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The Psychology of 2012: What happened? 

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This was written before 2012:


The coming of 2012 has long orbeen discussed regarding the Mayan cultures, scientists, psychologists, philosophers and metaphysicians and there are many thoughts and ideas floating around out in the cosmos ready to land on willing ears to hear and willing brains to understand.  The point of this series is to try to explain in layman terms what some of the theories are regarding 2012 and intersperse those ideas with some of my own, coming from a background in Jungian and Gestalt studies, metaphysics and spiritual work, as well as many years in the field of education. For over forty years, I have been privileged to see over 3000 people, all of whom are open-minded, thinking out of the box, many of whom have shared their personal experiences of expansion and evolvement at this important time in space, adjusting to the energies that infuse this planet from an unknown source to many or from a GOD source, depending on one’s belief systems.  To be able to read this series will mean that you must open your mind to some other thinking and maybe consider other realities.  If this will conflict with your current faith and your beliefs, then please go no further as this series is a layman’s study meant to connect us to the meanings assigned to December 21, 2012.

What is there about 2012 that should interest you?

The myth and reality of 2012 derives from the Mayan civilization as we look once again at its history and culture. Archaeological records show that the first Maya ‘suddenly’ appeared over a millennium and a half ago, in the remote areas of what is today Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula; Guatemala and parts of Honduras and Belize. (There are theories regarding this phenomenon that suggest the Mayans came from the ‘big flood’ when the earth was separated and the land connecting to Egypt became parts of the South American/Middle American continents, mainly due to the similarities of cosmological accuracies, pyramid building and artifacts found during this millennium.  The Mayans appear to have arrived with an advanced sense of technology already in place, rather than evolving their technology over a long period of time.  These facts seem to support the Mayans splitting from another advanced civilization. Whatever the Mayans achieved in their new land, they abandoned in the 9th century and therefore left a complete mystery and riddle as to the reason for this abandonment.

What we know about them is the tremendous language and artifacts that were left behind with advanced cosmology, the Mayan calendar being a highly sophisticated study of cosmic cycles and time calculations. Michael Coe, an expert in Mayan cosmology tells us that the system has not slipped one day in over 25 centuries.  The 5,000 year old Mayan calendar appears to track something even more surprising: the rare celestial alignment of our solar system, our sun, and our planet with the center of our galaxy—an even that will not happen again for another 26,000 years.  According to the Mayan priests, records indicate the last Great Cycle began in August of 3114 B.C.E. —the approximate time of the first Egyptian hieroglyphics—and ends in the near future, in the year 2012 C.E.  Specifically, the cycle ends on December 21, 2012, when our sun will move into direct alignment with the equator of the Milky Way galaxy.  So that is enough information to work with as to how all of this will affect us, studying the different ideas about this from different angles. Several well known authors have some of their own ideas.

Gregg Braden focuses on what he calls a ‘pole reversal’, basing this on the historical, scientific material:     “When we think of things that are certain in life, we tend to count the magnetic fields of our planet among those certainties.  For as long as anyone living today can remember, every time we have looked at the needle of a compass, the tip of the needle has pointed in the same direction—‘up there,’ toward the magnetic north pole of the Earth.  And while we tend to think of Earth’s north and south poles as a sure thing; the reality is that our planet’s magnetism is anything but certain.”

We know for example, that every once in a while something truly mind-boggling, almost unthinkable, happens.   For reasons that are still not fully understood, our familiar north and south poles trade places—the magnetic field of the Earth does a complete flip-flop.  Although polar reversals are rare in the history of civilizations, the geologic record shows that they happen routinely in terms of Earth’s history.  Magnetic reversals have already happened 171 times in the last 76 million years, with at least 14 of those reversals occurring in the last 4.5 million years alone.

And while they are definitely cyclic, the reversals appear to vary in time, making the time of the next one an uncertainty.  These are symptoms, however, that precede the flip-flops, such as abrupt changes in weather patterns and a rapid weakening of the planet’s magnetic field—both of which are happening right now.  It is the appearance of these symptoms today, and the fact that we are ‘overdue’ for a polar shift, that has led a growing number of mainstream scientist to suggest that we are in the early stages of such a reversal.”

