As December 2013 begins and ends, let’s focus on affirmations for the New Year 2014.  We will look at how our particular Sun, Moon and Ascendant signs tell us the way to set a positive spin on this upcoming year. As we prepare to tackle the year with the best of intentions, let’s remember that the work is upon us to be and do our best, live our lives without regret but with hope for the future.  If you still desire to take advantage of the December special on your Solar Returns for the year 2014, please call or e-mail soon as the calendar is already filling up.  The specials are by phone or Skype.   (210-393-5349 or  My wish is for you to get in touch with your soul intentions and disciplines to make this coming year the best year ever.   A detailed horoscope for the first quarter of the New Year will be sent by December 31st so look for it in your e-mail.  And on with the affirmations for each of the signs:


Aries — I have a commitment to actualize who I really am.  I have the ability to naturally restore and heal myself at all times.

Taurus — I am a creative and productive individual in my professional and family life.  I deeply honor and value the unlimited resources of faith that is within me.

Gemini — I have inherent people skills.  Emotionally, I am sure about what I need and want, and what I don’t need and want, in the area of relationships.

Cancer — I stimulate and motivate others positively.  I enjoy the combination of quietude and activity and create the environment I need.

Leo — I enjoy expressing my energy, vitality and enthusiasm in all that I experience.  I have unlimited creative resources from which to tap and express.

Virgo — I enjoy the feeling of completion and resolution.  I enjoy exploring my inner worlds in meditation and times alone.

Libra — I value being truthful in difficult situations.  I honor my word and commitments.  The abundance and beauty of Nature is a reflection of my own nature.

Scorpio — I am excited about growing and becoming even more of who I am.  Detachment is a form of objectivity and includes caring.

Sagittarius — I am a creative, well-integrated individual.  I express the artistry of who I am in states of balance and integration.

Capricorn — I am a visual, joyful and grounded person.  Whether my problems are real or imagined, I can handle them realistically and mirthfully.

Aquarius —I am a walking star on a giant star.  I see what can be of benefit to people in the future.  I am a radiant and enlightened being.

Pisces — I like what is mysterious within me and within others.  Through choice I can change my experience and fully develop who I am.

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