by Daniel Jacob

It’s frustrating for me to delay our discussion of Spirituality and Sex while I’m so busy at work. After Christmas, I’m looking forward to continuing these discussions. Some of you may understand what I’m saying, while others are just too busy in the “outer stuff” that there is no time for introspection or insight.
There is just so much to say and so many viewpoints to explore!

The innate panic that comes along with these next levels of our Soul’s Evolution MUST be our center of attention if we’re ever going to get anywhere in truly understanding this subject.

The fact is: We’re moving from a DUALISTIC Frame of Reference to what Carl Jung referred to as the “Great Sacred Marriage” which takes place inside the heart and soul of every person—regardless of gender. When the Sacred Marriage begins to occur, all the stress dynamics and “he said/she said” or “he did/she did” of the external world gets transferred to the Inner Planes of each person’s own Soul. Indeed, each of us MARRIES the masculine and feminine side of SELF. We still get to enjoy 3D separation, but we no longer take what appears in 3D as the TRUE VIEW of what’s going on. Instead, we process inwardly, and we experience outwardly……so that vividness and true insight can finally be birthed within us.

Once the Sacred Marriage is complete, there is no more room for victims or persecutors. There is no more room for unrequited love, no more room for resentments, frustrated desires, or externally based complaints. There is only SELF, and the manifold reflection of that Multidimensional SELF in a 3D world format.

Every male we see is a tiny reflection of SOME ASPECT that is playing out within that ONESELF. Every female wears for us a tiny flicker of the intuition/emotion that is longing to be known and recognized inside each of us. The more these “key mirrors” tend to upset us—either positively or negatively—the more they represent something vital that each of us NEEDS TO REALIZE about our inner terrain.

When a woman cries out “Are there ANY men in this world who are willing to commit to a truly intimate relationship?” What she is truly saing is: “I’m not quite ready for depth and intimacy right now. And the many “players” I attract into my life are evidence of my need to admit that.” There is no condemnation, once the Sacred Marriage is in motion. There is only REALIZATION of what’s true about us in a given moment of time.

When a man cries out: “Where are the truly PLAYFUL women in my universe……the ones who are willing to ride the waves of each NOW MOMENT, rather than demanding a signed “contract” of “foreverness” before they’re willing to follow the obvious attraction that exists between myself and them?” What he’s really seeing is his own DEPENDENT SIDE, which yearns for personal freedom, yet longs for someone who will always be there if and when he needs her. In essence, he’s looking for the MOTHER who abandoned him in some way, long ago. Because no one really wants to admit that he’s looking for a mother/lover……he will continuous project out those feelings of dependence onto the women who enter his life……opting to RUN AWAY if there is any sign of disapproval or abandonment in sight. In essence, he rejects her and leaves before she gets a chance to leave him.

And all of this………100% of this…… about SELF……….both sides of an evolving, awakening SELF……as they seek to find each other in the foggy mist of forgetfulness.

Medical and Vedic Astrology



Medical and Vedic Astrology–East Meets West


with Gwynne Mayer

Wednesdays, 7:00 – 8:00 p.m. Central time

January 10 – February 28 (8 weeks)


Start the New Year in a fresh way by learning about the ancient practice of astrology applied to medicine! Vedic Medical Astrology addresses health and longevity, and associates signs and planets with various diseases. Rather than diagnosing illness, however, we will use an intuitive and psychosomatic approach to look at our own contributions to any dysfunction that shows up in our natal charts. Our studies will suggest individualized ways to encourage healing, with emphasis on proactive, daily dedication to diet, the body, and mindfulness.


The first 20 minutes of each class will be recorded; afterward we will work with our individual charts. Knowledge of astrology and Eastern medicine, while helpful, is not required. We will use the books Medical Astrology: A Guide to Planetary Pathology, by Judith Hill, and Medical Astrology, by Jeffrey Wolf Green.



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Image result for ray of creation gurdjieffRay of Creation — A Discussion of Vibratory Influences

Discussion of Fourth Way Work — Participants in an ongoing group. (If interested please send an e-mail of inquiry to


W.E. —“In Higher Being Bodies, page 195 the last sentence,  “But the horse needs to be convinced that Self-remembering is more important then its own steaming desires, which are only concerned with the needs of the moment.”

When I read this a couple weeks ago it brought a clarity into my increasing awareness of my different  states of consciousness.

So many of the I’s that I become have me in a state of no or minimal consciousness of myself, which is profound. I don’t even really exist in these states. Which consume so much of my time. Something coming from my body has a want and it wants it want now! Like a drug addict. It fits into a regular predictable pattern and if i don’t give it what it wants it gets, edgy, irritable, clever and deceptive to trick me, convince me into giving it what it wants right now. 

These I’s I take on, that I  become have their faces buried deep into the object of their identification.