In July 2004, the New York Times posted, in their science section, what a magnetic reversal is and what might be the results of such a thing, stating: “The collapse of the Earth’s magnetic field, which both guards the planet and guides many of its creatures, appears to have started in earnest 150 years ago.” There are many scientists who have measured the electromagnetic field through the years and have watched it decline over 7%.

What does this mean to us as individuals?

My studies have brought me to the conclusion that ‘as above, so below’ stands to be tested in our own bodies/minds/souls and that the electromagnetic field which is present at all times is helping recalibrate our bodies to handle this magnetic shift.  We are receiving help through the unconscious, the collective unconscious and various information systems open to us.  To be simply put, we are receiving dreams, ideas, paradigm shifts, and upgrades, so to speak all the time, but mostly in the times of rest and sleep when we are open to adjustments.  More will be said about this as we move on through this series, being very specific about how and why we must pay attention to the ‘changes going on in our universe from the largest of events to the smallest’.  During this time it is best to pay attention to rest, diet and environment so that you have the connection you need to good health and attitude.  You will see people around you who are not making needed changes and therefore are suffering greatly and that saddens us to see as the universe and time moves forward.  What keeps us stuck in our rigidity and our belief systems that keep us from accepting change, opening our minds and understanding the more basic practices of love and compassion as those who came before, our greatest teachers, Jesus Christ, Buddha, Mohammed, Krishna and others who have set the standards of service, love and ‘do unto others’ as a ‘golden rule’.

Dreamwork“In Persian tradition, there is a knightly order of spiritual warriors known as the Fravartis.  They choose to enter this world to fight the good fight.  They move in this world with the knowledge of a higher world.  They are attuned to a secret order of events beyond the facts recorded in the media and our day planners.  Active dreamers engage with this world in a similar way. We are choosers.  We know who we are, where we come from, and that our lives have meaning and purpose.  And that part of this purpose is to generate meaning and help others to find meaning in their lives at every opportunity.” ~ Robert Moss

Things to remember about dreaming:

  • Your dreams are one of the only real gateways into the unconscious, revealing your intentions, your past, present, future, your state of being.  Your soul retrieval is done through your dream world, connecting with all that you are and have ever been
  • Your dreams will follow you in our waking moments and need to be researched and considered as guideposts for future development
  • Your dreams are enacted at many levels and reveal personal, relational and historical information that your unconscious deems important enough for you to remember
  • Ways of working with your dreams are through guided imagination, meditation, gestalt techniques, drawing, sculpting, psychodrama and many more creative functions

Intentional  dreaming:

Meditate before you go to sleep on ‘affirming’ what you want in your life, examples:

  • “I want to find my soul mate.”
  • “I want to manifest my destination.”
  • “I want an answer to resolving a specific situation.”

Clean up and protect your energetic body:

  1. Learn to ground yourself
  2. Invoke blessing and protection
  3. Check boundaries
  4. Choose focus  – notice where you put your energy and with whom
  5. Lighten up and develop a sense of humor

Your energy body goes through the chakras:

  1. First Chakra – Root Center – base of spine to bottom of your feet. (How well are you grounded and rooted to the earth)
  2. Second Chakra – Sacral Center – above the pelvis and mid tummy (involves your sexuality and how you birth new ideas and new situations)
  3. Third Chakra – Solar Plexus – diaphragm  v-shape under the breasts (involves power center, exerting your personal authority and ideas)
  4. Fourth Chakra -Heart Center – the heart and all feeling of love and acceptance  (involves unconditional love and acceptance, the Christing principle)
  5. Fifth Chakra  – Throat Center – the throat and voice box (saying what you mean, coming from telling the truth as you see it.)
  6. Sixth Chakra  – Third Eye – the middle of the forehead between the eyes (this is directly related to insight, intuition and wisdom of any situation)
  7. Seventh Chakra – Crown Center – (located at the crown for purposes of taking in spiritual and connective energy from higher source)

A word of advice:  Always find one or two people who are supportive of you and with whom you can share your dreams. This helps in affirming the positive and going forward with the messages that come of the dreams.

Urobos ZodiacWe oftentimes get our energy plugged up within a relationship to the other even though we realize the other is US. Our energy becomes short circuited or contained, when in fact, it would help us to move through our erotic/eros nature to come to a point of release of that same energy. The whole universe, the energy of each part of the body moves both internally and externally, subjectively and objectively, contracting and expanding, inhaling and exhaling, and pulsating inward to the nucleus of the inner psyche and outward to all other selves and dimensions. The freer the energy movement becomes, in keeping with its own integrity and cohesion, the more intense becomes the life and the fuller becomes the consciousness, hence the full living within and between multidimensional comprehension.

