May Brings A Time of More Change;
Things You Don’t Expect
Change will be hard to adapt to this month of impulse reactions and over emotional responses to observable reality!  Our planet is going through enormous changes from a world vision to an individual vision.  It is difficult to plan for these things, so it must be starting with ‘you’ and your ability to keep calm among all that is happening.  Take care of your physical, emotional and mental health first and foremost so that you can take care of others in your family and environment. Learn to ‘listen’ and think ‘outside the box’ rather than joining into the mass hysteria that is prevalent in our country today.  Be aware of your own observation and connect to only those issues that bring you a deeper understanding of yourself and your place in the world.  Do not ‘react’ to all that you hear and imagine. Stay with the facts.
Watching for this month’s important cosmic events:
…April 26 gave us a good head start on reality with a New Moon in Taurus and the ability to see things the way the ‘are’.
…May 3rd Mercury goes direct and gives some relief to those things that have been on the ‘waiting list’.  All systems GO.
…May 10  Full Moon in Scorpio and plenty of astronomical phenomena to make the whole week one of action and surprises.  Again stay with facts and not gossip.
Remember to read your Ascendant (ego/physical body), Sun (Spiritual/mind) and Moon(emotional/feeling/nurturing)
signs in that order when reading these monthly updates.
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We will stay with AFFIRMATIONS for each sign to adapt to the changes that are creating new paradigms.

Aries — I am able to handle all the changes around me in my career and relationships.  I can find positive ways to live with the unpredictability that surrounds me and my communication skills reflect my flexibility.
Taurus — I am content with the possessions I have now and I am helping others to enjoy what they have in their lives. This affects my relationships with all of those close to me and I am willing to share my joy with others.
Gemini —  I am being flexible and able to consider all sides of any dilemma that I might have.  I am balanced in my thinking and consider my own thoughts before reaching out to others and adapting to theirs.

Cancer — I am making new pathways of success in my family and career.  I am open to sharing with others how I have made my life a success and am willing to be a mentor to ‘family values’.
Leo — I am realizing that my sense of humor and ability to become a ‘conscious actor’ in my life are qualities that I will cherish.  Professional drama is a comfort to me, relieving me from personal dramas that surround me.
Virgo — My health and happiness are foremost in my mind and in my goals.  I reflect this attitude in my relationships and understand the difference between self-criticism and self-discernment, relieving me of worry and fretting.
Libra —I can be in relationships that are changing all of the time and be at peace with my boundaries and my sacred space.  I can have my own thoughts and my own agenda without disturbing the relationship.
Scorpio — I can feel intensely and sincerely in my own way of looking at the world.  People do not have to agree with me nor do they have to abide by my rules, however I trust my  own instincts and know what it means to live ‘my truth’.
Sagittarius —  I am centered in my ‘truth’ and speak only when I understand my own motivations and sensitivities.  I reach for the highest standard in communication and strive for integrity in those who surround me.
Capricorn —  I realize my work ethic is a standard that others may not live by however I will continue to manifest the highest quality of standards and keep my promises and commitments, learning to rest and meditate as needed to fulfill my expectations.
Aquarius —  I am able to be objective and not fall into the trap of the ‘mass conciousnes’.  I keep my boundaries aligned with the truth and ‘knowing’ which is part of my heritage and upbringing.  My boundaries are in tact and help me explore the universe without interruption.
Pisces — My sensitivities have helped me see many issues that confront us all, however I am now seeing that my ‘truth’ is in my enjoyment in the moment and I am finding my mission in life.

Learning to become objective and wake up from our inner sleep…our unconscious projections demands noticing and observing that which we continue to hold on to in our conditioning and the way we are taught to react/respond as children. It never leaves us. We respond to others in ways that will either get us our approval or in a rebellion of some sort. Observing our motives when we truly observe ourselves in the ‘here and now’ is crucial for awakened consciousness.





From Maurice Nicoll — Commentaries Vol. 1.

“Amongst the many things that we have to observe in ourselves and work upon, according to this teaching  that we are studying, there  is  the psychological state called internal considering. This refers to a process which takes a great deal of force from us and, like everything that takes energy from us uselessly, keeps us asleep.

Internal considering is a branch of identifying. As you know, the study of identifying in all its different branches is one of the most important forms of practical work on oneself. A man who identifies with everything is unable to remember himself. In order to remember oneself it is necessary  not to identify.  But in order  to learn  not to identify a man must first of all learn not to be identified  with himself. One form   of identifying is internal considering, of which there are  several  kinds, and some are forms of identifying with oneself. One of the most frequent forms of internal considering is thinking what  others  think  of  us,  and  how they treat us, and what attitude they shew towards  us. A man may feel  he is not valued enough and this torments him and makes him suspect others and causes him to lose an immense amount of energy and may develop in him a distrustful and hostile attitude.”

The Awakening of Objective Conscience and the Attainment of Objective Reason

by willmesa

“In all the productions which we shall intentionally create on the basis of this Law for the purpose of transmitting to remote generations, we shall intentionally introduce certain also lawful inexactitudes, and in these lawful inexactitudes we shall place, by means available to us, the contents of some true knowledge or other which is already in the possession of men of present time.”

Beelzebub’s Tales to His Grandson, p. 461

Among the several inexactitudes placed in Beelzebub’s Tales, in accordance with the wise provisions of the Club-of-Adherents-of-Legominism, two deserve special mention and attention. They are Saint Buddha and the Very Saintly Ashiata Shiemash.

I will first show why they constitute inexactitudes. I will then show how these two inexactitudes are placed in the Law of Seven of The Tales. I will proceed to show how in these two lawful inexactitudes are placed the contents of the two most important aspects of true knowledge found in the book, namely, the teachings of Objective Reason and Objective Conscience. I will then proceed to discuss these two teachings from a practical point of view that can lead to realization of them in our everyday ordinary lives. I will then show how the teaching of Objective Conscience has historically been distorted by the Hasnamusses of this world.  I will close my presentation on a personal note.

I will begin with Saint Buddha. He is found in Beelzebub’s Tales for the first times during the third descent and first visit of Beelzebub to India. In fact, by the account in the book (p. 233), the teaching of Saint Buddha was already well established during Beelzebub’s first visit to India. It is obvious from this account that the Buddha in The Tales is not the historical Buddha. Beelzebub’s first visit to India took place during the flourishing of the country Maralpleicie and the existence of the city Gob. This country and this city had entirely disappeared covered by sands during the third catastrophe to the planet as it is accounted for during the fifth descent. Chronologically, the Buddha in The Tales existed around 1500 years B.C., about the time in which the phenomenon known as the transmigration of the races took place. This fact is further corroborated by the chronology of The Tales. We are told in the fourth descent that the ship occasion descended on the “Red Sea” and that Beelzebub witnessed the construction of an observatory in the “outskirts of Cairo.” Historically, this construction took place around 1500 B.C. In any case, we know that the historical Buddha was born around 600 B.C. By the way, the birth of the historical Buddha took place at about the same time that the “Building-of-the-Tower-of-Babel” was proceeding in Babylon. But in the chronology of The Tales, this event takes place much later than Beelzebub’s first visit to India. This is another proof that the Buddha of The Tales is not the historical Buddha.

There is yet another proof of the inexactitude of Saint Buddha. It is the fact that the historical Buddha could have never said these words the Buddha of The Tales said: “Beings possessing presences similar to that of the ALL-CREATOR HIMSELF.” The historical Buddha did not teach the idea of a Creator and Buddhists maintain that the Universe existed and will exist for ever. Why of all Messengers from Above did Mr. Gurdjieff choose Buddha to introduce this inexactitude and the teaching of Objective Reason? For the simple reason that the historical Buddha, of all Messengers from Above, is the one that appealed the most to Reason in order to transmit His teaching.  In order to conform to the sequence and form explained at the end of The Tales, Mr. Gurdjieff needed an authoritative voice; and in order to conform to the wise provisions of the “Club-of-the-Adherents-of-Legominism” he needed an inexactitude. I think that Mr. Gurdjieff reasoned this way; but there may be other reasons I am unaware of.

In any case, I think that I have shown beyond any reasonable doubt that Saint Buddha in The Tales constitutes an inexactitude. However, as I will also show, it constitutes a lawful and intentional inexactitude.

The inexactitude concerning Ashiata Shiemash is easier to show. The key is this paragraph on page 353 of The Tales:

“All the sacred Individuals here before me, especially and intentionally actualized from Above, have always endeavored while striving for the same aim to accomplish the task laid upon them through one or other of those three sacred ways for self-perfecting, foreordained by OUR ENDLESS CREATOR HIMSELF, namely, through the sacred ways based on the being-impulses called ‘Faith,’ ‘Hope,’ and ‘Love’”(B.T., p. 353).

But the ways of “Faith,” “Hope” and “Love” are specifically and unambiguously identified in the book as the way of the full-of-faith Saint Lama, the way of the full-of-hope Mohammed, and the way of the full-of-love Divine Jesus. Furthermore, no Sacred Individual in the book before Ashiata Shiemash is identified with any of these three ways. It is obvious that Ashiata Shiemash is a prophet from the present and from future and not from the past. This is further corroborated by the fact that Ashiata Shiemash introduces the way of Conscience after having determined that the ways of “Faith,” “Hope,” and “Love” had deteriorated as valid ways of self-perfecting. How could Ashiata Shiemash have made this determination if the three ways had not yet been introduced when He made the determination, at least not in the context of The Tales? The only plausible answer is that Ashiata Shiemash is from the present and from the future. Observe that I am not saying that an organization of initiates like the Ashiatan organization or “Ashiatan renewals” never existed in the past. Even official history acknowledges periods of enlightenment in the course of humanity’s historical development.

What I am saying is that Ashiata Shiemash, as He is presented in The Tales, is from the present and the future and not from the past. As in the case of Buddha, Ashiata Shiemash in the book constitutes an inexactitude. And also as in the case of Saint Buddha, as I will show, it constitutes a lawful and intentional inexactitude.

I will now show why the two inexactitudes I am addressing are lawful and intentional, as dictated by the wise provisions of the “Club-of-Adherents-of-Legominism.” I claim that these two inexactitudes are lawfully placed in what I call the fundamental Law of Seven of Beelzebub’s Tales. What is this fundamental Law of Seven or fundamental octave of the book? I say that it is formed in part by the six descents. Each descent is a Stopinder in the fundamental Law of Seven of the book. And the center of gravity of each Stopinder is the particular and specific cause for each one of the six descents. In this way we have six Stopinders and six centers of gravities. Each center of gravity is different from the other and each Stopinder of the law has a specific subjective property, all in accordance with the operational characteristics of the Law of Seven.

Saint Buddha is placed in the third Stopinder (third descent). We know that according to the operational characteristics of the Law of Seven, this Stopinder is critical in the sense that it is through this Stopinder that the evolutionary process receives forces, coming from outside the concentration, which helps the concentration to continue with its evolutionary process. Saint Buddha and His teaching of Objective Reason, it is my contention, provides the outside help for the evolution of the material in the book to continue to yet higher centers of gravities and Stopinders.

The very saintly Ashiata Shiemash, on the other hand, is placed in the fifth Stopinder (fifth descent). Observe that I am not saying that Ashiata Shiemash, or for that matter Saint Buddha, exist during the fifth descent. I am saying that He and His teaching are presented during the fifth descent or fifth Stopinder. This is even more significant as far as the fundamental Law of Seven of the book is concerned. We know that according to the operational characteristics of the Law of Seven the subjective action of the fifth Stopinder is the only one that can give results “opposite to each other.” That is why Ashiata Shiemash and His teaching of Objective Conscience had to be placed in the fifth Stopinder of the Law of Seven of the book. How else could Lentrohamsanin, who is the opposite of Ashiata Shiemash, have been introduced in the book? Everything in the book is written according to the Law of Seven.

(By the way, the name Lentrohamsanin is another proof that Ashiata Shiemash is a prophet from the present and the future and not from the past. This name is an anagram for several well-known names of people who lived in the times of Mr. Gurdjieff. Lenin and Stalin are for sure; Hitler maybe possible. Lentrohamsanin stands for those Hasnamusses or candidate Hasnamusses that will try to distort the teaching of Mr. Gurdjieff now and in the future. I address this question at the end of my presentation.)