I saw from the sentence i mentioned that these I’s generally see no memory, no past or future, they don’t even see themselves. They have no care for my well being. They just want what they want in that moment. No over all big picture. They don’t see they are over taken by a want nor do they care.They don’t know the light of consciousness. They seem to have never been fully drawn into the light of consciousness, which self remembering can begin to allow.

I think I saw once on a Tarot card dead people floating up out of their graves.  That is what i started to experience when i saw in a state of self remembering where there is  the awareness of the present moment, memory and  conscious sensing discerning ability . These I’s where forced to rise up out of their grave and connect to a bigger picture. There now was a clear difference, discernment  between these unconscious of themselves I’s and their surroundings and self remembering and the conscious mixing of the two. The unconscious force to rise in the encompassing unity of conscious light, created by self remembering. 

Then in a state of self remembering watching these I’s in me begin to float up out of the world of self centered unconsciousness into a state of seeing memory, truth, their relation to a bigger picture, the greater need of ones being.

Its Amazing! Its incredilible to me.”


OdB:  “I recognize this deeply. What you describe is an objective  result of Self-Observation. Now that what observes is under less laws then that what is observed. Work I’s are of a different weight and density and filled with precious Kesjdanian energy. Mechanical automatic I’s are much heavier, hard to observe and they do what they want and we lose precious Kesjdanian energy to them. Our aim is to keep this energy for Work. We need Kesjdanian energy for the accumulation of higher energies that belong to World 24 and even World 12 and 6. Mechanical I’s with almost no Consciousness belong to World 48 and 96. (See Lee Van Leer’s Chart below and chart of Ray of Creation)

As an example, let’s stay with competition. Don’t get me wrong I don’t say competition  is wrong or bad. I do say, for Work, competition belongs to World 48 and 96. This is where ; Playing a role comes in. We need non-identification and non-judgement so much if we wish to reach impartial Self-Observation.

We need to learn how to enter World 24. What keeps us away from that higher World, is our identification with World 48 and 96 . Gurdjieff would say, in these worlds we throw our energies from the emptiness into the void.

To reach 24 we need to consciously digest the two higher being foods, Abrusdonis and Helkdonis. To do this we need compassionate impartial Self-Observation.

Motivation of the heart.”

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From W.E.

What I see now.

I remember myself.

Observer in head brain lights up my body and atmosphere. Fills this  universe of body and atmoshere with light. I see/sense this universe.

My heart lights up.

My observer in the head brain. Commands a powerful position, but needs to work to contemplate, digest the information it is receiving consciously.

The heart has a huge influence on what actions to or not to be taken to what is being percieved, contemplated, digested by the observing awareness. It reaches out in kindness and understanding.

I’m breathing with awareness.

The spine gives another quality a strenght and a reference point of stability, groundedness. knows where it needs to stand. It sees the actions that bring me to vertical center. Strenghten my vertical spine and what will pull me away an fragment me.

You mention the density of different I’s and those that through the empty into the void and those who don’t. I see that clearer now.

Abrustdonis and Helkdonis I don’t think I know what these substances are, but i read more about them and see how they are relate to what we are talking about and what I read said they where related to conscious contemplation,  conscious labor and intentional suffering.

I’m beginning to feel, what seems to be the feel of compassionate impartial self observation. There is no criticism. There is a feeling of love, of kindness to self and others. I sat with grief today, it was ok. I worked not  to identify with it. Attach it to someone or something. I didnt try to cover it. It help show more of what i previously could not see as well before. It helped me be more helpful. It made me more real.



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Proposed Syllabus for Medical  Astrology:  January 10-February 28 2018

(8 weeks)  I will use Guy Hiscock, and Will Easton, Osteopath and Counselor as references to help with this course.  My approach is to apply personal psychosomatic underpinnings to medical approach.  For texts I recommend the following Medial Astrology: A guide to Planetary Pathology by Judith Hill and Medical Astrology by Jeffrey Wolf Green.  It is not essential that you have these texts to take the course.

We will work primarily with the personal charts of the people in the class and as with other classes the first 30 minutes will be recorded and the personal charts and explanations will NOT be recorded.  Each section will have a PDF file that will be sent before each session.

  1. An overview of our study and how we will present the material as it is connected to the Chakras, the Signs and the Spinal and Neurological centers.

  2. The connection and correlation with each planet and sign, with an emphasis on Transits and Progressions on personal charts and how they are coordinated with the body.

  • The correlation to the somatic/psychosomatic conditions created by transits and Progressions to the signs/planets of the body.

  1. Continuation of no. III

  2. Balancing our dualities created by these occurrences.

  3. Continuation of no. V.

  • Working with the Mental, Emotional/Feeling and Moving Centers in relationship to the Chakras and Spinal system (Ida Pingala)

  • Continuation and summary of VII.

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“Only those who attempt the absurd will achieve the impossible.” – M. C. Escher


Join us in our Sunday readings of Beelzebub’s Tales to His Grandson



November brings:







November is moving us into a very transformative time and completing a cycle that has seemed very chaotic but needed in order to capture the attention of those of us who are complacent and not welcoming the immense changes that are needed.  If you life is topsy turvy, the planets are also reflecting this as well.  Keep in touch with the planetary movements and how they affect each of your signs.


