Learning to become objective and wake up from our inner sleep…our unconscious projections demands noticing and observing that which we continue to hold on to in our conditioning and the way we are taught to react/respond as children. It never leaves us. We respond to others in ways that will either get us our approval or in a rebellion of some sort. Observing our motives when we truly observe ourselves in the ‘here and now’ is crucial for awakened consciousness.





From Maurice Nicoll — Commentaries Vol. 1.

“Amongst the many things that we have to observe in ourselves and work upon, according to this teaching  that we are studying, there  is  the psychological state called internal considering. This refers to a process which takes a great deal of force from us and, like everything that takes energy from us uselessly, keeps us asleep.

Internal considering is a branch of identifying. As you know, the study of identifying in all its different branches is one of the most important forms of practical work on oneself. A man who identifies with everything is unable to remember himself. In order to remember oneself it is necessary  not to identify.  But in order  to learn  not to identify a man must first of all learn not to be identified  with himself. One form   of identifying is internal considering, of which there are  several  kinds, and some are forms of identifying with oneself. One of the most frequent forms of internal considering is thinking what  others  think  of  us,  and  how they treat us, and what attitude they shew towards  us. A man may feel  he is not valued enough and this torments him and makes him suspect others and causes him to lose an immense amount of energy and may develop in him a distrustful and hostile attitude.”