(Here I will make a short digression, if you allow me. I would like now to do something I love to do during my lectures on engineering. In the middle of my lectures I love to give a homework assignment that is related to the topic being discussed.  I now propose a homework problem. Here it is. If the six descents correspond to the six Stopinders in the Law of Seven of the book as I claim they do, what is then the seventh Stopinder? That is to say, what is the Stopinder of return or the one that gives completion to the fundamental octave of the book? I will even throw a hint, as I also like to do during my lectures. Here is the hint: The seventh Stopinder is also a descent. Let me say that the answer to this problem is not a theoretical one; rather, it is one that has helped me to intensify my study of The Tales.)

Returning again to the theme of my paper, I think I can say that I have shown that the two inexactitudes of Saint Buddha and Ashiata Shiemash are both intentional and lawful, all in accordance with the wise provisions of the Club-of-Adherents-of-Legominism. I will now have to show that in these two intentional and lawful inexactitudes are placed some important aspects of true knowledge. I can do this by examining in detail the essence of the teaching of Saint Buddha of Objective Reason and the teaching of Ashiata Shiemash of Objective Conscience. But I will take a different approach. I will show that these two teachings are the most profound teachings in the book.

I begin with this proposition: A measure of the depth of a Teaching is our inability to comprehend this Teaching with our ordinary subjective reason. Of course, the only thing new in what I have just said is maybe the proposition itself. We all know this to be true. We all know that the deeper a Teaching is the more difficult it is to grasp it with our ordinary subjective reason.

Let us now examine the two basic tenets of the teachings of Objective Reason and Objective Conscience and let us see if they conform to the given proposition. These are the basic tenets of each teaching:

“This Most Great Foundation of the All-embracing of everything that exists, constantly emanates throughout the whole Universe and coats itself from its particles upon planets –in certain three-centered beings who attain in their common presences the capacity to have their own functioning of both fundamental cosmic laws of the sacred Heptaparaparshinokh and the sacred Triamazikamno- into a definite unit in which alone Objective Divine Reason acquires the possibility of becoming concentrated and fixed” (B.T., p. 244).

“The factors for the being-impulse conscience arise in the presences of the three-brained beings from the localization of the particles of the ‘emanations-of-the-sorrow’ of OUR OMNI-LOVING AND LONG-SUFFERING-ENDLESS-CREATOR; that is why the source of the manifestation of genuine conscience in three-centered beings is sometimes called the REPRESENTATIVE OF THE CREATOR” (B.T., p. 372).

The key word in both tenets is the word emanation. Why emanation and not radiation? We are told that there is a difference between emanation and radiation. In the words of our dear Mullah Nassr Eddin: They are as much alike as the beard of the famous English Shakespeare and the no less famous French Armagnac.” I think that the word emanation is the one proving that the two basic tenets do indeed conform to the given proposition. In order to show this I will now have to quote myself. In my book A Treatise on Cosmic Engineering: A Book of Initiation and Transmutation Written According to the Law, I write:

“The main characteristic differentiating the property of emanation and that of radiation is that the former is related to cosmic processes of a higher degree of intelligence or order, while the latter is related to processes of a mechanistic nature.  It is because of this difference that the property of emanation does not lend itself to measurement and quantification, while that of radiation can be easily measured and quantified.” 

  And then, in connection to the two categories of forces of the Universe, the forces of radiation and the forces of emanation, I write:


        “Simply stated, the forces of radiation are differentiated from the forces of emanation because they lend themselves to the process of measurement and quantification.”

“The forces of emanation, on the other hand, can only be understood in terms of the degree of intelligent action they possess and exert on other cosmic forces and processes.  The main problem in dealing with the forces of emanation is the difficulty of measuring and quantifying processes of higher degree of intelligence. This difficulty increases proportionally to the increase in the degree of intelligence of such processes.”

The point I am trying to make here is that the two basic tenets of the teachings of Objective Reason and Objective Conscience are not and cannot be understood through a process of measurement and quantification. They are beyond the comprehension of our ordinary subjective reason. This is precisely what the given proposition says. In other words, because of their high degree of intelligence, the teachings of Objective Reason and Objective Conscience are the two most profound teachings in Beelzebub’s Tales. No wonder they are placed in the two most important intentional and lawful inexactitudes in the book, all in accordance with the wise provisions of the “Club-of-Adherents-of-Legominism.”

But let us now make a quick verification here. And the best verification for us is the one we make using the very same material in The Tales. Is there an account in The Tales of the difficulty of comprehending with our ordinary subjective reason ideas that are beyond such comprehension? There certainly is a very good account. It has to do with the story of the sympathetic Assyrian Hamolinadir, my favorite little story in the book and the one that has taught me the most. Here is a man who has reached the highest degree of human Reason attainable by a man on Earth. He has attended the highest school of learning existing on Earth at that time, the School of Materializing-Thought in Egypt.  He possesses his own “I.” By all accounts, his logical mentation is the envy of everyone. And yet he himself confesses that he cannot understand the “burning question” raised by the “learned beings” gathered in Babylon, namely, the “question-of-the-beyond.” He presents a report at the conference of “learned beings” with the title the “Instability-of-Human-Reason.” He very logically and convincingly shows how easy it is to prove and convince this Reason of anything you like. He cleverly shows that each and every theory concerning the “burning question” exposed by all the “learned beings” is as convincingly and persuasive as the next one. He speaks fifth at the conference. Why is it important to know that he speaks fifth? For the simple reason that it is during the Fifth of the Law that we have a choice. The Fifth of the Law is the place or moment of Temptation. He could have chosen to entertain himself with the “burning question” of the day as the rest of the “learned beings” do or he could have chosen to work for more Being. He chooses the latter. He leaves the conference the same day and goes to plant “Maize” or corn, an essential primitive food which stands for being-food. Before he leaves the conference, now with a very sarcastic tone, he announces:

“. . . . I honestly declare to you all, that concerning this “question-of-the-beyond” I myself, with the whole of the knowledge that has been accumulated in me, am neither more nor less than just an ‘idiot-cubed’” (B.T., p. 337).

It may very well be that certain questions are beyond our possible understanding, even with the highest degree of Objective Reason. One such question may be the one having to do with the operation of the Law of Three. Of the two formulations of the Law of Three in The Tales, one says: A law which always flows into a consequence and becomes the cause of subsequent consequences, and always functions by three independent and quite opposite characteristic manifestations, latent within it, in properties neither seen nor sensed” (B.T., p. 139). The key words here are “in properties neither seen nor sensed.” We see in the experiments of Gornahoor Harharkh on the Omnipresent-Okidanokh that when the third force is introduced no visible phenomenon is obtained and the result cannon be detected by any being-function. We cannot see nor can we sense the manifestations of the Law of Three.

(This reminds me of one of my favorite stories which I always love to tell. It is the story of Saint Augustine, Doctor of Grace and my favorite Saint. Saint Augustine went near the sea to solve the mystery of the Holy Trinity once and for all. He was deep in thought when he saw a boy going into the sea with a bucket in his hands. The boy filled the bucket and then emptied it onto the sand. He went back to the sea, filled the bucket again, and then emptied it onto the sand. He went like this for some time. Saint Augustine sees all that and, wakening from his deep thoughts, asks the boy, “What are you trying to do?” “I am trying to empty the sea onto the sand,” replied the boy.  “But that is impossible,” protested Saint Augustine. “So it is what you are trying to do,” said the boy. Saint Augustine returned home in peace with himself.)

Before I proceed to the most important question in my presentation, I would like to give a brief summary of what I have said so far. I think I have shown that both Saint Buddha and the very saintly Ashiata Shiemash constitute chronological inexactitudes in The Tales. I have also shown, I hope, that these two inexactitudes are both intentionally and lawfully placed in the fundamental Law of Seven of the book, all in accordance with the wise provisions of the “Club-of-Adherents-of-Legominism.” And I also hope that I have shown that the teaching of Saint Buddha on Objective Reason and the teaching of Ashiata Shiemash on Objective Conscience, respectively, are the two most profound teachings in The Tales. This by itself justifies the fact that these two teachings are placed in the two most important inexactitudes in the book.

I am now ready to address the most important question in my presentation. It is not a theoretical but a practical question. This is the question: What do the awakening of Objective Conscience and the attainment of Objective Reason entail? As always, our dear grandfather Beelzebub provides a direct and concrete answer:

Suffering; the awakening of Objective Conscience and the attainment of Objective Reason entail suffering.

I remember a conversation I once had with a friend in the Work. This friend of mine asked me to summarize with one and one word only the teaching of Mr. Gurdjieff. Since by then I had studied The Tales my answer came out instantaneously: “Suffering,” I said. As instantaneously as the protest of my friend who said, “Why suffering? Why do we need more suffering? I suffered enough during my childhood. Why do we need so much suffering?” Well, that is exactly the point, why so much suffering? And this brings us to the opening chapter of the narrative in The Tales, “Why Beelzebub was in Our Solar System.” We are told:

“. . . –Beelzebub once saw in the government of the World something which seemed to him ‘illogical’ . . .” (B.T., p. 52).

What was the “illogical” something Beelzebub saw in the governing of the world? Observe that we are never told what this “illogical” something was. It is for us to figure it out. Well, together with some other people, I say that the “illogical” something Beelzebub saw was so much suffering. And it was because of his yet unformed Reason and his impetuous mentation that Beelzebub rebelled and, finding support among his comrades, brought “the central kingdom of the Megalocosmos almost to the edge of revolution.” The punishment fit the crime. Beelzebub was exiled, together with his comrades, to a remote corner of the Universe, to our Solar System, so that he could learn on the spot something about the government of the World. And after years and years of a long and suffering exile, Beelzebub indeed learned something. He learned that suffering was an objective condition derived from the operation of the laws. Now Beelzebub could say, through the mouth of the Most Very Saintly Ashiata Shiemash:

“In all three-brined beings of the whole of our Universe without exception, among whom are also we men, owing to the data crystallized in our common presences for engendering in us the Divine impulse of conscience, ‘the-whole-of-us’ and the whole of our essence, are, and must be, already in our foundation, only suffering” (B.T., p. 372).

This, to me, is one of the two most profound and shocking statements in The Tales. The other one I will mention in a moment. Both statements reflect what Beelzebub learned after years of exile in our solar system.

Suffering is inevitable, we are told. Suffering is universal, we are also told. Even the souls in Purgatory must suffer because of the “sins-of-the-body-of-the-soul.

“Suffering is the cause, the awakening of Conscience the effect.”

 The great American writer, Henry Miller, who himself was a frequent reader of The Tales and one of my favorite writers because of the humanity always present in his writings, wrote:

“Only in sorrow and suffering does man draw close to his fellow man; only then, it seems, does his life become beautiful”

The attainment of Objective Reason also entails suffering. In his Commentaries on Beelzebub’s Tales, Orage has a formulation that I am going to use here because it cannot be improved. He says: “Objective Reason means coming to the end of subjective reason and then having a totally different experience….The end of subjective reason, as in the case of Hamolinadir, is complete despair.”

To us, engaged as we are in the practical application of this teaching, the real question is: What is the nature of this suffering?

It is certainly no the circular and useless neurotic suffering we see around. It is certainly no the suffering in isolation practiced in certain schools. Of this suffering there is in The Tales a very strong critique in connection with the sect of the “self-tamers.” It is a matter of suffering of the essence and not of the personality, we are told. It is a matter of objective suffering and not subjective suffering. I think that one very important aspect of the nature of this suffering is the suffering of our situation in life. That, I think, is the kind of suffering Mr. Gurdjieff alludes to.

I have to suffer my situation in life. I have to suffer in the presence of the fact that I am unable or unwilling to ask myself the real deep questions: Who am I? Why am I here? What am I doing here? What is the purpose of my life and of life in general? Why am I so egoistic? Why is it that the impulse of love for my neighbors as children of one common Father does not arise in me more often? Why do I keep repeating the same blunders in life, like Belcultassi? Why am I unable or unwilling to give up what I have to give up, to sacrifice what I have to sacrifice, in order to wake up from my deep organic sleep?