Watching for this month’s important cosmic events:


…October 27 — Long term affects of Venus square Pluto is a transforming moment that captures attention especially with Aries, Libra, Cancer and Capricorn.

…November 4 — Full Moon in Taurus — emotions run high!!

…November 18 — New Moon in Scorpio — Change, Transformation and Forgiveness all in one breath!!

…November 22 — Neptune direct — Pisces moves forward and Virgos pay attention as life goes on!!!


Remember to read your Ascendant (ego/physical body), Sun (Spiritual/mind) and Moon(emotional/feeling/nurturing)

signs in that order when reading these monthly updates.




(If you have questions, please

 contact me at Also Holiday Special 10% Savings during November and December, applies only to online consultations. Consultations include New Year 2018.)


Aries is transforming the inner life and is often amazed at the changes that occur in the outer life because of the intense energies released.  Aries often looks to others rather than self/Self for guidance and that needs to stop so that progress can be made.  Now is the time to look to your dreams and aspirations and fill them with vigor and imagination!

Taurus is transforming the way they see their future and goals that have not been met.  This can be depressing if you put your future in the hands of another so you are going to have to figure out what it is you ‘really want’ and make it happen according to ‘your goals and aspirations’ rather than depend on another. This is hard for the Taurus who wants a partner of equal strength and purpose.


Geminis have to open their eyes and hearts to those around them and develop some sensitivities to the needs of those close by. This is difficult now because of lack of focus and the Gemini can see this in careers and ambitions that have been thwarted.  Believe it or not it is confusing to those around you as well.  Your focus needs to be intelligent and discerning and it might get you exactly where you need to be!



Cancer is feeling the need to spread its wings and move on to higher learning, travel and working with dreams that want to come true.  It might be time to write that book or to look into serious journal writing and keeping track of your heritage and the personal history that you want to leave behind for your children and grandchildren.  You have much to offer in the area of story telling and now is the time to start telling your story….not to mention the intense feelings you have had in the past!



Leos are transforming the area of partnerships and love life in a way that is somewhat confusing to those who are involved with them.  The heart is wanting to speak and yet the words that come out don’t seem to match up!  Learning to live from your heart and your feelings rather than trying to intellectualize them and make them into something they aren’t.  Your partners, especially the romantic partner, will greatly appreciate your vulnerability and sharing. This is hard work Leo…speaking from your heart!


Virgo seems to be trying to transform health and personal welfare, but runs into obstacles.  This can be helped by getting professional help and guidance and then using your incredible intuitive skills to discern the truth of whatever guidance your receive.  You are somewhat psychic about your own future but when you try to carry that over to your partner, it seems to fall flat.  That is because you might be more ‘right on’ than they want to believe!


Libra needs to transform their money making agendas and start looking realistically at what energy investments need to be made.  It really is about energy equal monetary value at this point.  There has been a cloud of confusion in this regard and the Libra is now waking up to this fact.  You are a unique individual and have unique skills that can be used to make your goals and ambitions realities!  Don’t argue yourself out of reaching these!


Scorpios are transforming in their ideas of personal creativity and family matters.  Children and grandchildren are becoming more and more important and the need to be close to family is  becoming a real issue.  It will take special effort on your part to let the family know you are present and able to help and support them in any way you can.  There is a real need to work toward your creativity in a way that opens up whole new worlds for you!


Sagittarius is transforming the homelife and the sacred spaces one calls ‘home’.  It is very important to keep one’s space clear of clutter both materially and emotionally.  Sagittarius is finding whole new realities out there that will lead them to higher thinking and spiritual goals that they could not have imagined before.  This all comes due to the spaces they provide for themselves to carry on these activities.



Capricorns has their nose to the grindstone in keeping tabs with their daily activities.  They are finding great joy in taking care of essentials. Dreams are very important now so get plenty of rest and pay attention to the message your dreams are sending you.  You might also start a journal about your dreams and keep note of this time in particular.  

As years pass you will find that your dreams have prognosticated what is happening in the far future.  You have innate psychic wisdom! Use it!


Aquarius is transforming the pocket book, money made and money invested.  This is difficult most of the time because these issues are the last things to be looked at for most Aquarians. They seem to live a life where a ‘cosmic Santa Claus’ gifts them with what they need just in time!  Now is the time to pull up your boot straps and look at your balance sheet.  Ugh!  I feel for you in this time of growth.  I know you can do it.  Make money work for you and not against you!


Pisces is living the transformative dream.  Issues that you have worked on for the past five or six years are now coming into fruition.  You can see the forest for the trees and will move ahead the next few months with imagination, focus and energy that you thought was gone forever.  Your life takes on new meaning and you can relish in the proof of this by looking around at your immediate surroundings and giving yourself a pat on the back.