More recently, we have been looking at dialogical relationships which is a coined term by two authors John Scudder and Anne Bishop in a small book called Beyond Friendship and Eros.

Giving us new paradigms to consider, they say:

“We will explore possible nontraditional personal relationships between men and women and give concrete examples of how some of these possibilities have found fulfillment. We will ask our readers to entertain the possibility of developing new relationships with persons to entertain the possibility of developing new relationships with persons of the opposite sex rather than the traditional ones based on sex and romance. The primary question this new direction raises is not, “Are they friends or lovers?’ but ” Is their relationships personal or impersonal?” Relationships that focus on fitting the designated ways of society are often impersonal—even when they are called personal relationships such as friends or lovers. In personal relationships, as we will show, persons respond to each other as they are present to each other and in ways that presence calls forth, rather than by following the DICTATES OF SOCIETAL ROLES. When people attempt to relate to each other personally within the confines of societal structures, they often find their personal relationships restricted and truncated by these structures. Even those who initially do not feel their relationship restricted by traditional structures often look to their personal relationship as it matures, rather than to society, to define the meaning of that relationship.”

The authors go on to explain that many artists …i.e. CS Lewis and Ralph W Emerson engaged with someone who also delved into this magical dialogical type of relationship.

Examples of how those contrast:

“New lovers, traditionally, have assumed that their relationship is unique. It is well established in the literature of love that this feeling of uniqueness is characteristic of new love. New lovers proudly proclaim that their love is like no other love. Those who experience love that is not culturally recognized are not given to such proclamation. They fear that they are alone (MOI) and fervently hope that others experience what they are experiencing. They are uncertain about the meaning of their relationship and are reaching out for help in making sense of its meaning.”

Dialogical Love and Abundant Being are the concepts we will explore here:

“Dialogical love is first experienced as abundant being that occurs when two people are together in a way that enhances both of them. This abundant being is rarely experienced directly. It is initially recognized by its accompanying sense of ecstatic fulfillment. Later when the couple reflect on their experience, (and the authors point out that this through the years …studied only those relationships that went beyond three or four years most of them 20 years of duration)they usually felt a sense of “Wow! I was completely there in that conversation. My horizons were expanded, and I felt myself lifted into another level of being. time just flew! In truth, I was unaware of the passage of time.’

Abundant being alters the meaning of time by affirming the worth of moments shared together. Time lived well together seems to fly. Often when we are engrossed in thought and conversation on a long trip, time first appears when the city limit sign announces that we are at our destination. Then one of us will comment, “Do you mean we’ve been driving for hours?” Time vanishes when shared love and mutual pursuits become one.

Abundant being doesn’t come according to the PREDICTABLE schedules of clock time. When it comes, you need flexible time to seize the moment. Relationships that foster abundant being require only not only much time together but time that’s highly flexible, allowing a great deal of freedom to respond and cultivate possibilities that appear. The need for flexible time makes cultivation of relationships of dialogical love difficult for those who are not married to each other. But the abundant being that appears with such rich relationships makes wrestling with time constraints well worth the effort. When time vanishes for a couple who are living in the fullness of time, it reappears when the demands of schedule time intervene. There is a sense in which the joy of time together is accompanied by a clock ticking in the background.”

Exploring this dialogical concept of relationships, we want to explore more fully the Eros/Psyche myth and how it applies to this present change in paradigms, altering relationships from what they have been into where they are now. We all have erotic natures which we tend to split off from our psyche, however we are coming to a point in our lives, where this EROS must fit with our own PSYCHology and move forward, unblocking the energy that will fulfill us ultimately as ONE.

The Myth of Us – Eros and Psyche

“It is wrong to think that Love comes from long companionship or persevering courtship. Love is the offspring of a spiritual affinity, and unless that affinity is created IN A MOMENT, it will not be created in years or even generations.” ~ Kahlil Gibran, from “The Broken Wings”

We are discussing, in depth and detail, the realistic, third dimensional relationship to the myth of Eros and Psyche, as well as the practicality of bringing the myths into reality, the reality of you and me, the US. In a relationship there is only ONE of US; the ability to see this demands an understanding of the beauty and the beast that lies within. We bring people into our lives to show us the way, whether it be within relationships, acquaintances, or significant others. There are many myths that represent the story of relationships, however, we are going to delve into the myth of Eros and Psyche and apply it to our reality here and now.