There are in The Tales examples of people who did not ask themselves the real deep questions. They have incomplete beings. A good example is the case of the self-loving and full-of-pride philosopher Atarnakh. He developed a theory on wars and expounded his theory in a treatise under the title: “Why do Wars Occur on the Earth? But all in all his theory was incomplete and resulted in grave consequences for the welfare of the Whole. Why was it incomplete? It was incomplete because he himself was incomplete. His work on himself was incomplete. He did not give up what he had to give up; he did not sacrifice what he loved the most, his love for himself and his intellect and his love for his own glory, instead of the glory of the Whole or God.

The nature of the suffering referred to in The Tales involves remorse, real remorse. Mr. Gurdjieff was a master at feeling remorse. He confessed it many times. From his own youth he felt remorse for his situation in life and he asked the big questions. He did not indulge in the veneration of the evil-entity of our invention, the so-called “Self-Calming-God,” and suffered in order to find answers to his questions. That is why he presented a complete teaching on Remorse.  We are told that when Remorse takes place in the atmosphere, in the presence of the emanations of the Holy Sun Absolute or any sun, heat and light are produced. In us, this light translates into understanding.  When we feel remorse, we understand. But we are always finding ways to avoid remorse, to avoid suffering.

After all that has been said about suffering, one important question remains. Is suffering eternal? Is there an end to suffering? As always, our dear grandfather Beelzebub has a direct and concrete answer to the question. The Tales would be incomplete if the question of the end of suffering were not addressed. Suffering is not eternal, we are told. There is a way out of our suffering. It is the way of Objective Love. Objective Love is the antidote of suffering. This is all expressed in this paragraph in “The Terror-of-the-Situation,” as of a way of telling us that there is a way out of the “Terror-of-the-Situation:

“And none of them would, because in none of the ordinary beings-men here there has ever been for a long time, any sensation of the sacred being-impulse of genuine Love. And without this “taste” they cannot even vaguely describe that most beatific sacred being-impulse in the presence of every three-centered being of the whole Universe, which, in accordance with the divine foresight of Great Nature, forms those data in us, from the result of the experiencing of which we can blissfully rest from the meritorious labors actualized by us for the purpose of self-perfection” (B.T., p.  357).

How do we enter this Kingdom of Love? An important question because the Kingdom of Love is the end of suffering. We are told that now we must first awake to Objective Conscience. The awakening of Objective Conscience is the way to Objective Love and Objective Love is the end of suffering. The second great commandment that the Divine Teacher Jesus Christ gave us, and the Al-Loving Jesus Christ is the only Divine Teacher identified as such in The Tales,  “love your neighbor as yourself,” this commandment represents The Way. “Love of your neighbor; that is the Way. Bring to everyone that which you felt for your parents,” said Mr. Gurdjieff. But before we enter the Way we must awake to Objective Conscience.

I now come to the final question in my paper. The question of how the teaching of Objective Conscience is distorted throughout the history of humanity. Although I am convinced that the teaching of Objective Conscience is specifically fit to the Reason of our times, it is possible to find aspects of this teaching in all the great teachings given in the past. For instance, one can find Objective Conscience in the teaching of the Vedas, in Moses’ Ten Commandments, in Buddhism’s Five Precepts, in Plato’s Republic, in Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount, in the first Sura of the Koran and in the teachings of Lamaism. One can also find distortions of each and every one of these teachings in humanity’s historical development.

There are in The Tales examples of how a particular teaching is distorted. Distortion always comes through mixing. One example is the distortion of Christianity. On page 703, we are told:

“They mixed in it a great deal from the teaching of Saint Moses which by that time had already been thoroughly distorted; and much later, namely, during the period which contemporary beings called the “Middle Ages,” the so-called ‘elders of the church’ inserted into the Christian religion nearly the whole of that fantastic doctrine invented by those ‘learned’ beings in the city of Babylon, who belonged to the school of the dualist, about which I have already told you.

But nowhere in The Tales is the matter of distortion of a teaching so explicitly treated as it is in the case of the teaching of Saint Buddha. Since I have already shown that Saint Buddha constitutes an inexactitude, I think it is important to pay close attention to what is said in connection of the distortion of the teaching of Saint Buddha. Here is what we are told:

“But to the grief of every Individual with Pure Reason of any gradation whatsoever and to the misfortune of the three-brained beings of all succeeding generations who arise on the planet, the first succeeding generation of the contemporaries of this genuine Messenger from Above, Saint Buddha, also began, owing once again to the same particularity of their psyche, namely, of wiseacring –which until  now is one of the chief results of the conditions of ordinary being-existence abnormally established there- to wiseacre with all His indications and counsels, and this time to ‘superwiseacre’ so thoroughly that there reached the beings of the third and fourth generations nothing else but what our Honorable Mullah Nassr Eddin defines by the words:     “’Only-information-about-its-specific-smell.’” (B.T., p. 2349-240)

Is Mr. Gurdjieff telling us how the first succeeding generation of his contemporaries will distort his teaching? I think he is. I think we can say that it has already happened.

The distortion of the teaching of Objective Conscience brings us to consideration of the Hasnamuss type, one of the prominent types presented in The Tales. We are told that the word Hasnamuss “designates every already definitized common presence of a three-brained being , both those consisting of the single planetary body as well as those whose higher being-bodies are already coated in them and in which for some reason data have not been crystallized for the Divine impulse of Objective Conscience” (B.T., p. 270)

What is the common characteristic of the Hasnamuss type? This is an important question for us because there are in each and every one of us some Hasnamussian tendencies. This is obvious if we examine the seven components of the integral spectrum, the so-called spectrum of Naloo-osnian-impulses, which participates in the complete formation of the Hasnamuss type and apply them to us. However, I am convinced that if we work on ourselves with honesty and dedication, these Hasnamussian tendencies will disappear by themselves. But we must be aware of their existence in the Universe, in life, and in us. It seems that for the proper maintenance of objective good in the Universe, objective evil is a necessity. In any case, the common characteristic of the Hasnamuss type is his unwillingness and refusal to suffer. It as if the Hasnamuss candidate were able to see, with his subconscious, the struggle and suffering that lie ahead on the path to Objective Conscience and says to himself: “No way. I am not going to go through all that. I am going to find an easy way out.” And he always finds it; as amazing as it may be, there is always an easy way out for the Hasnamuss type. This is one of the mysteries of life.

We now come to the most perfected Hasnamuss type, the Eternal-Hasnamuss-individual. Of the three hundred and thirteen Eternal Hasnamuss of the whole Universe, two come from our planet. They are Harnahoom and Lentrohamsanin. Both of them refuse any kind of effort and suffering. Harnahoom has one very small secret: Any metal abundant on the surface of the Earth could be transmuted into gold. But we are told that there is no small secret; there is only work and effort on the part of us and something else that does not depend on us. Lentrohamsanin has a small secret too: “Man’s greatest happiness consists in not being dependent on any other personality whatsoever, and in being free from the influence of any other person, whoever he may be.” But we are told that the restoration of Beelzebub’s horns, during the ceremony where He was granted from Above His second and final pardon, is dependent on the renunciation by others of certain particles of their own horns. We are dependent on each other; we need each other. Even for our own salvation, we need each other.

There are other characteristics common to the Hasnamuss type. Two of them are vanity and the search for self-glory. In the Eternal-Hasnamuss-individual these two characteristics are elevated to the highest degree of crystallization. Look at Lentrohamsanin: He uses no less than the hides of one hundred buffalos to inscribe what amounts to a simplistic and maleficent idea: “Let us free ourselves from the need of having to sweat.

Lentrohamsanin, we know, is the representative of the destructor of the teaching of Objective Conscience. He represents Objective Reason without Objective Conscience. He is a lopsided development. He lacks the emotional urge to fulfill the fourth striving of Objective Conscience, “the striving  from the beginning of their existence to pay for their arising and their individuality as quickly as possible, in order afterwards to be free to lighten as much as possible the Sorrow of our COMMON FATHER,” the quintessence of Objective Conscience.

This brings us to the beginning of this article, its very same title, and to my final remark: For a proper and normal development, the attainment of Objective Reason must be preceded by the awakening of Objective Conscience. That is why I intentionally selected the title of my paper to be “The Awakening of Objective Conscience and The Attainment of Objective Reason,” precisely in that order even in spite of the fact that in The Tales the teaching of Objective Reason precedes that of Objective Conscience. In the same manner that entering the Kingdom of Love requires the awakening of Objective Conscience, which entails suffering, the attainment of Objective Reason also requires the awakening of Objective Conscience.

The awakening of Objective Conscience is the central and final message in Beelzebub’s Tales to His Grandson.

I want to conclude my presentation with a personal note. I have to say that this is the most exhaustive piece of work that I have done on The Tales. It is also the dearest to my heart. I thought about it for days and weeks and I also felt it. I even had two dreams about The Tales while I worked on my article. In one dream I was in a room with Mr. Gurdjieff and other people and I asked him a question. If I put my dream in words here is how it went. I said to Mr. Gurdjieff, “Sir, may I ask a theoretical question?” He looked at me and then said, “Yes, you may.” “Most teachers say that when we attain liberation we blend directly with the Holy Prime-Source of everything existing. However, in Beelzebub it is taught that this was possible before the Choot-God-Letanical period but that after this cosmic event, it became impossible to blend directly with the Holy Sun Absolute. Sir, I want to know, which is the correct view?” And do you know what his answer was? He said, “The answer to your question is in The Tales. Search for it.”

I am now fully convinced that The Tales is the true and only way available to us to approach the teaching left to us by Mr. Gurdjieff. This is even more so for future generations. I am also convinced based on data I have gathered here and there, that other approaches to the Teaching have already begun to be distorted. Even Mr. Gurdjieff’s writings have been distorted and unfortunately as that might be by disciples of the first and second generations. Fortunately, we still have the original version of the book whose publication Mr. Gurdjieff himself supervised. The book was written with so much objective love and external considering for us that it even warns us how it is going to be distorted and how we might distort it. I once said to a friend in the Work: “We may make mistakes about the material in The Tales but if we return to the book again and again, with passion, sincerity, and good intentions, these mistakes will sooner or later be corrected.” Future generations will understand more from the book than us. It must be this way. But this is only possible if we strive with the whole of our being to understand as much as we can here and now. This is our responsibility as true disciples of Mr. Gurdjieff and our dear grandfather Beelzebub.

Thank God for bringing us together to this Teaching. Thank our dear grandfather Beelzebub for teaching us the ways of Objective Conscience and Objective Reason. And thank you for your time and attention to this message.

