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May Brings A Time of More Change;
Things You Don’t Expect
Change will be hard to adapt to this month of impulse reactions and over emotional responses to observable reality!  Our planet is going through enormous changes from a world vision to an individual vision.  It is difficult to plan for these things, so it must be starting with ‘you’ and your ability to keep calm among all that is happening.  Take care of your physical, emotional and mental health first and foremost so that you can take care of others in your family and environment. Learn to ‘listen’ and think ‘outside the box’ rather than joining into the mass hysteria that is prevalent in our country today.  Be aware of your own observation and connect to only those issues that bring you a deeper understanding of yourself and your place in the world.  Do not ‘react’ to all that you hear and imagine. Stay with the facts.
Watching for this month’s important cosmic events:
…April 26 gave us a good head start on reality with a New Moon in Taurus and the ability to see things the way the ‘are’.
…May 3rd Mercury goes direct and gives some relief to those things that have been on the ‘waiting list’.  All systems GO.
…May 10  Full Moon in Scorpio and plenty of astronomical phenomena to make the whole week one of action and surprises.  Again stay with facts and not gossip.
Remember to read your Ascendant (ego/physical body), Sun (Spiritual/mind) and Moon(emotional/feeling/nurturing)
signs in that order when reading these monthly updates.
(If you have questions about those, please
 contact me at 
We will stay with AFFIRMATIONS for each sign to adapt to the changes that are creating new paradigms.

Aries — I am able to handle all the changes around me in my career and relationships.  I can find positive ways to live with the unpredictability that surrounds me and my communication skills reflect my flexibility.
Taurus — I am content with the possessions I have now and I am helping others to enjoy what they have in their lives. This affects my relationships with all of those close to me and I am willing to share my joy with others.
Gemini —  I am being flexible and able to consider all sides of any dilemma that I might have.  I am balanced in my thinking and consider my own thoughts before reaching out to others and adapting to theirs.

Cancer — I am making new pathways of success in my family and career.  I am open to sharing with others how I have made my life a success and am willing to be a mentor to ‘family values’.
Leo — I am realizing that my sense of humor and ability to become a ‘conscious actor’ in my life are qualities that I will cherish.  Professional drama is a comfort to me, relieving me from personal dramas that surround me.
Virgo — My health and happiness are foremost in my mind and in my goals.  I reflect this attitude in my relationships and understand the difference between self-criticism and self-discernment, relieving me of worry and fretting.
Libra —I can be in relationships that are changing all of the time and be at peace with my boundaries and my sacred space.  I can have my own thoughts and my own agenda without disturbing the relationship.
Scorpio — I can feel intensely and sincerely in my own way of looking at the world.  People do not have to agree with me nor do they have to abide by my rules, however I trust my  own instincts and know what it means to live ‘my truth’.
Sagittarius —  I am centered in my ‘truth’ and speak only when I understand my own motivations and sensitivities.  I reach for the highest standard in communication and strive for integrity in those who surround me.
Capricorn —  I realize my work ethic is a standard that others may not live by however I will continue to manifest the highest quality of standards and keep my promises and commitments, learning to rest and meditate as needed to fulfill my expectations.
Aquarius —  I am able to be objective and not fall into the trap of the ‘mass conciousnes’.  I keep my boundaries aligned with the truth and ‘knowing’ which is part of my heritage and upbringing.  My boundaries are in tact and help me explore the universe without interruption.
Pisces — My sensitivities have helped me see many issues that confront us all, however I am now seeing that my ‘truth’ is in my enjoyment in the moment and I am finding my mission in life.

Journey into Memories, Dreams, Reflections (Part II)

with Sy Ginsburg, Weyler Green and Gwynne Mayer

Tuesdays, 1:00-2:00 PM Central time

July 11-August 29 (8 Weeks)

Carl JungThis course is a continuation of our own personal journey with Carl Jung’s autobiography Memories, Dreams, Reflections. We pick up in Jung’s Student Years and will explore the ways Jung formed his ideas and how we personally connect to the experiences that made such an impact on his life. We will read and discuss important sections from the text, interacting with our individual understandings. The sessions will be recorded. If you have read the book previously or want to continue with us from Part I, you are welcome to join us.

Seymour (Sy) Ginsburg, JD, was a 19 year pupil of Sri Madhava Ashish. He is the author and editor of the textbook An Open Window: Dream as Everyman’s Guide to the Spirit (Penguin, 2007). He has been a member of the Theosophical Society for 38 years.

Dr. Weyler Greene is the Evanston C.G. Jung Center analyst-in-residence and a clinical consultant at the June Singer Clinic. He holds a Ph.D. in Psychology from UCLA and is a graduate of the Jung Institute of Los Angeles. Dr. Greene has taught at the California Graduate Institute, Los Angeles; Antioch University, LA Campus; and the Los Angeles Jung Institute.

Gwynne Mayer, MA, has thirty years of post-graduate work in the areas of Jungian analysis, Gestalt therapy, child psychology focusing on autism/schizophrenia, and educational leadership. She has studied the works of Blavatsky, Alice Bailey, Rudolph Steiner and GI Gurdjieff for over 45 years and has studied astrology from some of the best teachers including Isabelle Hickey, Dane Rudhyar, Gret Baum (Jung’s daughter), Liz Greene and many others. Gwynne’s focus is on the understanding of what makes us tick!

$40 donation recommended

Register here

Learning to become objective and wake up from our inner sleep…our unconscious projections demands noticing and observing that which we continue to hold on to in our conditioning and the way we are taught to react/respond as children. It never leaves us. We respond to others in ways that will either get us our approval or in a rebellion of some sort. Observing our motives when we truly observe ourselves in the ‘here and now’ is crucial for awakened consciousness.





From Maurice Nicoll — Commentaries Vol. 1.

“Amongst the many things that we have to observe in ourselves and work upon, according to this teaching  that we are studying, there  is  the psychological state called internal considering. This refers to a process which takes a great deal of force from us and, like everything that takes energy from us uselessly, keeps us asleep.

Internal considering is a branch of identifying. As you know, the study of identifying in all its different branches is one of the most important forms of practical work on oneself. A man who identifies with everything is unable to remember himself. In order to remember oneself it is necessary  not to identify.  But in order  to learn  not to identify a man must first of all learn not to be identified  with himself. One form   of identifying is internal considering, of which there are  several  kinds, and some are forms of identifying with oneself. One of the most frequent forms of internal considering is thinking what  others  think  of  us,  and  how they treat us, and what attitude they shew towards  us. A man may feel  he is not valued enough and this torments him and makes him suspect others and causes him to lose an immense amount of energy and may develop in him a distrustful and hostile attitude.”