The story of Eros and Psyche is complex, but to simplify it, we will tell the myth in its simplicity and apply some of the concepts in later writings always to return to the basic premise of this mythological magical relationship between Eros/Cupid and Psyche. It is the story about how love and soul unite and spirituality and physicality become ONE.

Psyche was the daughter of a King and one of three daughters, who was beautiful, adored and mortal, so beautiful that she was beginning to oust the immortal alchemical goddess, Aphrodite. Aphrodite, of course, would have none of this, being the Goddess of Love and Beauty, so she sent her son Eros to make Psyche fall in love with the ugliest man in the world and marry him here enters the beast. Eros, after seeing Psyche, fell in love with her, pricked himself with his arrow and fell in love with her immediately erased all he had done to her and went away. Aphrodite, realizing that her son had not carried out his orders, cast her own spell on Psyche. Psyche was taken from her people, destined to marry a monster, leaving her people in distress and her parents wailing in the face of the FATES. The FATES had told her parents to take her to a mountain and leave her to the Beast. Eros, from this point on in the story, always stayed hidden, yet, at the same time, helped Psyche and always intervened on her behalf, unbeknownst to her. He remained in her life as the tone of Eros, the voice of mystical and spiritual merging, yet she did not know this and felt she was under the spells of Aphrodite, destined to be married to the monster Beast.

Psyche was able to glance at Eros, thinking he was the Beast, and at that moment, saw his godliness and his beauty and fell deeply in love with him. She accidentally spilled the oil from her oil lamp on him and he awoke to find her in deep grief and sorrow. Seeing her in grief, he flew out the window and for the first time she felt truly abandoned.

From this point on, Aphrodite realizes that there are tasks and tortures that Psyche needs to go through as she will not relinquish her son, Eros, to this contestant for the most beautiful in the world.

Through the story, there are tasks and Herculean types of maneuvers that Psyche must prove to win the love of Eros and merge him as a husband/lover. Zeus, the God of Olympus, finally bestowed upon these two his good graces; giving Psyche the drink of the gods, ambrosia, to create her as an immortal so that she could marry Eros and unite with him on Olympus. This is not the end of their struggles to attain an enchanted life, however, for our purposes, it is where we want to begin our more realistic story of relationships and the struggle between Eros and Psyche within.

For a more detailed connection to this story, please visit this website:

Gwynne Mayer  MA

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Intentional Coaching —- Following your Intention, Inspiration and Intuition — Manifesting daily, weekly, monthly, all that you are meant to be and more.


After forty years of counseling, therapizing, educating and consnulting with clients, friends and loved ones, I have realized that we, as individuals, do not meet our intentions and ultimate purposes in life. This causes a myriad of problems; addiction, depression, mood disorders, neurosis and general problems with well being.

In order to counter these issues with positive outcomes and affirmative actions, I have begun coaching on a weekly, bi-weekly and monthly basis at a minimum cost to those who are committed to their own succeses and aspirations.

This involves individual sessions based on your immediate needs and will focus on the following:


 …. immediate condition of your life and how you have manifest what you want and don’t want.       Do you know the difference?


…. learning how your hourly and daily actions fit into your overall goals. This includes your connection to family, education, marriage, partnership, career, health, volunteer work and friendships


…. develop contiguous daily, weekly and monthly goals that show your true intention. What behaviors do you put in place to portray your true intentions?


…. journal your dreams, activating the unconscious to get in touch with your spiritual guidance coming from within. (It is very important to know that your unconscious which is 80% of you, is supporting you.)


….Work with a form of your own divination and intuition whether you are Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, Moslem or Jewish.


….your intentions and how are you living them out? (behaviors that put all of this in place.)


….your inspirations and how you are being inspired to be the best that you can be? How do you take care of your ‘soul’ when it sends you messages?


….your daily routines helping or preventing you from having all that you want in life?

weekly accounting of daily activities that support all of the above.


….your physical and emotional disciplines in terms of giving you what you need. Enabling you to do what you want? Honoring your sacred space?


If you want to make a commitment to this process please call or write for an initial consultation: Website  phone: 210-393-5349.