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August Brings on New Energy, New Ideas and Challenges for All 
We have all been thinking and deciding which side of the fence we are on with this upcoming election and are going to learn even more about how our government is being run. Now is not the time to put on blinders and hope that all will progress without our input or our vote, but the time is NOW to make those changes that come with intelligent voting and possibly many ‘split tickets’.  The candidates are posturing in polarized positions and it is bringing our our own personal paradoxes in our thinking and our actions. NOW is the birth of a nation and the birth of new paradigms that  create changes in our personal worlds.  This is a very PERSONAL time to grow and focus on what YOU want for yourself and your family. What kind of environment will express your innate character and also challenge you to grow?
Events for this month:
New Moon  — Leo New Moon, August 2.  This will start a whole new cycle for many of the fire signs, including Aries and Sagittarius.
Full Moon  —- Aquarius Full Moon August 18.  Time to cash in the chips and make ready for an exciting humanitarian year.  Your position on the world stage is going to be more important than finding intimacy in personal situations.
Saturn turns Direct — August 13th which allows for all of us to get off of our butts and start feeling the forward movement in our emotional,physical and mental lives!
(These are only highlights of the month, but there are always many important events taking place for this month that affect each sign differently and I will go over those things in detail below.)
Remember to read your Ascendant (ego/physical body), Sun (Spiritual/mind) and Moon (emotional/feeling/nurturing)
signs in that order when reading these monthly updates.
  (If you have questions about those, please contact me at You can also find Gwynne on Skype: gwynne.mayer)
Aries — You don’t have to keep carrying the full load on all that you are trying to balance at this time in your life.  It is time to get your security settled and if that means money and living conditions, then let that be!  You are under a great amount of pressure to make needed changes and what you might be walking away from could be just the thing that is ‘draining your energies’….so look toward walking toward something that will bring your energy alive and you will feel in your gut that it is the right thing!
Taurus — Your home life needs a boost and your feelings about home and hearth need to be in your ‘moving centers’, mainly around your belly and your heart.  Those areas of your life need adjusting because you have put up with so much stress in your life and now you can make changes, giving you the joy and companionship you need.  You procrastinate on permanent changes and now those issues are ‘in your face’.  By September 1, you need to make a firm decision and stick with it.  We have a Solar Eclipse at that time which could really give you a push!
Gemini —  Well I hate to write this but now you have company with both Mike Pence and Donald Trump being Geminis and up against their establishments.  Have you been up against your establishments and finding yourself being ‘passive aggressive’ because you are not being understood?  Join the Gemini club this month and in the next six months, there is going to be a need to retract many promises you made to yourself to start focusing on the disciplines that will make your future solid and not like you are walking a tightrope like the two I mentioned!

Cancer —  Life is for the ‘living’ and not the ‘worrying’ that you have been doing thus far.  You will add years to your life if you make more arrangements to enjoy what you have worked so hard to attain.  Stop trying to live with so many challenges in work, home and family life; just start taking it easy and rely on that great mind of yours to follow your heart and your physical clues.  Peace and quiet are the themes for this upcoming year and investing money in real estate is a big one, instead of stocks.  Cancer rules the real estate market and will always provide a great return on your investments!
Leo — Leo is being pushed forward to make needed changes and no one person is doing the ‘pushing’, in fact, the planets, including the Moon are giving you all the hints that they can without causing you to upset the ‘apple cart’.  Follow your gut and realize that the time for making changes in your home, family and finances is upon you and these will be major decisions that will pay off next year if you make and prepare for them this year and at this time.  You are being called to do some major work on this planet! Get with it!
Virgo — Virgo must take care of health and nutrition right now as all eyes are on you for being a role model of good health disciplines. This goes for all ages and it seems tiring but after the September 1 Solar Eclipse you will see the payoff.  Hang in there for now so that you will be able to remember the ‘close calls’ you have had in the last few months.  If you are in the health professions, take some time for yourself and realize it is time for ‘Healer, heal thyself’….never forgetting the capacity you have to create miracles in this endeavor.
Libra — You are learning who to associate with and who not to at this point. You cannot satisfy all the people all the time and very few some of the time, so now it is time to satisfy yourself and be ‘at peace’ with yourself. Quit calling yourself to task and making mountains out of mole hills.  If you have no intention of doing anything about your ‘criticism of yourself’ then get off of your own back. You are at a crucial juncture in your life to make new decisions about how to spend the ‘rest of your life’.  You and you alone need to make that decision and so many of the Librans cannot make the decision without a partner!  C’mon now!!
Scorpio —  Scorpios don’t seem to know how to live without ‘constant pressure’, especially inner pressure that they thrust upon themselves, not to mention self-criticism.  There are challenges in the way you want to be perceived and how you want your career and authority to look to others.  If you question your purposes and your own authority what do you expect from others?  It just doesn’t make sense and now that Saturn is getting off your case, you are free to look at the depth of your life rather than the superficial parts of it that don’t serve you! You are an intense being and have much to offer, so quit with the self-doubt!
Sagittarius — You are putting together a lifestyle that suits you in every way, so give yourself time to do that and understand that it will be different for others and you don’t have to live ‘their lives’ but you have to live your own.  Don’t waver when you know something is ‘right at the inner level’.  Just realize that as long as you pay attention to your heart and your ‘chi’ energies and what they tell you that you are doing the right thing.  Many Sagittarians find themselves up against conflict because of their unique genius and then back off and don’t complete the plan! Go for it! And STOP with the picking oneself apart!
Capricorn —  Writing a horoscope for Capricorn is very difficult, especially when the Cappy does not even get the message that is clear to them in their environment.  Something that will get your attention is when your health breaks down and forces you to take a rest or when your family has had just about all they can take of your restlessness and push/pull attitude.  You mean well and have the greatest of intentions so let people see what is in your heart and not whether or not everyone has picked up their underwear!  You guys crack me up.
Aquarius —  You might want to look at your plans for the next six months until your birthday and make the needed ‘tweaking changes’ that should come about so that life moves speedily ahead instead of dragging you through to the ‘goal line’ with all of your resistance.  You are known to be forward moving and thinking so let’s look at how you have manifested that in the last few months and get this all in order before the Full Moon on August 18.  It is time to develop relationships that move faster than the ones you have been depending on!
Pisces — You are the ‘dream sign’ so now is the time to pay close attention to your dreams, especially the ones you are meant to remember and feel the guidance that is coming your way.  The volume in your spiritual life will be turned up in a big way, all the way to the Solar Eclipse on September 1.  You will need to meditate more and feel the inner guidance coming from your ‘soul energies’….you are in a great place to be intuitive aligned and follow your alignment with decisions that are needing to be made!
Independence Day Brings Independent Action

Esoterica & AstrologyThe New Moon in Cancer falls on July 4, to combine our birthdays of Independence to re-birthing new ideas in our personal and social lives.  We will have to affirm for ourselves the parts of our lives we need to change and begin anew, as many of you are going through those pangs of rebirth as we speak!  New ideas are being discussed in the ‘national interest’ now and we are going to have to adapt to some major changes as the USA begins a new cycle, a major paradigm shift as we can see in the election process now.  It will be interesting to see how this New Moon phenomena on July 4th affects each of the candidates for presidency. Don’t think the ‘big shocks’ have ended as they have only just begun.  We will have to adapt our lives to these prevalent changes about to take place.  We can hardly sleep through this so this is a GREAT AWAKENING!

Events for this month:
New Moon  —  Cancer New Moon, Monday, July 4 — Giving birth to some endeavor of independence.
Full Moon  —- Capricorn Full Moon also squaring Uranus, making it more of a difficult situation for all cardinal signs, Aries, Libra and Capricorn.
Uranus, the planet of independence, turns Retrograde July 29….it is now in Aries and will continue to create ‘forced confrontations around dependency/independency.
Remember to read your Ascendant (ego/physical body), Sun (Spiritual/mind) and Moon Zodiac(emotional/feeling/nurturing) signs in that order when reading these monthly updates.
  (If you have questions about those, please contact me at You can also find Gwynne on Skype: gwynne.mayer)
AriesAries — You are faced with having to be dependent on those from whom you want to free yourself.  This is a time to not shoot off your mouth, but instead weather this storm you have created with your own outspoken nature, realizing that you have created your own reality and now must live with the consequences.  You will finally get your comeuppance toward the end of this year but not before you have run off some people who may have assisted you if you weren’t so damn independent!  There are times when you have to mediate and negotiate, not your favorite things to do!
Taurus — It will be beneficial for you to look back at the decisions you made last month and see how they are going to play out and help you progress during this month.  It seemed that you were putting yourself under unnecessary strain and pressure and then the ‘light came on’ and got you to move in a direction that might benefit you greatly in the long run.  Taurus is always second guessing themselves and procrastinating way beyond the ‘time to act’, so now you are seeing more clearly and by the end of the month all should be well and the ‘coast is clear’.  Enjoy your life and the things and people you value the most!  You are on the right path, so believe in yourself.
Gemini —  This is your month and your time to shine making the most of ‘focus at all costs’.  Do not get distracted by your ever present justifications.  Just go for it!  Communication is in your favor this month and those things you have told others that you want to do and are doing are being lauded as positive and helpful.  Do not waver in your desire to get ahead and tell the truth as you see it.  Don’t let others get you off course.  It goes without saying that you have to be responsible for everything that you have promised to do and have the integrity of your promises so that others don’t doubt you.  Geminis can say things with double meanings and be very misunderstood.

Cancer —  Family and relationships that involved family are the ‘all and everything’ to a Cancer so much so that if someone in the family is ‘out of sorts’ it throws all plans and opportunities to the wind.  Cancers will find opportunities to create more and more material wealth this month and next, however, the health and nurturing habits are of primary importance this month so that distractions do not cause you to neglect little things that might be building up to a crescendo of digestion problems or all around the heart and digestion.  Please rest, relax and pay attention to what your instincts are telling you about your body.
Leo —Leo’s are still budgeting and paying attention to things that have not been taken care of in a way that is accountable.  Issues around home and the care and maintenance of your private space are very important this month.  You will feel that you have ‘so much to do’ and yet, once you organize you will see that you have time to travel and play as well. This might not dawn on you until the middle of the month but you will see the forest for the trees and enjoy yourself whether planned or unplanned.  There has been a weight taken off of your shoulders at an abstract level and I am sure you know what I mean by that!
Virgo — You seem to be the energy behind a ‘train of energy’ that doesn’t want to move forward, however by the middle of this month you will see the light at the end of the tunnel and the train will move in ways that you could never have imagined.  Sometimes a Virgo wants something so intensely that they start being counterproductive and seemingly controlling.  The Virgo energy is very exacting and analytical which, at times, can cause the reverse effect. Please don’t give up your lofty goals and timelines as all will happen in good time and this will be a very productive summer after you look back on it with some distance and objectivity.
Libra — Your mind seems overworked right now, but it is because you have so much on your plate to design,  contemplate and move toward completion and it seems that you don’t have the time nor energy to complete all the tasks ahead of you. Remember that much of Libra’s energy goes toward partnership and being along side of someone with ‘like mindedness’, whether it be intimate, business or friendships, you demand a ‘listening ear’.  Changes are coming that will allow you the freedom to move forward with your plans, but alongside that freedom comes the necessity to set boundaries and reserve your energy for yourself in ways that will leave you productive rather than ‘spinning your wheels’.
Scorpio —  Scorpios are really learning to set boundaries around money and conditions that allow them to move into a more stable future, with finances, business partnerships and conditions that will provide future solidity.  It is no longer a time for you to wait on someone else to provide guidance in this direction nor help, but for you to provide your own structure and utilize that Saturnian part of you to guide you into a more planned operation. That means that you cannot have someone around you who is always distracting you, much more to the point, you don’t want to keep distracting yourself with unnecessary contemplation that only leads you down a road you have traveled over and over again.
Sagittarius — It seems that you do not have time for yourself and all of your projects. The fact of the matter is that you have allowed distractions to keep you from completing tasks you set up a few months back.  Now is the time for you to structure yourself in ways that will help you reach your goals.  You have creative spirit and the capacity to take on many tasks. A point you might want to consider is learning to delegate these tasks to others who are working toward your ideas in partnership and leaving alone those who are distracting you to some extent. This can include family members and close friends on either side of the fence so it is always hard for a Sag to determine what to let go of and what to keep in place.  Your stress levels will guide you so meditate and take heed of what you are up against so that you can accomplish these things by the 1st of July. This is your month to complete tasks.
Capricorn —  You are moving along quite smoothly these days ‘if’ you have paid attention to the physical/sensory realm of your life and start taking care of the health issues that have plagued you in the past few months, mainly health issues around dietary concerns.  You must learn the difference between ‘feeding your stress’ and ‘nurturing your being’ and find ways to set boundaries in your family and with friends regarding the needs you have to nourish your intense soul work.  Sometimes being alone and meditating are not distracting you from purpose but allowing you to be more purposeful in your life and find the ‘gold at the end of your rainbow.’  Good luck with slowing down the ‘driven activity’ into a ‘slow dance’ that will allow you to be more conscious.
Aquarius — Areas around health and routine are very prominent in your life right now.  You have taken the time to notice how daily disciplines in diet and exercise have improved your outlook on life and now it is time to serve others in the same ways you have learned to serve yourself.  You have some brilliant insights coming your way this month and you must get them down to a ‘reality base’ so that you can put the things you come up with to work, practicing, teaching and moving towards ‘soul completion.’  Your talents don’t go unnoticed and will need to be honed in on in order to make the rest of this year a more blissful and helpful year for you and those whom you love!
Pisces — You have had one snafu after another this month, but it seems that now you can take a breather and know that all is calming down so that you can accomplish some major tasks ahead.  You are farsighted in many ways and have a great sense of what is ‘to come’.  Take each day in a conscious and meditative way and you will find that situations and people find ways to help you in all of your endeavors.  This is a great time to ‘be still’, find sacredness in nature and spend time with what your ‘soul calling’ is all about. Do not be off put by people around you who do not have any idea of what is occurring in your life.  They will eventually see the wisdom in your ‘silence’ and come around to following suit.  BE WHO YOU ARE!



