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Gwynne has years of experience in psychotherapy, religious studies and the understanding of the ancient wisdom as seen through ancient cosmic and synchronistic processes.  She brings to her clients the knowledge of  Esoteric Christianity, ‘repeating past lives’, ‘karmic retribution’, and understanding the psychic underpinnings of one’s connection to ‘soul’.  The Esoteric study goes back to the times in Sumeria.

Through the last fifty years, many have said that her approach has saved them thousands of dollars in therapy and counseling, because she gets right to the point and helps solve the problems of relationships, careers, sexuality issues, money issues and spiritual concerns.

Her intuitive knowledge is vast and is very helpful when having private consultations.  Learning to empower oneself and develop the highest spiritual attainment, especially as one grows older and more adaptable to the needs of transformation, are her goals in this lifetime.

Gwynne follows the cosmic science of the ancient Persians and Gnostic philosophers in her approach to delineation and understanding of an astrological signature.  Her base of understanding in psychology comes from a highly developed training in Gestalt and Jungian psychology.  She also studies with Masters in the field of Theosophy and teaches  online classes for the Theosophical Society In America.  The Masters include the teachings of the  Mahatmas, Helena Blavatsky, Krishnamurti, G. Gurdjieff and Carl Jung.

You can also find Gwynne as an Online Facilitator for https://www.theosophical.org/programs/online-programs.