November brings:







November is moving us into a very transformative time and completing a cycle that has seemed very chaotic but needed in order to capture the attention of those of us who are complacent and not welcoming the immense changes that are needed.  If you life is topsy turvy, the planets are also reflecting this as well.  Keep in touch with the planetary movements and how they affect each of your signs.


Watching for this month’s important cosmic events:


…October 27 — Long term affects of Venus square Pluto is a transforming moment that captures attention especially with Aries, Libra, Cancer and Capricorn.

…November 4 — Full Moon in Taurus — emotions run high!!

…November 18 — New Moon in Scorpio — Change, Transformation and Forgiveness all in one breath!!

…November 22 — Neptune direct — Pisces moves forward and Virgos pay attention as life goes on!!!


Remember to read your Ascendant (ego/physical body), Sun (Spiritual/mind) and Moon(emotional/feeling/nurturing)

signs in that order when reading these monthly updates.




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Aries is transforming the inner life and is often amazed at the changes that occur in the outer life because of the intense energies released.  Aries often looks to others rather than self/Self for guidance and that needs to stop so that progress can be made.  Now is the time to look to your dreams and aspirations and fill them with vigor and imagination!

Taurus is transforming the way they see their future and goals that have not been met.  This can be depressing if you put your future in the hands of another so you are going to have to figure out what it is you ‘really want’ and make it happen according to ‘your goals and aspirations’ rather than depend on another. This is hard for the Taurus who wants a partner of equal strength and purpose.


Geminis have to open their eyes and hearts to those around them and develop some sensitivities to the needs of those close by. This is difficult now because of lack of focus and the Gemini can see this in careers and ambitions that have been thwarted.  Believe it or not it is confusing to those around you as well.  Your focus needs to be intelligent and discerning and it might get you exactly where you need to be!



Cancer is feeling the need to spread its wings and move on to higher learning, travel and working with dreams that want to come true.  It might be time to write that book or to look into serious journal writing and keeping track of your heritage and the personal history that you want to leave behind for your children and grandchildren.  You have much to offer in the area of story telling and now is the time to start telling your story….not to mention the intense feelings you have had in the past!



Leos are transforming the area of partnerships and love life in a way that is somewhat confusing to those who are involved with them.  The heart is wanting to speak and yet the words that come out don’t seem to match up!  Learning to live from your heart and your feelings rather than trying to intellectualize them and make them into something they aren’t.  Your partners, especially the romantic partner, will greatly appreciate your vulnerability and sharing. This is hard work Leo…speaking from your heart!


Virgo seems to be trying to transform health and personal welfare, but runs into obstacles.  This can be helped by getting professional help and guidance and then using your incredible intuitive skills to discern the truth of whatever guidance your receive.  You are somewhat psychic about your own future but when you try to carry that over to your partner, it seems to fall flat.  That is because you might be more ‘right on’ than they want to believe!


Libra needs to transform their money making agendas and start looking realistically at what energy investments need to be made.  It really is about energy equal monetary value at this point.  There has been a cloud of confusion in this regard and the Libra is now waking up to this fact.  You are a unique individual and have unique skills that can be used to make your goals and ambitions realities!  Don’t argue yourself out of reaching these!


Scorpios are transforming in their ideas of personal creativity and family matters.  Children and grandchildren are becoming more and more important and the need to be close to family is  becoming a real issue.  It will take special effort on your part to let the family know you are present and able to help and support them in any way you can.  There is a real need to work toward your creativity in a way that opens up whole new worlds for you!


Sagittarius is transforming the homelife and the sacred spaces one calls ‘home’.  It is very important to keep one’s space clear of clutter both materially and emotionally.  Sagittarius is finding whole new realities out there that will lead them to higher thinking and spiritual goals that they could not have imagined before.  This all comes due to the spaces they provide for themselves to carry on these activities.



Capricorns has their nose to the grindstone in keeping tabs with their daily activities.  They are finding great joy in taking care of essentials. Dreams are very important now so get plenty of rest and pay attention to the message your dreams are sending you.  You might also start a journal about your dreams and keep note of this time in particular.  

As years pass you will find that your dreams have prognosticated what is happening in the far future.  You have innate psychic wisdom! Use it!


Aquarius is transforming the pocket book, money made and money invested.  This is difficult most of the time because these issues are the last things to be looked at for most Aquarians. They seem to live a life where a ‘cosmic Santa Claus’ gifts them with what they need just in time!  Now is the time to pull up your boot straps and look at your balance sheet.  Ugh!  I feel for you in this time of growth.  I know you can do it.  Make money work for you and not against you!


Pisces is living the transformative dream.  Issues that you have worked on for the past five or six years are now coming into fruition.  You can see the forest for the trees and will move ahead the next few months with imagination, focus and energy that you thought was gone forever.  Your life takes on new meaning and you can relish in the proof of this by looking around at your immediate surroundings and giving yourself a pat on the back.

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