Having worked with my dreams, keeping dream journals, being in dream groups, going through Jungian Dream dreambutterfliesAnalysis, lecturing on dreams and keeping current with the ‘psychology and spirituality of dreams’, I believe dreams to be one of the most important avenues into reflection, introspection, ancient wisdom and our own personal journey through lifetimes.  The other methodology which is just as important and has long been practiced in addition to the study of dreams is ‘meditation’.


In order to know oneself, as we grow older and mature in years, we must learn to monitor our spiritual life in a way that guides us on our path.  How we do that is similar as has been done for thousands of years, paying attention to dreams and dreamrecordingguidance that comes from contemplation and higher wisdom.  There are disciplines that need to be put in place so that we are not playing ‘hit or miss’ with our dream life, but instead we take seriously our dream world as it is remembered and cared for by the ways we bring it to consciousness.


I have devoted a section of my website to the study of dreams and you are welcome to visit:


The ancient treatment of dreams, as a window into our inner worlds, is worth noting and we will discuss this in a later connection to the ancients.dreamalchemy




Dreams are studied at many levels psychologically, to unlock the meanings of our dreams and help us free our minds and feelings from the compulsions, inhibitions and habits which stem from the unconscious.  What we remember is often only a tip of the iceberg relative to the depths of the deep unconscious, so we have to travel the labyrinth that takes us to the other levels, bit by bit, dream by dream….

We, in the western world, are very demanding to ‘find proof’ of the reality of a dream rather than allowing the ‘non-physical’ world to take shape and guide us.  We instill in ourselves a ‘Guardian of the Threshold’ so that we don’t get in touch with more than we can manage.  Put into plain language that the first images that come to us upon dreamsymb1awakening, even before we open our eyes, are often so threatening and frightening that we forget and relegate those images back into the unconscious where they have a life that is leading a parallel existence.  This often happens in dreams that have sexual connotations.

Dream interpretation is a matter of who, how and where it is conducted.  We tend to find just the ‘right place’ to discuss our dreams, or ‘not’, so it is important to follow one’s intuition about getting interpretation.  I personally have a format which I ask my dream student to follow this sequence of documenting and it looks somewhat like this:


…Symbols or key phrases upon awakening:

…Feelings or emotions coming out of the dream:

…Visual or sensory perceptions as they are remembered:

…Thoughts of the story, the dream itself written out as much as can be remembered:

…Important symbols, numbers, major themes as can be remembered:

…Context of the last 24 hours that may give a clue to some of the dreams elements:



After considering these in sequence and after many ‘trial and error’ remembrances, we will get a glimpse of our dream world and what importance it has on determining our connection and communication with our inner world, our spiritual guidance, etc.



At this point we cannot ignore the common charge that since the belief in the existence of the soul is without rational foundation, unprovable in the terms of contemporary science, then all this talk about the Kingdom of the Soul is meaningless. Dreams can be, at the most, only random productions of the idling, computer-like brain. Such an unprovable assumption against the existence of the Soul does not invalidate the opposite assumption of its existence. The denial is like that of a blind man who cannot understand how anyone could see.

Quoting Sri Madhava Ashish:


“To many people, therefore, the path of life seems to lie between precipitous cliffs of matter, on the one hand, and the unplumbed depths of the unconscious mind, on the other. It is paved with rock, for our lives have a material base, but what lies beneath the paving, whether matter or consciousness or nothing at all, is uncertain. We can overcome this dilemma by putting the question in strictly secular form, free from assumptions: Is there, or is there not, anything more than the world as perceived through the organs of sense? If so, have we any place in it as experiencing individuals? Can we then know its nature?

       Putting the question in this form liberates our inquiry from the whole gamut of religious teachings, their associated mythologies and superstitions, their confirmations or denials by mystical visionaries, the speculations of philosophers and, of course, from the flat denials of the materialistic scientists. Why it liberates needs explanation.

     Self is real and not, as materialists would have us believe, an ephemeral illusion, born of brain activity and ceasing when it ceases. This search will lead us below the surface of the waking mind and into unmapped country. “






Becoming fully conscious of our shadows requires other disciplines that are necessary so that we don’t bury ourselves in our own conscious self. Jung once warned:  “If you imagine someone who is brave enough to withdraw all his shadowimageprojections, then you get an individual who is conscious of a pretty thick shadow. Such a man has saddled himself with new problems and conflicts.  He has become a serious problem to himself, as he is now unable to say that they do this or that, they are wrong, and they must be fought against.  He lives in the “House of the Gathering.”  Such a man knows that whatever is wrong in the world is in himself, and if he only learns to deal with his own shadow he has done something real for the world.  He has succeeded in shouldering at least an infinitesimal part of the gigantic, unsolved social problems of our day.” Carl Jung, CW11: p. 140.


Finding our deepest wounds is a journey we take when we hear the sounds of our own cries coming from deep within the psyche.  It isn’t an easy task, in fact it is a Herculean task for the most part as the ‘ego body’ is trying to insert itself constantly to keep our wounded shadow at bay.  However, we can see this phenomenon at work by the projections we scatter about on others closest to us, not to mention clients and people with whom we work.   These projections come from some of our deepest wounds and those that feel them are those who are ‘mates, lovers, children, teachers, employers, close friends, etc.’



Where We Sit in Service to Our Wounds

Being able to step into a different vibration, an outer ‘solar, spiritual world’ and keeping one foot in the ‘lunar, moon’ reality are the keys to our ‘shamanic ability’ and our ability to be healed by ‘shamans’.  Learning the ‘steps’ one has to take to get in touch with this level of ‘conscious and responsible thought’ demands discipline and attention.  Some of the disciplines we must follow to absorb the great tasks at hand are the following:

  1. A shared world-view that makes the diagnosis and naming process possible…being knowledgeable about the realistic professionalism of doctors, psychotherapists, and holistic healers.
  2. Positive personal qualities of the healer that facilitate the client’s recovery. (This is very important…if you as a healer are not positive and do not have a decent concept of SELF, you do not need to be healing others.)
  3. Be knowledgeable about the client expectations of recovery that assist the healing processes.
  4. Specific techniques, material and healing procedures and ethics that is appropriate to the illness and conducive to recovery.


We are born as innocent souls, pure in light and able to ‘re-member’ ourselves instinctively, not so much cognitively until we are three or four years old, however the conditioning or suppression of our natures often cause us to develop wounds around the lower chakras, the instinctive chakras.  These lower three have to do with ‘survival.  We will start med1our investigation through our own wounds utilizing the ‘chakra energy systems and Maslow’s hierarchy based on ages and our relationships to ages in our development in our chart. This will give us the ability to see where are wounds are out of which we learn to heal and work with others.   We do this naturally as our deepest wounds are also our greatest assets for understanding.  Our astrological charts follow our physio/psychological growth counter clockwise beginning with the ascendant.

Taken from


  1. ROOT or BASE CHAKRA  — Looking at aspects to the 1st and 4th house as well as Moon and Pluto aspects.                                                                       Self-preservation, personal survival and our identification with the physical world centers in this bottom most of the main seven chakras.

A healthy root chakra connects you with vitality to your family of origin, your immediate society and to the global community. If your 0-7 years were challenging and without love, then this damaged root chakra will function much differently. Issues of survival such as emotional dysfunction, stress, anxiety, and restlessness will plague you.

You’ll have fears of letting go, scarcity, poor boundaries, and more. It’s during the 0-7 years that we learn about where we fall in our relationships with siblings, parents, our community, and how we relate to them.  This also covers the first 3 houses of the natal chart.

1. List all the blessings that you feel came from your family?
2. What belief patterns did you inherit from your family?
3. What positive traits did your Father mirror to you?
4. What positive traits did your Mother present to you?
5. What negative traits did your Father & Mother mirror to you for your learning?
6. What negative traits have your mate/spouse/ partner mirrored?
7. What positive traits has this person mirrored?
8. Is there a theme or drama in your life playing out over and over again – something that appears through different situations, old fears or negative thoughts?
9. Do you have any unfinished business with your family members? If so, list the reasons that prevent you from healing your family relationships.
10. If you are now raising a family of your own, list the qualities that you would like your children to learn from you.
11. Describe the tribal characteristics within yourself that you would like to strengthen and develop.
12. Have there been people in your life who tried to control you and/or take away your power?
13. Are there any beliefs or thoughts that are keeping you from becoming your best and living up to your greatest potential?
14. What tribal traditions and rituals do you continue for yourself and your family?
15. Do you have a personal code of honour? What is it?
16. What superstitions do you have? Which have more authority over you than your own reasoning ability?
17. Which of those belief patterns that still have authority in your thinking can you acknowledge are no longer valid?
18. Have you ever compromised your sense of honour? If so, have you taken steps to heal it?
19. What makes you angry?
20. Have there been power struggles in your relationships?
21. Have you experienced a win – win situation whereby you presented your viewpoint while allowing the other person to express their own? Write these down. Did the experience give you a good feeling? What beliefs did you inherit or learn from your family?


Maslow’s hierarchy of needs also fits into this at the bottom of the pyramid.






Remember, Reconnect, Realign — Part II Akashic Studies

By Gwynne Mayer

 On Dreaming


“Well there are two types of deed.  One is the physical deed, in which the hero performs a courageous act in battle or saves a life.  The other kind is the spiritual deed, in which the hero learns to experience the supernormal range of human spiritual life, and then comes back with a message.”  — Joseph Campbell,  The Power of the Myth


Do we get lost in the ‘now’?  Can we find our true purpose in life?  Is the ‘one’ perfect relationship going to be available to me in this life?  Remembering who we are as a ‘soul’, reconnecting to our soul evolvement, and realigning our personalities to our soul’s purpose are integral to knowing what our future holds for us.  Coming to an understanding of why we chose to be here on this planet at the most exciting time in our history is of primary importance in relationship to the purposes we have chosen.  That is why we must remember who we are, reconnect to our soul’s purpose and realign ourselves to the mission in front of us. Coming to terms with our abilities to meditate, calm our brains, rid ourselves of ego based defense mechanisms are disciplines which must be sustained through the time we are delving into the Akashic records.  There are many ways to address the Akasha, the universal library of knowledge and soul life.  We are looking at developing our own disciplines so as to perform a service to self,  others and help others remember, reconnect and realign our soul’s purpose into a here and now paradigm, to enable us to see how and why we are manifesting their our purposeful agenda at this time in our history.  Our purpose in going through a blend of Robert Monroe’s work with Hemi-Sync and Edgar Cayce’s work with the Akashic Records is to blend the findings of these two philosophies and ideas, bringing them into the 21st century and giving them practical application for each of us to move forward with our own understanding of our soul’s purpose.


Edgar Cayce went into the Akasha while in trance states

Puryear states “The Edgar Cayce story raises numerous questions about the inner world as a source of transformation.  How does the psychic ability relate to us?  What are the pitfalls of turning within?  What was the source of the information Edgar Cayce gave?  What are the steps we should take in evaluating other sources.”p.3

The following comes from the Australian Armageddon: Doomsday in Our Lifetime?  by Bob Leaman, originally published in 1986 by Greenhouse Publications. The book is no longer in print.

