsighted in many ways and have a great sense of what is ‘to come’.  Take each day in a conscious and meditative way and you will find that situations and people find ways to help you in all of your endeavors.  This is a great time to ‘be still’, find sacredness in nature and spend time with what your ‘soul calling’ is all about. Do not be off put by people around you who do not have any idea of what is occurring in your life.  They will eventually see the wisdom in your ‘silence’ and come around to following suit.  BE WHO YOU ARE!