 “It made no difference to Cayce whether his patient was sitting next to him in the same room or a total stranger living hundreds of miles away. His preparations for the health reading were always the same. As he himself described it, he would first loosen his clothing in order to have a perfectly free flowing circulation. He would then lie on the couch in his office, with his head to the south, and his feet to the north. Placing his hands on his forehead between his eyes, he would wait a few moments until he received what he would call the go signal, a flash of brilliant white light. Cayce would then move his hands to his solar plexus, and fall into a trance. His wife would tell him the name and location of the patient, leaving out any mention of age, sex or physical problem. Cayce might pause a while before repeating the name and address until he had succeeded in ‘locating’ the patient and describing his or her condition. He would then prescribe medication and any other corrective measures, always ending his reading with the words: “We are through.”

Those who came into contact with Cayce were continually taken aback by the depth of medical knowledge generally known, not yet on the market, or which had long since passed out of use. Although he had a conscious knowledge only of the English language, Cayce is also estimated to have spoken in some two d ozen foreign tongues while in a trance. The unconscious Cayce believed there was a cure for every health problem, including cancer, in nature, providing that cure could be found in time. He seldom advocated operations, believing that surgery was much overworked. Cayce took a holistic approach to health. He believed that a man was composed of body, mind and spirit, and that all three are one. He talked about consciousness in the cells of the body, each contributing to the total consciousness of the individual. Health, he indicated, would flow from a perfect harmony of body and mind. In accordance with the concept that we are what we eat, think and believe, Cayce would often urge his patients to improve their mental and spiritual outlook in order to regain their health.”


My background in the study of neurology and the psychology of the brain led me to Robert Monroe, the founder of Hemi-Sync.  I noticed that the brain has to be in a state of trance, a sort of sleeping condition to receive information in the Akashic Soul Records.  We are much too stressed in our daily lives to automatically go there in that meditative state.  However,  the Hemi-Sync CD’s are geared to synchronize the brain through binaual sounds and then activate the parts of the brain that would bring in the information from the astral level and from the Akashic library. This method allows us to mobilize our brains to a higher state of consciousness by activating the brain using sound. 


Monroe says, “…means that when your ear hears a certain type of sound signal, the brain tends to respond or ‘resonate’ with similar electrical signals.  Knowing that various electrical brain waves are indicators of states of consciousness (such as awake or asleep), you thus can listen to a similar sound pattern and it will help you be in the desired state of awareness.  Hemi-Sync takes the process an important step further.  Each ear sends its dominant nerve signal to the opposite brain hemisphere, following the X pattern.  When separate sound pulses are sent to each ear (using headphones to isolate one ear from the other), the halves of the brain must act in unison to ‘hear’  a third signal, which is the difference between the two signals in each ear.  For example, I f you hear a sound measuring 100 in one ear and another signal of 125 in the other, the signal your whole brain will ‘generate’ will  be 25.  It is never an actual sound, but it is an electrical signal that only can be created by both brain hemispheres acting and working together.  The signal so generated is narrow-band in frequency and often twice the amplitude or strength of a typical EEG brain-wave form.”

Taken from Far Journeys by Robert Monroe:


“Our first studies were a continuation of the sleep research begun in New York .  The demand for solution to a problem brought one of our early results of significance.  Because so much of the reported out-of-body states, including many of my own, revolved around the sleep state, we still believed some answers would be found in this area.  However, most of our subjects arrived at night after dinner, and with long, boring periods of being wired up with electrodes, they were either too tired to stay awake in the booth or too restless to be able to relax enough to report any subtle or subjective responses.  It defeated our purpose to use any types of medication or drugs to control these states, so we looked for a method within our own frame of reference.

     The old truism held.  Necessity is the mother.  It was through this need to help our subjects stay awake, get into a borderland sleep state, that we began to try utilizing sound.  This resulted in the discovery of Frequency-Following Response (FFR), which permitted us to hold the subject in a certain state of consciousness between wakefulness and sleep for extended periods of time.  By introducing certain sound patterns in the subjects ear we determined that there was a similar electrical response in the brain waves of the subject.  By controlling the brain-wave frequency, we were able to help the subject relax, keep him awake, or put him to sleep.  One of our engineering participants suggested that we patent this unusual process, and we received a patent on the method and technique in 1975.” pp. 17-19 Far Journeys


It is an individual preference as to how and when we meditate…it is really a matter of calming the brain to allow information to come through.  When information comes through it is important to keep our personalities and ego out of the way. That is the training we need, the discipline to learn to access the records and then to be able to dictate our findings without editing with the aid of ego or personality issues, like judging, defending or assuming. We also don’t have to have a certain belief system or get hung up in an organized religious connection, but more so trust in our relationship to God and how we handle allowing a higher power to guide us.


  Akashic Records  author,  Kevin J. Todeschi states:

“Primarily, the Akashic Records of the past provide individuals with a framework of potentials and probabilities in the present.  That framework exists for everyone. An individual doesn’t need to be open to the possibility of reincarnation for the records to impact his or her life, relationships, thoughts, and activities…. According to Edgar Cayce, the Akashic Records constantly provide us with the very experiences and relationships that we need at the present time.  Whether or not we face those experiences and people (who may just as readily appear to be ‘positive’ as they do ‘negative’) in the best possible manner becomes a matter of free will.  Every choice, thought, and decision we make in the present has an effect upon the substance of the next series of potentials and probabilities we draw toward us.  In the language of the readings, “For ever, day by day, is there a choice to be made by each soul”  (1538-1).  One set of choices may lead to growth, transformation, and ultimately happiness, and the other may lead to further problems, frustrations, and personal difficulties.”


Linda Howe speaks to what the records are and what the records are not in her book on the How to Read the Akashic Records.  The records are:

  • Available to all who seek them. Religious affiliation does not affect a person’s right to access the Record or to have their Records opened. 
  • From the “Akasha,” a Sanskrit word and meaning “primary substance” – that out of which all things are formed.  The Record is known in every spiritual tradition, For example, in the Judeo-Christian tradition as both “The Book of Life” and “The Book of God’s Remembrance.”
  • Filled with the wisdom and energetic input that can be inspirational and supportive to artists and entrepreneurs,  healers and scholars, and all adults of every vocation and avocation.
  • Supportive in making the fundamental shift from self-reliance to Divine reliance.
  • A blessing made available to us so that we can embrace our reality and enjoy the life we are living.
  • A soul level spiritual resource.  Everyone has a soul.  Everyone has the right to work in the Records.
  • A spiritual support enabling us to have a more conscious relationship with our own soul.

 They are not:

  • Trance channeling. A state of full consciousness is maintained at all times.
  • Religion, or favoring any particular religion.
  • Fortune telling, or for manipulation of people or events.
  • A fish pond of fascinating stories about past lives.
  • Phenomenal, sensational, or creative visualization.
  • A contest.  Everyone works at their own perfect pace.
  • A substitute for human relationships or community support.
  • An opportunity to escape ordinary life and the human experience.

I am documenting these situations as we move forward in our own personal studies of the Akashic Records and how to get involved as a ‘service’ to others, with their permission.  Our methods will be to move as a group into the Akasha answering questions, doing meditative exercise and most importantly documenting what we find as a group. Everyone gets something from this; we find that each person, during meditation in the records brings back added information that is very helpful, whereas Edgar Cayce brought back the specifics in detail to answer questions.  We need the group to do that.  We will be learning how to know when our ego and our own editing is interfering and move forward with greater clarity, understanding the language of the Akasha.  My goal in all of this is for each training group to form their own service as a group and help others who might find the information rewarding and healing.

Far Journeys   Robert A. Monroe

The Edgar Cayce Primer, Discovering the Path to Self-Transformation by Herbert B. Puryear, Ph.D.

Edgar Cayce on the Akashic Records, The Book of Life by Kevin J. Todeschi

How to Read the Akashic Records by Linda Howe





Reading the Soul  — In Depth Study of the Akashic Records — Part Oneakasha_by_elreviae-d6g5ugh

By Gwynne Mayer MA


Many years ago, at the age of three, I began a journey into the unknown and found that I lived in a different world that most, an imaginary world, but at the same time one that manifested itself in front of my eyes in a timely fashion.  I am now in my late 60’s and am still in contact with that world, one might call it the fifth dimension or akasha5higher, and one which is defined by the theosophists of old, the Akasha.  During my studies over the last sixty years, I have blended what is found in the personal and collective unconscious with the training I have had in Jungian and Gestalt studies as well as Theosophical and Biblical philosophies that reveal ancient truths. I have practice meditations, sittings and extensive dream work to gain the meditative state in order to be able to denote whether or not I am in the Akasha. The following is for a class I did in the fall of 2010.  Hope you enjoy.





The term ‘Akasha’ comes from a 6000 year old Sanskrit language which means ‘hidden library’.  This ‘hall of records’ is a ultimate library that records the everything that happens in the world and beyond; it records events, the lives of the soul from the beginning of time and the connection to all things past, present and future.  The word, Akasha, is derived from two ancient Tibetan or northern Indian words.  “Aka” means space, storage place, or repository, and akasha3“Sa” means sky, hidden, or secret.  A simple translation of “Akasha” is “an unseen space or storage place.”  The Akashic Records are, then, a hidden library of records imprinted on the subtle space of the Akasha.   The Akashic Records are believed to have existed since the beginning of the time-space continuum of planet Earth.




These records are open to anyone who has the discipline and connection to the personal unconscious and can meditate, moving into the higher realms of the mind, body and soul.  Many Akashic readers believe that we can do this for ourselves, however the ability to get our ego out of the way and allow for complete and untainted information to come through is difficult at best unless one has disciplined oneself to move slowly and carefully through the higher realms of spiritual connections, and is able to record, tape, scribe these events and check them out in the present reality.  We often come in touch with the Akasha through our dreams, meditations, intuitive thinking, and prayers.  Many might know the Akasha through the study of Edgar Cayce and others who have traveled and documented thousands of Akashic readings.  A list of materials and books which address these readings will be listed at the end of this article.  Reading about these phenomenal connections will be enlighten the reader even further in regards to the Akashic Records.


The Akashic Records are an energetic imprint of every thought, action, emotion, and experience that has ever occurred in time and space.  The Akashic Records can also be understood as the imprint of all experiences of all lifetime in all realities.  They are an etheric, holographic repository of information for human consciousness for the past, present and potentials for the future.  The knowledge contained in the Akashic Records is imprinted upon a subtle substance called the Akasha, which describes the energy of unconditional and heart-centered love  that permeates and creates everything in the Universe.  It is available everywhere, all the time.  Everyone can access information from the Akashic Records at any time, and indeed we do!  The flashes of intuition and knowing hunches that occur every day are glimpses into the divine wisdom contained in the Akashic Records


The Akashic Records contain all past, present, and future possibilities through the vibrations of compassion and joy.  The library records imprints, much like the DNA of the universe.  It contains  a collection of everything that has occurred in the past, and it holds a complete set of information regarding possibilities for the future.  Every individual soul has its own, unique Akashic Record.  The souls of groups, events, organizations, and locations also have a unique Akashic Record.


One way to understand the Akashic Records is to envision them as a gigantic library encompassing the entire history of your soul, as well as every aspect of who you are now and all the potentials for your future.  These recordings, our individual ‘book of souls’, are so vast that they could not exist in our physical reality.  They are recorded in metaphor and according to energetic language, existing in impressions and actualities that might include ancient languages, mannerisms, detail and historical information.  One must familiarize oneself with historical and sequential developments that occurred in our written history so that we will be able to language what we see while in the ‘hall of records’.


An example of the value of the Cayce readings is taken from Wikipedia for those who would like to look more fully into the man who brought the Akasha to life in our lifetime.



The health readings are most numerous, and they involve many alternative health concepts and practices. Cayce described his work in terms of Christian service. People with metaphysical interests have focused on a somewhat different set of topics.

  • Origin and destiny of humanity: “All souls were created in the beginning, and are finding their way back to whence they came.” [Reading 3744-5] The Cayce readings could be interpreted as saying that human souls were created with a consciousness of their oneness with God. Some “fell” from this state; others—led by the Jesus soul—volunteered to save them. The Earth, with all its limitations, was created as a suitable arena for spiritual growth. It could also be interpreted as saying that all beings are born and all will eventually die.
  • Reincarnation: Cayce’s work teaches the reality of reincarnation and karma, but as instruments of a loving God rather than blind natural laws. Its purpose is to teach us certain spiritual lessons. Animals have undifferentiated, “group” souls rather than individuality and consciousness. Humans have never been reincarnationcycleincarnated as animals. He describes a very complex design arranged between souls and God to “meet the needs of existing conditions”, which was a reference to the souls who became entrapped in the Earth’s physical materiality, which was not intended for a habitat of the soul. In There Is A River, a biography about Cayce by Thomas Sugrue, we are told by Sugrue that spirit “thought-forms” stayed near and guided the anthropoid ape which was chosen to be the most ideal vehicle for the human physical race to be created from, and psychically guided their separate evolution into a Homo sapiens species. This contradicts Cayce’s view. In reading (3744-5), Cayce states “Man DID NOT descend from the monkey, but man has evolved, resuscitation, you see, from time to time, time to time, here a little, there a little, line upon line and line and line upon line.” Cayce’s view arguably incorporates and parallels Theosophical teachings on spiritual evolution.
  • Astrology: Cayce accepts astrology on the basis that our souls spend time on other planets (or perhaps their spiritual counterparts) in between incarnations. The position of the planets at our birth records these influences.astrologytitleO
  • Universal laws: Souls incarnated on the Earth are subject to certain spiritual laws such as, “As ye sow, so shall ye reap” karma  or “As ye judge (others), so shall ye be judged.” In Cayce’s belief system, such “laws” represent an aspect of “God’s mercy”, whereby no matter what our circumstances, “He” has promised to guide us in our spiritual path. Cayce said that when you view it from the highest dimension, there is no time and no space, nor any future or past, and that it is all happening in one fascinating expression and that time is an illusion that has purpose.
  • Unknown Life of Jesus: Cayce presented narratives of Jesus’ previous incarnations, including a mysterious Atlantean figure called “Amilius” as well as the more familiar biblical figures of Adam, Enoch, Melchizedek, Joshua, Asaph, and Jeshua. Cayce describes Jesus as an Essene who traveled to India in his youth in order to study Eastern religions, more specifically astrology.
    • Jesus and Christ: Following New Thought precedent, Cayce distinguishes between Jesus and messiahChristhood. Briefly, Jesus was a soul like us who reincarnated through many lifetimes. “Christhood” is something he was the first to allow to be “manifest” through his material life, and it is something which we also ought to aspire towards. Cayce accordingly calls Jesus our “elder brother” and frequently makes reference to the way of the “lowly Nazarene.”
  • Ideals: Cayce repeatedly stresses the choice of an ideal as the foundation of the spiritual path. “And O that all would realize… that what we are… is the result of what we have done about the ideals we have set” (1549-1). We may choose any ideal we feel drawn to. As we attempt to apply it in our lives, God will guide us further, perhaps inspiring us to revise our choice of ideal. The highest ideal, says Cayce, is Christ; however, the readings recognize “the Christ spirit” in some form as the basis for religions other than Christianity.
  • Body, Mind, Spirit: Cayce often invokes these three terms, or their equivalents, to describe the human condition. “Spirit is the life. Mind is the builder. Physical is the result.” (conflation of various readings). The concept has application not only to holistic health but also to the spiritual life.
  • Meditation: While Cayce sometimes described particular meditation techniques of sitting or chanting “Arrr–eee-oommm” the crucial element, he believed, is that of opening up to divine influences. The Search For God books say that “Through prayer we speak to God. In meditation, God speaks to us.” Cayce’s concept of meditation has some aspects in common with Hinduism or Buddhism (the chakras, kundalini) but is most similar to Christian versions of New Thought. The symbolism of the Book of Revelation, he says, is based on meditative experiences.
  • Atlantis refugees peopled ancient Egypt as well as pre-Columbian America. Cayce’s description of Atlantis has much in common with that of Ignatius L. Donnelly. According to Cayce, Atlantean society was divided into two long-lived political factions—a “good” faction called the “Sons of the Law of One,” and an “evil” faction called the “Sons of Belial.” Many people alive today are the reincarnations of Atlantean souls, he believed, who must now face similar temptations as before. It is said Atlantis suffered three major atlantisdestructions, one of which was the deluge. According to the readings, a major source of turmoil was the Sons of Belial’s desire to exploit the Things, sub-humans with animal appendages and low intelligence, and the movements to protect and evolve them by the Sons of the Law of One. The final destruction was the overcharging of the crystal which caused a massive explosion.
  • Egypt: Next to biblical times, the most significant era for the “life readings” was a pre-dynastic Egyptian civilization consisting of Atlantean refugees. Cayce purported to have been an Egyptian priest named “Ra Ta” who built a spiritually-based healing center (the “Temple of Sacrifice”) and educational institution (the giza“Temple Beautiful”). His diagnostic readings and narratives about the past and future were supposed to be a continuation of his ancient work. This civilization also built monuments on the Giza plateau, including the Great Pyramid, and left records of Atlantis in a “hall of records” located somewhere beneath the Great Sphinx of Giza. These readings bear a close resemblance to books by AMORC founder H. Spencer Lewis.
  • Earth Changes: Cayce coined the term Earth Changes (later widely used in New Age writings), a reference to a series of cataclysm events which he prophesied would take place in future decades — notably including the Earth shifting on its axis, and most of California dropping into the Pacific Ocean following a catastrophic earthquake.
  • “Cayce diet”: Major dietary recommendations include the avoidance of red meat, alcohol (except red wine), white bread, and fried foods; a preference for fruits and above-ground, leafy vegetables over starches; and a high ratio (80:20%) of alkaline foods over acidic. One meal per day should consist entirely of raw vegetables. Under strict circumstances, Cayce advocated both coffee and pure tobacco cigarettes to be non-harmful to health. “Food combining” was also a central idea in the Cayce diet. According to Cayce, several food combinations that are contraindicated are coffee with milk or sugar, citrus fruit with starchy foods, and high protein foods with starches. Cayce himself followed very few of the dietary recommendations that were suggested by the readings. According to Cayce, two or three almonds (see Amygdalin) a day keeps cancer away.
  • Dream interpretation: Cayce was one of the early dream interpreters who contradicted Freudian views by saying that dreams can be of many different kinds (including sexual) with many levels of meaning; that lack of interest is the reason for poor dream recall; that only the dreamer knows the meaning of his dream; and that a dream is correctly interpreted when it makes sense to the dreamer, when it checks out with his other dreams, and when it moves him forward in his life.  For further information on dreams visit my website: 

As you can see the life of Edgar Cayce was devoted to the service of humanity and the information that he received while in a trance state.  This is the end of Part One of this series, other parts of this series will contain the methods to use in accessing the Akasha, meditation, hemi-sync, etc., the information that is presented by the A.R. E. which is the Association for Research and Enlightenment, set up by the Edgar Cayce Foundation, and sample readings given by other professionals in this field.   I would suggest further reading in addition to understanding historical information, world religions and philosophies.

Edgar Cayce on the Akashic Records: The Book of Life by Kevin J. Todeschi

How to Read the Akashic Records: Accessing the Archive of the Soul and Its Journey by Linda Howe

Focusing the Whole Brain: Transforming Your Life with Hemispheric Synchronization  by Ronald Russell




by Gwynne Mayer

(This is a discussion of the meaning and importance of archetypes as they source themselves through the self, anima, animus, and shadow as seen through Jungian psychology.  This is taken from the lessons taught in Archetypal Astrology in the last forty years.)
The Self — A combination of psyche and ego (ego being the conscious realm as signified by the ascendant), the psyche being the conscious and unconscious. We are born into the cross of matter and fixated, at the time of birth, in an ego building chart, with 12 other environmental, housing concerns that respond to our involuntariness and spend time trying to sway us into a formation. The ego is needed to respond and ‘not’  to react, hopefully spontaneously, as a child (so says the Bible) so as not to form too many sub personalities. Let’s give your ‘self’ the number 1 personality that is free flowing and typical of your ascendant, depending on its mutability, cardinality or fixity. The number 2 personality has been ‘conditioned’ by the chart/12 houses and all aspects to the Ascendant (Rising Sign)  and shows the nature of the ego from birth forward. Look at your chart and see what your ascendant and all planets nearby have to say about your ego/self and watch closely as to your approach to the unconscious and the imaginable realm. Do you move about freely? Does your ego set discerning pathways by which you can maneuver through your chart? and by the way, the charts of others?…Remember when we read the charts of others that we are speaking to the ‘soul’ through the ego…and sometimes it is a treacherous path if we are too subjectively involved with our own egos!

The Anima is the ‘Soul’ of man and is seen through the female side (which can be male or female) I associate the Soul connection in relationships through the Moon/Venus and all heavily aspect connections of the male s chart through those two directions. The anima in a man s chart is his inner female and can be reflected back to him more easily when there is a Moon/Venus connection through another’s chart. This is critical, especially in love relationships as the female in the relationship will be relating to the male s anima whether she likes it or not, as that is all he can see/love her for. So let s look closely at the male Moon/Venus in the men s charts, and look closely at how they aspect your chart in synastry. We must notice the attention we pay, and those that grab our energies and see what part of them lies within us. I will use my own Sun and Moon analysis as well as my 7th house whose co-rulers (Saturn/Uranus) lie in the 10th house. I am mesmerized by strong willed and connected females more in a positive way, and have spent much of my life devoted to hanging onto those images AS self, but the shadow part of me is equally put off and negatively hypnotized by the ‘victim’, the ‘helpless’, and the ‘needy’ female opposite. So I had to take the nature of the Sun in Leo and find out what the oppositions to those adjectives/qualities would be not Uranus. I have acted out my willful freedom issues by walking out of 7th house relationships, not facing my own dependency, my own neediness, fears, helplessness and most of all my own sadness. To this day, it creates an intense amount of work on my shadow side. My eighth house opposing Moon in Libra (second) is of course how Aphrodite will live with her sexuality…as I watch her shadow nymph-like creatures going about creating magic.


From an astrological perspective, I would like to explain the introversion/extroversion as it applies to the chart mandala as well as the intuition, thinking, sensation, feeling functions and how they are seen in the chart wheel structure.

According to Jung’s typology, we classify according to attitude type and function type. Of attitude type there are two choices: extraverted, in which the individual’s libido (primal structure) tends to be directed from oneself towards objects in the outer world, while introverted personalities, libido tends to be directed from the objects of the outer world into oneself. Acknowledging that neither of these categories is fixed nor exclusive, Jung sought merely to describe in a practical, observable way what someone’s dominant or typical attitude was toward people, the world and oneself.

We look at a chart wheel and make some generalizations regarding the above introverted/extroverted nature. The introverted chart will have the majority of planets below the horizon, realizing that the person with this chart will take matters into account on a subjective level and may or may not manifest these matters outwardly. The predominance of female planets (earth/water) in a chart will also show a subjective nature, but not necessarily introversion. The extroverted chart, on the other hand will have a predominance of planets in the upper half of the chart and/or a predominance of air and fire. As always a synthesis of all aspects in a chart need to be considered and flexibility in the nature of a chart, progressions and transits needs to be accounted for when analyzing these extroverted/introverted natures.

We shall now look at the intuitive, thinking, sensation, and feeling aspects of the natal chart. We categorize these types into rational and irrational functions. The two rational types are thinking and feeling. We use the term rational because both of these functions are criteria to organize and to make decisions. The thinking function organizes and decides according to analysis and logic, (planetary placements in air, i.e., Libra, Gemini, Aquarius), while the feeling functions organize and decide based on ones values and self worth, i.e. (Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces). Feeling function should not be synonymous with emotion, but instead should go into the realm of morality and values, including one’s ethical sense of things and situations. Using the term ‘rational’ for feeling types in the Jungian sense might confound modern-day people (especially thinking types!) who assume feelings and emotions are always irrational aspects of psychic life meant to be controlled or resolved. Thinking, if looking at only placements in a chart, will be in the lower left hand quadrant as one looks at a natal chart, taking into account the combinations and aspects of both air planets and air house placements in a solar chart. The feeling section of a chart will be the lower right quadrant and will depend largely on the placement of water planets, and or water houses, i.e. the fourth house is largely the rooted values/feelings coming from home and family in the past and in the here and now.

We will move then to the discussion of irrational functions. The two irrational functions, in Jungian terminology are intuition and sensation. Intuitive types function on the basis of one’s unconscious experience and perceptions, that immaterial realm of symbols, images and archetypes that many are unaware of but which an intuitive person uses as the foundation for action and experience. The intuitive function is represented by a predominance of planets in the upper left hand quadrant of the natal chart and are also represented by planets in fire, i.e. Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. The sensation type of person primarily function through experience of the concrete, physical world, a down-to-earth sense of existence in the world and unto oneself. This type is primarily seen in the upper right hand quadrant of a chart, represented by earth planets, Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo. Again, one must synthesize to see the blend in a chart and work with the integration of all types into the one personality/ego structure which is the overall outer wheel of a chart as read from the ascendant.

Basically, using Jungian types, there are eight basic types of people: extraverted thinking, feeling, intuitive, and sensate, and introverted thinking, feeling, intuitive and sensate. The well known Myers-Briggs test of psychological type is based on Jung’s typology. There are some extra categories, but other Jungians have adapted some of these tests in different ways.


Often times we live in our own reality long enough to realize that the shadows around us must have something to do with us, not belonging to the OTHER as a projection, but instead living within our peripheral vision as a perception of the OTHER. What we realize in astrological terms is that each sign has its polarized opposite and that opposite is the nature of our shadows. For those who do not have a great deal of astrological experience, I have designed a simple interpretation for you to peruse regarding your sun sign. For those who are learned in astrology, you can apply these signs and opposites to all of your planets and houses therein.

Aries — Aries polar opposite would be Libra. The initiative and manifestation taken on by an Aries will often have the Libran shadow lurking in the background—dependency on relationships (not too willingly dependent due to the opposition, as in all shadows…repressed energies). An Aries may be annoyed with the need to always be called on to balance, to negotiate, to resolve conflict, while claiming a hard stand on INDEPENDENCE. The independence of the Aries is always in conflict with the need to relate…to be committed…to find the other as a source for the targeted projection of neediness, dependency, and most of all conciliatory agreements.

Taurus — This sign is dancing with its shadow Scorpio and has a grand time in its fixed two step rendition of “I Own YOU!/YOU are too intense for me.” What does the Taurus do with his/her intensity of feeling? Usually the Taurean energy is too busy making money, worrying about the material world, and grasping at fame and fortune, to be disturbed by the intense sexual energy and intimacy issues that arise WITHIN. Usually the Taurus surrounds him/herself with those intense others so that BLAME can be put on those possessions within the family circle. What would happen if the Taurus became more cognizant of the deeper meanings and feelings involved in more intimate interaction? Their lives would become more sexual and intense, instead of sensual and superficial.

Gemini — The shadow of Gemini would be Sagittarius. Here we have a duality that operates at all times, changing faces to adapt to each situation and even coming up with a reasonable philosophy to justify the personas. Gemini, although very mutable, can often be very dogmatic and believe only in the constructs of the Gemini mind as that is his/her form of higher (Sagittarius) knowledge. Watch for conversations with this sign where nothing is being heard other than the sound of his/her own voice. So the question is, while the Gemini is involved in his/her shadow, can we have a conversation that is a two way event?

Cancer– Cancer’s polarity is Capricorn and definitely the paternal aspect of the matriarch as Cancer battles the shadow of the patriarch in all the subtleties of feelings and emotions and never out in the open as words would be useless at this time. Manipulation is the shadow of this Moon ruled sign and learning to be open and loving rather than smothering and possessive, using children and loved ones to find joy and security in life. This sign will live out all of its shadows through the progeny if they allow it. My suggestion is to be quite open with a Cancer and call it as you see it. That takes the power of the shadow away from this otherwise loving and caring sign.

Leo’s polarity would be Aquarius…so Leo will hide the need for distance in an intimate relationship and jump into his/her mind so that he/she doesn’t have to deal with the emotion and fire of the relationship at the level of intimacy. All along seemingly romantic (as most Leo’s are), he/she will hover near the flame of creativity, deep intimacy, etc., but keep himself/herself at a distance by figuring it all out. The quality of unreal and surreal is replete in an Aquarian and lives in the shadows of a Leo…opting to project onto the whole planet and the new age, the needs of relationships. Such drama of AVOID DANCE can only enhance the romantic detachment that brings this shadow to the forefront.

Virgo — Virgo’s wonderfully discriminating energy is often sabotaged when the shadow of Pisces is not acknowledged. The Virgo takes on the bitchy, nitpicking negative qualities because of over prioritizing issues and events instead of giving itself sacred space. The shadow of a Virgo is usually only visible by another discerning Virgo as this is a crafty and often powerfully intelligent sign to process. Pisces gives vision to a Virgo in the golden gifts of the shadow, but the Virgo is not just satisfied with vision and dreaming—much too romantic and illusory for this process oriented sign. It would pay well for the Virgo to look within and find that dream, that illusion that would give depth and energy to the sterility of just staying with the PROGRAM.

Libra – Libran’s greatest need is to join together as one as partners of equals and have a truly compatible relationship with a significant other, however the shadow of Aries reminds the Libra of the opposition the independent and free-thinking soul who needs no one else in order to make decisions. Often, in the midst of the wrestling with the shadow, a Libra will triangulate and find third parties to negotiate that freedom of thinking and in doing so sabotage the monogamous or one on one intimacy that he/she has so longed for. The libran needs to learn how to be direct and share in consensus reality, much less take responsibility for the need for resolution without giving up one’s freedom of choice. Most Libran’s will wait on the partner for decision making but will not take the initiative. As long as this continues the hiding of the shadow is the key and the unlocking of the shadow would help free this partnering sign.

Scorpio – Scorpio’s intensity and grounded sexuality will take on the negative aspects of Taurus when the shadow is lurking near. Possessiveness, jealousy, rage and sensuality for the sake of the senses, holding no other meaning will all be prevalent in the Scorpio during these times of the shadow working. Scorpio is excellent at finding the deeper meanings of life and in helping all others transform as well as evolve past the more superficial behaviors. When the Scorpio is caught up in the Herculean angst of wresting with the labors of this Taurus’ shadow, it is best to stay clear of him/her so as not to be included in the abusive nature of the fight. Scorpio can assimilate this in a sort of a dance–tango like– letting one side show, to be serviced by the others side…and so it goes on and on.

Sagittarius – The knowledgeable and often dogmatic teacher within the Sagittarius is sabotaged by the Gemini counterpart and pretends to “not know” what is being contemplated, but instead acts as the perennial student, when all the while holding court as the Hierophant and knower of all things. So the secret side or the shadow of this fire sign will be in the fixity of the dogmatic beliefs. To get this to the light of day, one must scratch the surface long enough with the Sag to see what he/she truly believes and not give him/her a chance to hide in his/her gypsy mentality. I consider this sign one of the hardest to get to know fully, as their communication is often muddled with contradictory statements and conflicting beliefs. There lies the shadow.

Capricorn – Capricorns are very purposeful and pragmatic, looking to protect their future with an over vigilance in the present. They also have a need to be assured of stability regarding finances and conservativism in their environment. These creative mountain goats can find a way to create quality in their homes and in their lives so that they can be safe and secure within their own surroundings. When the shadow creeps in to the psyche of a Capricorn, through his/her opposite in Cancer, we will see an over abundance of emotional angst and witholding if his/her needs are not met, so much so, that the intensity of feelings are acted out very tempermentally and often abusively due to the inability to handle his/her emotional lives around risk and lack of safety.

Aquarius – Aquarians are humanitarians at heart and can become so detached from their own humanness, that they miss “living fully”. We find Aquarians harnessing a protective element in their psyches that keeps them from being too sensitive to the needs and dramas of others. This brings in the negative Leo qualities into their shadows, a superficial dramatic acting out of emotional angst, a refusal to go through the experience, but instead to live out experiences through a sort of voyeurism so as to remain untouched by the pain and suffering that comes in any of our lives. When the shadow is lurking in the Aquarian, we will pick up a pompous and somewhat holier-than-thou attitude which is also holding his/her world together while he/she gets an understanding of how to live each moment fully, and authentically, even more to the point, how to stay in one’s own authority without giving way to pompous dogma.

Pisces – Pisces is a sensitive and romantic sign and the people born under this sign are often artistic either in art, music or theater, if not professionally then at least as a hobby. The Pisces is looking for the bigger picture in his/her life and is content to keep the vision of the whole in front of him/her. When the opposing Virgo shadow is present, there is confusion, bitchiness, and isolation that occur in the Piscean character. He/she is looking for the answer to all the confusion, but seldom understands that it is of his/her own making. When stress is present in a Pisces life…either caused by too many relationships, work-a-holic behavior or simply an addictive lifestyle. We will see a rubber band affect where the Pisces will pull into hiding after being social and quite popular. The Pisces needs to reflect without analyzing every bit of minutiae in his/her life and use introspection as a tool of understanding…or even better…use meditation as a calming agent.

As an astrologer, I think it is important for others, especially established
Jungians, to embrace some of what Jung said in this letter, written in 1958,
3 years before his death.

“To Robert L. Kroon

Astrology is one of the intuitive methods like the I Ching, geomantic, and
other divinatory procedures. It is based upon the synchronicity principle,
i.e., meaningful coincidence. I have explored experimentally three
intuitive methods: the method of the I Ching, geomantics, and astrology.
Astrology is a naively projected psychology in which the different
attitudes and temperaments of man are represented as gods and identified
with planets and zodiacal constellations. While studying astrology I have
applied it to concrete cases many times.
There are remarkable coincidences, e.g.. the position of Mars in the
zenith in the famous horoscope of Wilhelm II, the so-called
‘Friedenskaiser.’ This position is said already in a medieval treatise to
mean always casus ab alto, a fall from the height.
The experiment is most suggestive to a versatile mind, unreliable in the
hands of the unimaginative, and dangerous in the hands of a fool, as those
intuitive methods always are. If intelligently used the experiment is
useful in cases where it is a matter of an opaque structure. It often
provides surprising insights. The most definite limit of the experiment is
lack of intelligence and literal-mindedness of the observer. It is an
intelligent apercu like the shape of the hand or the expression of the
face—things of which a stupid and unimaginative mind can make nothing and
from which a superstitious mind draws the wrong conclusions.
Astrological truths as statistical results are questionable or even
unlikely. (cf. my paper ‘synchronicity: An Acausal Connecting Principle” in
Jung-Pauli: The Interpretation of Nature and the Psyche, Bollingen Series
LI, New York 1952. Pag. 83 ff.)
The superstitious use (prediction of the future or statement of facts
beyond psychological possibilities) is false. Astrology differs very much from alchemy, as its historical literature consists merely of different methods of casting a horoscope and of interpretation, and not of philosophical texts as is the case in alchemy.
There is no psychological exposition of astrology yet, on account of
the fact that the empirical foundation in the sense of science has not yet
been laid. The reason for this is that astrology does not follow the
principle of causality, but depends, like all intuitive methods, on
acausality. Undoubtedly, astrology is flourishing as never before in the
past, but it is still most unsatisfactorily explored despite very frequent
use. it is an apt tool only when used intelligently. It is not at all
foolproof and when used by a rationalistic and narrow mind it is a definite

CG Jung

As a student of his daughter, I learned that he casted charts on most every
one that he saw as a patient and since his death, many psychological essays,
as well as dissertations have been done on astropsychology. Many of the
well renowned Jungians utilize this method and are not very forthcoming
about it due to the criticism by those who cannot connect to its
intelligibility. Hope this helps some of you who have questions about Jung’s involvement in
metaphysics as well. I think a study of his connection to Pauli might help.